Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Neshama News

September 2017.  Grassroots organization gave birth to Black Lives Matter some time ago.  Unfortunately, George Soros and his money found a way to derail that organization and turned it into a circus show with the new volunteers going to Israel or to South Dakota or anywhere else but a black place to shout about whatever the breeze is blowing at the moment.  But thankfully, the message did not go away.  It was revived when many NFL player and other sports players, including Colin Kaepernick, knelt down during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

Finally, the U.S. president, Trump decided to help out this situation by adding his two cents in. Basically, he called the peaceful protesters, "son of a bitch"!

There you have it, folks.  The prez. dissing members of his own nation protesting peacefully.

In other news, Master P Makes 'Em Say  Sports League.  Yes, he has created a black owned sports league and a team. Now its up to us to breath life into it.  Its mixed gender. This is the key to success. Action -- thought out action.  Here's to wishing Master P the greatest of success!

Find your place in the organization. Black folks are galvanizing to recreate their world.  Don't be left behind.  find the circle that works for you.  In Atlanta, Georgia, Black women will be host the first ever, "Natinoal African American Women's Conversation" Saturday, October 7.2017. For more information about this, contact: .

If you're in  Chicago, Tatiana Ali is organizing a Think Tank for the Chicago community. Get in where you fit in.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The world is renewed every day.

If you give someone a gift, you put it in his hand and then retract your hand, that retracting of the hand is the satan. If you give a parting friend a big bear hug and a squeeze, then release, that release is the satan.

 The satan is like the limitation of good, the ending, the force of negativity, the resceding or recessive force -- you pick the best word or phrase to mean this.  And just like all forces, you can picture it as a vector. Mathematically, a vector is an arrow that goes in one direction and doesn't stop or turn -- until blocked.

All the forces -- or angels -- or vectors (however you want to call them)  can be tapped into. Like hitching a ride. People who choose to be lazy and/or stupid (going after their desires despite the fact that its not beneficial for the world) are riding on a particular force. These forces/angels/vectors connect to us via emotions and traits. We are like chariot riders holding the reins to the forces like horses to go from place to place.   We should be in control of the emotions/ traits/angels/vectors.  But each group of people have a tendency to not have good control of a certain type of force.

The more "watered down" the person or group  is whether physically/ genetically or mentally, the more there will be forces that they do not have good control over. In Esau's case, its the urge to end things (satan),

This is why the foundation (private parts) of black folks is so  important and so feared and seen as such an enemy -- to these forces! These parts produce people who, theoretically, should be able to control all the forces and not have one  trait or emotion overwhelm him -- i.e. not need a guardian angel or not be compelled to do anything out of great foolish desires.

But we are not supposed to know that for some reason.

So why not destroy that "force of ending"? I once heard a story:

 A man who traveled to a certain land and he saw that everyone was living nicely.  There were many people young and old and no one died before their time. He loved this place and wanted to live amongst the people there.  The elders told him he can, but only he must keep the tradition of being always truthful. He said he would. Time passed. He found a wife, had children, etc.  One day a friend of his wife came to the door to visit the wife.  He didn't want to say that his wife was in the outhouse so he said, "she's not home!"  His desire was so great to "look good" he didn't even want to say "She's busy," lest it implies that she's in the bathroom.  The next thing people started dying (ending) early. The village was upset.  Who had brought the Satan in?  They made inquiries and found out that the newcomer had lied.  They sent him out from their town to restore peace.

Basically, the ending can end when we peel back the lies from the truth. (the secret of the circumcision) peeling back the desires from the truth.

Another story:

Gd decided to create the world and he summoned three ministers, Peace, Kindness, and Truth.  "What do you think of my creating a man?" He asked.
Kindness said, "Oh, yes! Make man. The kindness they will do for one another will be unbelievable!"Peace said, "NO! Don't make man.  They will make war and there will not be peace!"Truth said, "NO! Don't make man.  They will bring falsehood and there will be no truth!"
So, Gd took Truth and casted it down to the ground and made man.
The "keeping it real" that we do, I believe is one of the main pillars that has helped Black folks endure as long as we have.

