Friday, February 29, 2008

Bye bye Internet...

Once again the Sabbath is coming. That means I'll be away from the computer and there will be gazillions of various blog posts that I'll have to catch up on. lol.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To Life, to life, L'Khaim!!!!

I must list another victory. **blush** I helped make a match! Its not easy playing match maker. Really all matches come from God, and its quite an honor to be the messenger.

The girl was an old friend from the Dominican Republic. Very powerful woman in her her youth- running her own business, raising her children alone, etc. But now that she is older, she just wanted to settle with a wonderful guy. Immediately, that reminded me of this sweet sweet guy! He looks so much like the one in this video who's supposedly engaged. (Not Tevia, the main character, but the one celebrating with him).

Anyway, mazal tov (good flow) to all!

Their l'khaim (engagement celebration) wasn't like that though, lol.

The Agenda is In!

A direct copy and paste from Black Women Vote! Here is the proposed BW agenda:

The Black Female Agenda

1. Family Integrity. We want healthy, supportive environments in our homes. We want a national climate that is conducive to producing mutually satisfying, loving and equal family dynamics for any black woman that desires to marry and raise a family. We want a plethora of marital options. We want a national climate that is supportive of black women who elect to remain single or childless.

2. Media Integrity. We want to be represented truthfully in media. We want to be the final arbiters of what is an 'accurate' depiction of the average black American woman. We want to be able to own and control our own media outlets.

3. Financial Integrity. We want to be financially empowered to control our own destinies. We want to exercise our full rights as American citizens to create and manage wealth for ourselves and our families.

4. Educational Integrity. We want educational opportunities that will make our children and ourselves intensely competitive in the world's markets. We want fair and balanced educational treatment of our children, and we want to have the final say on what is taught to our children about the black experience in America.

5. Safety. We want freedom from ALL violence. We want to exercise our right to express ourselves, improve ourselves, and BE ourselves without the threat of violent retribution by anyone. We want to be safe in our neighborhoods, in our homes, and on our jobs. Our safety will never be on the negotiating table for any strategy that will be employed by anyone, including that of the black community.

6. Health. We want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and whole. We want to create the the tools and pathways for our total health, without undue resistance from any source. We want a national and local environment that is conducive to maintaining our established physical, mental, and emotional health.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Before Eighteen

Liz, from Los Angelista's guide to the Pursuit of Happiness blog, tagged me with the "Before Eighteen" meme -achievements children should have before they reach eighteen. This is actually the fastest I've ever gotten to a meme. And here it is...

1. Post these rules before presenting your list.
2. List 6 actions or achievements you think every person should accomplish before turning 18.
3. There are no conditions on what can be included on the list.
4. At the end of your blog, choose 6 people to get tagged and list their names.
5. People who are tagged write their own blog entry with their 6 suggestions.
6. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.


(1) Have a well established DIARY. I think it is very helpful to anyone to have a diary and keep tabs at things they think about, how they feel about whatevers, and more importantly, their victories -what they overcame -even at a young age; what or who they fought against and how their fears played out and how they fought anyway- even if they lost. All these things help to build the person and will be there to rebuff whatever lie some adult is trying to cram down their throat.

(2) Get educated. Musical chords, game playing, history, how things work, science, math, whatever and as much as possible. Even if you don't retain a darn thing! Just the flexing of the muscles is great preparation for college, work, whatever else.

(3) Do acts of kindness. I sorta stole this one from Liz. But I believe it. Doing acts of kindness such as volunteering, babysitting, help clean a home, visiting other sick (non-contageous children) at hospitals, nursing home or something can bring out compassion in a person, but it also creates the community we all crave for.

(4) Have fun!
Clean, happy, good old fashion fun. Only too soon will many realize the cruelty of the world.

(5) Get a library card.

That is the ticket to the world!!! If you could get a plane ticket, power to ya.

(6) Learn a skill. Whether its crocheting, playing an instrument, soccer, chess, whatever. Having something you know you are good at can do wonders for one's self esteem. Especially on rainy days.