 *            *               *            *             *             *              *              *            *             *      

But now there is a new problem.  The charming (read: lying) white men who charm the Black women. And the white woman prize that Black men so badly seek.

After growing up with a constant diet of white men heros, the hero's prize being the white woman, white men romance movies, the subject of the romance being white women, movies with white men always in positions of power, always the good guys, always the successful ones, the end prize being always the white woman, etc. And even more so now with Black women used as sidekicks to some of these "meals," it's very hard to appeal to Black women and assure them that Black men are the right choice or even A choice to begin with. And it's very hard to appeal to Black men and assure them that Black women are actual prizes or even A choice to begin with.

The solution is this

First to recognize that there will always be a fuzzy line where interracial marriages happen.  This may be to the disatisfaction of white supremists, but they were the ones who  brought Black folks here to begin with and then they display to them this constant image  of white being the right and don't allow them to promote their own image. What did they expect?

 This may also rub pan-Africans the wrong way, as well.

At any rate, the best solution I can see for that is 

  1. Media must go.  It really isn't beneficial for us to continue giving our eyes and ears (and heart) to their media. By now we should know that and have the strength to not watch their shows. Entertainment is distraction from life.  We need it once in a while, but not too much.
  2. If we need the distraction at all, it's worth it to create our own. Even if it's mediocre in the beginning.
  3. With our own media, we can portray a perception of success. This will strengthen  the bond between Black men and Black women -- depending on the shows that get put out.
  4. We do have to create our own industries successfully, create our own food supplies, clothing, etc. And be the success that we need to be.  Its like why exist if we can't be successful?  Why forever struggle?  This may feel Darwin-ian  but it's really about creating our world and living our lives.
These are easier said than done.  Right now the lies are spreading like wildfire and there's not many interested in stomping out the fire.  But at least here -- one of many blueprints are out.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Why then?

I believe that Black folks are inherently good people.  But why do they commit such wrongs?  You all hear about the black on black crime -- they make sure you don't forget (and don't think about the massive white on white crime, and white on everybody else crime, etc).  So what gives?  And more importantly, how do we get out of this mess?

Going back to the story of Hham in the ark.  There was the ark, there was Hham and in the ark way above at the top was something to bring light.  Some say it was a window, others say it was a precious stone.

The top had to constantly give light for the ark.

Fast forward to today.  We have Torah, which can only be written on skin.  This Torah is kept in a closet called the Ark.  And above this ark is a fire which must constantly burn (or in modern times a light that has to be kept going).

Do you detect any similarities?

A deeper meaning can be found in Likutei Moharan.  The Torah or the teacher who teaches others is the center.  Those who come around to learn is the ark.  In the case of a teacher, the ark would be his students.  But the students are coming with all their defects, all their misunderstandings, ignorance, and so on - like all the animals in the Noah's ark (bear-anger, fox-slyness, etc).  When they come to the teacher, they bring all this to the teacher.

Understandably, if the teacher is not strong, he can easily succumb to all these evil inclinations that the students are bringing to him.  He can get as angry as a bear, sly as a fox, mean as a (insert animal with this trait here), as busy as a rabbit (if you know what I mean).  All those things rolled into one!! What will keep him strong?  The original fire that burned in his heart for G-d, for good in the world, for good for his people, etc.  That fire is the equivalent of the constant fire that must always stay lit above the ark.

By the grace of G-d and His many Blessings, Black folks have wowed the world for a long time now.  Whether its the amazing pyramids, the teachings that many greek scholars sought to gain in the universities in Timbuktu, the proverbs, the wisdoms, the strength, the beauty, etc. there is always something to behold from Black folks.  Something to emulate.  Something to seek from them.