*Whew!* done! Now the harder part. Picking 6 bloggers to carry the meme torch. Problem is most of the blogs I read seem very serious minded (that or very Jewish topic oriented) and so I don't know if they'd be up to a meme. But anyway here goes...

Symphony at Essential Presence.
Grata at the Village
Iman from Everythings Grey (recently discovered your blog and have lots to catch up)
Mes Deux Cents from Mes Deux Cents
Tami from What Tami Said

There is a slot for one more...any bids?

UPDATE: The last slot goes to Ilio at his Zamni (friends) blog.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Neat Discovery!

I took a virtual stroll over to Electronic Village and much to my joy they are having a series in which they profile one African country! That is so exciting as I wanted to learn about the individual countries themselves. The current country being profiled is Tunesia.

That is exciting for me because my second rabbi was from Tunesia. Oh boy, did he know how to chant out the prayers -very arabic sounding.

My very first rabbi was Rabbi Capers Funnye (an African American in Chicago).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Fake Apologies to the Sex Hungry

Every once in a while, I take a look at the site meter. Its amazing what people are looking for who stumble onto my blog. Most of it is usually "sex big black women"

Oh brother.

Question on Academia

Whatever happen to these sayings:

(1) never trust anybody over 30


(2) people from academia are only out to maintain the status quo.


Is it when we've actually reached the big 30 that we discard this information?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogger question

Is everything okay with The blockquotes doesn't seem to work. Neither does trying to place a post with some space away from the heading. Hmmmm....

More Interesting Tidbits

In Hebrew, the word skin is Or. It is also the same word for light. The two words are spelled differently in Hebrew to show the difference between when Adam's skin was "aglow" before his sin and after. Its interesting to let the imagination run and think someone could have black light. What could it mean?

"A colorless light?"

Black usually mean the absence of color. A colorless light? The only thing I've ever read about about black light is from Wikipedia... black light is a type of Ultra violet ray (from the UVA region -not as harmful as other UV rays).

The ultraviolet radiation itself is invisible to the human eye, but illuminating certain materials with UV radiation prompts the visible effects of fluorescence and phosphorescence. Black light testing is commonly used to authenticate antiques and banknotes. It is extensively used in non-destructive testing; fluorescing fluids are applied to metal structures and illuminated with a black light. Cracks and other artifacts can easily be detected. It is also used to detect pet excreta for elimination, such as urine, vomit and other substances that are not always visible to the naked eye.

It is also used to illuminate pictures painted with fluorescent colors (preferably on black velvet to intensify the illusion of self-illumination). The fluorescence it prompts from certain textile fibers, especially those bearing optical brightener residue, is also used as a recreational effect (as seen for instance in the opening credits of the James Bond film A View to a Kill).

black lights are used to reveal

In forensic investigations, black lights are used to reveal the presence of trace evidence, such as blood, urine, semen and saliva, by causing visible fluorescence in these substances. The use of this technique by exposé style television news magazines for reporting on the various unsanitary and mysterious stains found in hotel rooms has become such an oft-repeated stunt that it has been lampooned on comedy shows such as Family Guy and The Office (US).

Thank you wikipedia.

King David.....of lowly beginnings

In Jewish Kabbalah, black light...or rather black fire (strength)usually means the letters and its shape on the page of the Torah (Genesis, exodus, Daniel, etc) especially in contrast to the white paper (kindness).

Interestingly, black is also associated with the "pupil of the eye".

It is also associated with King David. He was of a shady, lowly beginnings. Considered as nothing. But because he allowed himself to be that nothing, and only tried to do God's will -he arose to kingship.

Can anyone run with this?

Kosher and Halal Meat

I'm in a humorous mood. A random factoid.

In Jewish dietary law, food that meet the proper halacha (law) are called kosher.

In Islam dietary law, food that meet the proper sharia (did I use the word right?) are called Halal.

Can the two be interchanged? there are lots of similarities and also lots if differences.

Ah! Art and life....

Some glorious pictures of our earth...

If one of these were my backyard...

I can't believe we are in a Shmitta year in Israel. Every seven years the land is untouched. Trees are left to grew their produce carefree. And people are allowed to go right up to them and pick fruits off them. No purchase, etc.

I wish I could exercise that "right" and walk up to a neighbor's apple tree or something and pluck out an apple for myself! But I am unsure and too timid. lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Funny Stuff

At home, I admit, I get overwhelmed. Trying to take care of the home, the kids, and not get my big belly in the way of things --is trying to say the least. I really want to sleep --all day. But I can't.

Anyway, one typical thing I usually end up crying out is:

"God, help me!!!"

and, inevitably, one of my daughters rejoins:

"God, help mama!"

When Africa Spoke to Me

Long long ago, I remember my parents always put on this Haitian radio program called "Radio Soleil". It was nice, news, etc. But what I really liked was in the evening they would switch into their "Caribbean voyage!" program which was all music music music.

There is where I learned to appreciate afro-pop music. From then I also started listening to afro-brazillian, African, Zap Mama (Brrlak -is still my favorite). But one interesting thing about the African music, was that there was always a message.

I remember swaying to a song, don't remember the song, but the lyrics was something like:

"Africa will never never never surrender....

(tell them!) though we're feelng the pain
Africa will never never never surrender.."

That song made me wonder, what were they struggling? Why is no one else talking about this struggle.

That was my first introduction to "Africa".

Can You Help a Sister Out?

The following is a direct cut and paste from Black Women Vote! blog:

Dear Readers,

We have started a fund to help Citoya Greenwood, a grassroots community activist, young mother, and student to move out of Dunbar Village. She lived four houses down from a horrific event, detailed here.

Citoya has worked tirelessly to improve the current situation in this particularly troubled area in West Palm Beach, Florida. However, many of us agree that it is urgently critical for her to remove herself living in that situation!

Black Women Vote! has started an emergency fund that will help her move herself and her daughter into a safer situation. Every dime of the fund will go to Citoya... if you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking on the 'donate' button on the right side of this page.

Other ways that you can help:

1.) If you have any clout with any educational institutions that have family housing, or scholarships/grants, email me asap at Our ultimate goal is to get her to transfer into a 4 year institution with family housing. She is very strong academically, and will also meet almost all financial need requirements.

2.) You can send her an encouraging email. She has really been hit hard by these latest events, and feels quite alone. (We haven't mentioned everything) She could really use some encouraging emails right about now. People can send emails to my account, just put "Citoya" in the subject line... and I will make sure that she gets them immediately.

3.) If you know anyone who has decision-making authority with non-section 8 housing assistance, please email me.

4.) Please feel free to contact others who do not read this blog to tell her story -- Symphony is working on her bio so that people will really understand what a jewel she is.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting What I Want

I just saw a chilling video from Black Women Vote! Apparently its not new. Its on study done with black children giving them two dolls a white one and a black one. They must chose which one they think is the "good" doll and which one is the "bad" doll. Sadly, the choice they made reflected a need for better black images.

Is it impossible to have my cake and eat it too?!

I am married to a WM. But I want my children to be happy about both their heritage. I definitely want them to be proud Jews, comfortable in their skin. Its like life is like a constant battle. Before children, I was battling it out for myself.

For myself, I wanted to be happy, with a good marriage partner. I wanted to be God-fearing, doing His Will. And I wanted to find a place to live where I can be comfortable doing the things I want to do. Most everything else, was not worth a fight (to me).

I thank God, I pretty much am there. Except for my mental battle against the "overly religious" in my neighborhood who tend to judge everyone --and nobody passes! LOL I have to fight constantly telling myself that what I am doing is within halacha (Jewish Law) even if they take things to the extreme, I don't have to feel that my apparent lenient views are any less according to the law. Aside from that battle, I am happy.

But soon after children come into the picture. *Whew!* a new battle has begun. The fight for their minds. In Israel, its a bit more different in that there is pressure to send the kids to gan (pre -pre nursery school) at the rip old age of 2 1/2! How can I influence them properly if they are out of my hands that early?!

I have kept them home -despite pressure from eeeeveryyywhere! - one advantage to having a husband who can understand and knows where your coming from. But thank God, my husband is "teachable" lol. Even now I have an almost two year old that I feel like i'm "hiding" away in my home.