Because of this, many come.  But as they come so too they  bring their ignorance, their misunderstandings, their evil inclinations, their evil ways and thoughts.  Unless we are fortified to the hilt and understand that we must stay strong against -- against -- their inclinations, it's not worth the bother.  Save it for the extremely wise and extremely strong among us.

May our hearts stay strong with the desire to do good, to be good, and to have a goodly world to live in for us and for our children and our children's children...

post script - there are those who come with an even greater evil, more than all of the evils combined.  The great arrogance.  No amount of wisdom can overcome arrogance.  The only thing that can defeat this is simple humility.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Are We Black? Turn from Evil and Do Good!

This understanding came to me one night.  I pray it is used for good.

Everything in the physical world has its corresponding connection in the spiritual world which in turn has its corresponding connection in other realms and so on and so forth.

For example:

Some very important connections to know going forward is that sun rays = judgement, harsh judgement from heaven.  water = mercy and/or Torah.

In the story of Noach and the flood, G-d gave the world a good spanking for their bad behavior.
It was an interesting "punishment" metted out with mercy and judgement.  The waters represent kindness and mercy, but it came and overwhelmed the people.  Afterwards the sun came out.  There was the punch hidden in the kindness.

Luckily for Ham, while in the shelter of the ark, he had a revelation.  Ham had "intercourse" in the ark.  Just as we write that "Adam knew Chava" it is meant to mean that Adam had intercourse with Chava, the knowing and the intercourse can be seen as something similar if not the same.

So Ham knew something in the ark.  Some say the ark was lit with a precious stone because some precious stones give off its own light.  Going by that teaching, we also know about precious stones -- they vibrate -- they are often used on the body to open blocks, the correct behaviors, etc. So, Ham may have starred at this precious stone and had a revelation -- from this he saw through the kindnesses, through harsh judgement, and possibly on to the next coming "flood"

This can really explain why it is that the history of the people from Ham is so similar to the history of the Jewish people.


  • Ham went into the ark before the flood of waters came down.
  • The Jewish people went to the foot of the mountain before the flood of Torah came down.
  • d
  • Ham was said to have had intercourse while in the ark and the flood came down.
  • The Jewish people were said to be under a wedding canopy when the Torah came down.
  • d
  • After the ark experience, Ham was met with racism.
  • After the Torah experience, the Jewish people were met with anti-semitism.
  • d
  • After the ark, Ham saw Noach polluting the ground again and acted on it.
  • After the Torah, the Jewish people said "na-ase v'nishma" (we will hear, and we will do).
  • d
  • Ham was said he should be a "slave of slaves."
  • The Jewish people were said they should be a "priest unto the nations."
  • d
  • Later on Canaan travels to Israel, then called the Land of Canaan.
  • Later on the Jewish people travel to Israel, then they changed the name to Land of Israel.

Because Ham was able to peer through and see the future with a vision, he understood how to behave, how important truth was, and how to live in harmony with the world.  Which he was prepared to do.  Basically, if he had anything wrong with him, he repented.

When the fist part came into the world.  the punch-line so to speak, it was met by the flood waters -- the mist that was still in the air.  It was as if the waters came ahead and did the job so that the harsh judgement wouldn't get to anyone.  But what happens when water meets the sun's ray?  he colors get separated as with a prism.

The judgement became scattered.

A short story:

There was once a king who was so angry with his son he ordered a big bolder to be thrown at him to kill him.  When the day came to do this, he felt so bad since he didn't give his son a second chance but he couldn't remove the decree.  So what did he do?  He ordered that the bolder be broken into little bits, that way each little bit will be thrown at the son and not much damage will happen, thus sparing his life.

With each color separated -- each judgement separated -- it went to different people dependng on what they deserved -- dependng on what they were a vessel for.  But Ham, having had his vision, was pure and was blessed black.  Thus no color -- no judgement came upon him.  Someone who was very bad, all the judgement went on them and they would be all the colors combined --white.