But I am their only mother and so I MUST fight. Hard. I want them to have images in their lives that give them a very positive view of who they are.

I remember once my husband came home a bit shocked. I asked him what's the matter. He replied that it was very near the time to pray (Muslim men pray five times a day; Jewish men pray three times a day; women pray all the time! lol) and he didn't know where to go. So he ducked into a school for boys and prayed in there. On his way out, he saw a picture of "Moses" (they had a picture of Moses, okay?!) and in the picture he looked as European as you can possibly get, complete with old time European noblemen clothing (shtreimel and bekesha). What a shock! That they should be teaching the children that even back in Moses's days, people were Europeans.

I am so scared. I've got to look long and hard for my kids. I have to find a school with a good compromise of diversity and religiousity.

Add to that, i've got this annoying habit of meandering into racist blogs who talk about "gotta stay black!" what it means to be black, etc. I know in my mind that there is nothing to be ashamed of being black. Its a beautiful thing, despite what the media machine and all their cohorts are trying to promote. It just sometimes doesn't look like racism to me because its seemingly pro-black.

I've got to fight.

*end of rant* lol

How many clicks does it take?

Often times I visit many blogs and read lots of comments (probably too much). But sometimes it takes one read and then I'm clicking on the person's name to see their blog. Other times I see them appearing and commenting several times and several blogs before I get motivated to click on their name to see their blog. Why? I don't know. But I'm usually glad for what I find.

Some "new" discoveries:

Gorgious Black Women

Awesome pictoral blog of black women models and actresses. I must admit I like looking at their clothing and Jewelry. Somehow it motivates me to put on my earrings, and find a pretty(ier) headcovering to put on for the day!

Soila's blog: UnNecessary Noize.
About thoughts and musings about her life. The sweetness and beauty shines through!

I'm still waiting for Khadija to start a blog. lol.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Ruminations of a Racial Realist. Not sure. I like reading Kola Boof's pov on things. I want to under stand her.

Well that's it for now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

BF and Unity - - An Oxymoron?

Hi all,

I fear that in my tired state, I may not do this topic justice. However, I've been procrastinating too long and fear Febuary will leave before I post anything. So here goes:

A change is definitely happening in the "black world" (for lack of a better term). I am more and more hearing the phrase "we are not a monolith" and even hearing folks wanting to redefine what is means and who's included in the term "black". Some are taking an exclusionary approach to it all; some inclusionary. All this as the white world looks on.

Sometimes I see the black world as a piece of bread with peanut butter spread all over -even to the far reaches of the bread. Its stretched so much that the upper left even forgot that the lower right exists; and the upper right is absolutely disgusted at the lower left. Each group is wanting that they be declared the "true black" because that is what they each want black to be. Divide the bread! Cut it up.

This readiness to "cut the bread" comes from, I suspect, a confidence that usually follows good jobs, money, status, pride, etc. Either that or it can come from the notion that there is no more "outside enemies" so, 'i don't need you no more!'

Could it be that racism is so seen as obsolete that we don't need all able bodied members? Or that we have such organizations in place such as the venerable NAACP that some feel we can begin to discriminate ourselves? (Or can it be that some are so tired of feeling discriminated by other blacks that they want to do a tit for tat?)

Whatever the case may be, i'd like to put out an argument for unity. For those who are spiritual, you know that ultimately God is One. The Universe is one. However you want to put it. The closer we get to that oneness, the more godly we are. Yes, there are differences among us. We are like a matrix.

picture of a matrix:

2 4 5 6 7 7 4
2 5 7 8 4 7 4
7 5 7 5 2 7 4

Just like this! Even though we are different (some of us are 2s, 5s, 7s) all the answers, all the numbers, are needed to complete the matrix. To be complete, we still need the difference -the difference- of each of us.

On a non spiritual standpoint, there is strength in numbers. We have seen all too well what happens when folks are divided. After division, comes the conquering.

Often times, I read from non Jewish sources how they talk about the Jews. Its always "the Jews". Living a jewish life, I can actually see European Jews, Jews of African /Morrocan descent, Lithuanian (litvish) Jews, Khassidish Jews, all different types! But nobody makes that distinction (ok, maybe they'll point out the Ethiopian Jew). They just hear the Anti-Defamation League and they think Jewish.