We are black because we turn away from evil.  But the world needs help.  It's not enough to just turn away from evil.

"Turn from evil and do good."
                                                       Psalms 34:14

The world needs us.  There is always work to do.  Simply turning away from evil is no longer an option and we must strive to do good.  For the sake of the plants, for the sake of the animals, for the sake of the environment, for the sake of life.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sevivon sof sof sof

Its almost Chanukah!!  I can feel the excitement in the air.  The bakeries are already offering soufganiot for the impatient.

I've already double checked my stash of sevivons for when the time comes to play them.  They are also known as dreidels.  Funny, I took a look at my plan, wooden dreidel and.....

There are so much more fancier dreidels out these days:

Check out Amazon's decorated to the hilt dreidel!

Nowadays there's metalic dreidals...

Yemenite art dreidels...

And dreidels with music and lights...

Dreidel is a competitive game in which all players take turns to spin a top which has letters on different sides.  Coins are put out as wagers.  If it lands on the letter Gimel then the spinner gets all the wagered coins.  If it lands on Nun, then the spinner gets none.  If it lands on Heh, they get half and if it lands on Pey, they have to actually add to the wager.

This game is played by Jewish people during the eight days of  Chanukah.  What kind of dreidel are you getting this Chanukah??

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins!

Well, wouldn't you know it!  Trump wins!

Trump is a lot like Noach in the Bible.  In a society with so much depravity, with so many trying only to look out for themselves, it makes the racist look like righteous people -- at least they care for a group rather than just themselves.  Okay, so we're not included in that group, but....

What's next?  Just like Noach, Trump will build an ark -- a safe haven for those who think like him and protect them from whatever oncoming flood the country created.

Many Black folks will hope that maybe if they behave Trump and his klan will accept them.  And they might - as long as they're useful.  But if they show too much knowledge or get intimate with too much knowledge, then out they go.

On the other hand,...

while this ark is around and people are suffering, etc.there is a shiny door -- a window that will be visible.  If we are concentrated enough we can maybe peer through that window and realize the way out, the solution to the woes of society.

Will Ham get intimate again in the ark?  Will he peer through the precious stone again and gain new knowledge?

The cycle has come again. And this time, what will he do with this knowledge?

Long ago, back in some Biblical time ago, Ham was in the ark and he, the raven, the dog had intercourse in the ark.  As a result the raven gain the power of speech, the dog gained entrance into man's world and Ham was stricken with knowledge in his skin.

According to the Oral Torah, Noach tried to chuck the raven out for what he did in the ark.  The raven -- being able to fly -- saved himself by returning to the ark.  An argument ensued.  Noach charged that the raven is useless and purposeless and should be killed!  The raven replies that Noach is only saying that because he wants access to the raven's wife!  And furthermore, that Noach was prejudiced towards the raven because of what happened in the ark.  The Oral Torah goes on to say that the G-d favored the raven's argument.

So Noach was silenced.

Once he got out of the ark, He thanked G-d.  But the next thing you know, he grows a vineyard, gets drunk and debases himself.  Ham, not wanting a repeat of how society was, came in and "confronted" Noach.  Ham then called his brothers and told them what happened.  For this he was cursed by Noach.

(Personally, I think Noach had it in for all the three who were intimate in the ark.  But the big question is what did he do with the dog?  I think after the vineyard, and since he couldn't get the raven's wife, the dog was next!  but have no proof.)

So, history is coming full circle.  The ark is being built.  Noach is the head at the moment.  What will Ham do to change the course of history?  How will he use this knowledge for the good of the world? For the good of his people?  For his own good?

Personally, the only way I think would work is if he goes the way of Eliezer.  Eliezer was righteous, too.  He served Avraham dutifully.  But eventually, he went -- while alive -- to Gan Eden/Paradise.  What does that mean?  I suspect it means he went back to Africa.

And that is what I think the Black folks in America should be doing.