Why tear down the power that we have in numbers? Its sad enough that White America is aware of the difference in Caribbean vs AA black -and don't tell me they don't play on that when its convenient!

Lesson from the Incense Offering.

In Judaism, there was a special offering that was done when the Holy Temple stood. The big 'kahuna' or the cohen, or high priest (whatever you want to call it) had to grind up about 11 spices. These were to be burned as incense both morning and afternoon. It was forbidden to leave out any spices. But one of them was GALBANIM. A very stinky spice!

Why was that spice included? Why was it so mandatory that it be kept?!

That reminds me of another thing. When we fast, the fast is said to be incomplete unless a sinner is also fasting among us. Why must the bad be included? What good does including even the bad, the stinky, in the group do?

It is said that by adding this pungent smell to the incense, it only enhances the overall fragrance of the incense. Just as when we include a sinner in the group, it gives him a chance to repent.

I think that even though we want to 'discard' a few blacks from the whole picture of things, including them just might bring them to your way of thinking. For sure, if nothing else, it will increase our numbers.

In summary, there is a definite wind of change happening in the BC; but it does not have to preclude unity and togetherness. Our differences can actually enhance this unity and give it a beautiful 'fragrance'!

(Lastly, I once saw a movie called "Nick of Time" and loved it tremendously. Why? Because I enjoyed the way all the 'laymen' of the hotel had to work together to beat the criminal. This kinda reminds me of the movie.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Banished from my Home

Hey all,

I 've been banished from my home since my daughter has Chicken Pox. I've never had it before and so I am staying at my sisters until it all blows over. Its nice to be on my own again, but I sure miss my family...and my computer. Thank God for internet cafes.

Until then, take care!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quotable Quotes

"I don't make a distinction between BET's exploitation of Black women and the exploitation of Black women by those who use the War on Black women as a promotional tool."

Gina (from WAOD)

I Met a 4

Enneagramfree enneagram test
I have gone over the Type TWO personality trait. The one that can be mistaken for the "mammy". More about that can be found here and here. But this weekend, I met a seriously developed Type FOUR personality type. That's always an experience for me!

From sundown Friday til sundown Saturday, its the holy Sabbath (which is probably why my blog is at a standstill then) and we do no work. We relax with friends and family and have huge meals, lol. Its alot funner to have guest, so we invited a guy.

This guy had been involved in alot of meditation and alot of the Eastern religion. Type FOURS tend to usually have a mystical side to them. They are higly spiritual and very creative artists. On a down day, they can be morbidly pessimistic. They tend to can't stand the cruelty of the world -it effects them so much more than it does other people. You can read more about that from the Enneagram.

Anyway, this guy was a type FOUR who had purposefully developed his spiritual abilities through deep meditations and other things from the Eastern religions. It was such an experience to meet him! But he scared me.

It was exciting to meet him because I felt he validated alot of strange experiences that I've felt, but kept quiet about lest folks think I'm crazy. It was also great to meet him because he was so relaxed and at ease. But he scared me because, through him, I felt that there was a depth in me that I simply was too afraid to face and rather live life "on the surface."

Are people out there also afraid, as I am, of going 'too far' spiritually?

Ehav Has Done It Again...

A chilling post about life in Israel by Ehav.

I must say sometimes I just have no feelings.

I wonder if Ehav has ever heard a whole bus -full of people- explode. I remember as a kid, I used to laugh at the comic books when the wrote the word "kaboom". But now I know, unfortunately, it really does have the two syllabic sound. KABOOM!

I remember a while back, when the bus bombing was more rampant, how nervous i'd get if someone 'forgot' their bag on the bus. I didn't play. "Excuse me, bus driver but there's an unidentified object here, and now I want to get off. Never mind stopping the bus, just open the stupid door!"

Funny thing is, I know alot of muslims. I've worked with some when i worked at a hotel, I was friendly with a certain muslimah when I was at the hospital. She worked at the hospital and on her free time she'd come to visit me often and I sought her out. We had such a friendly rapport -but when my husband would show up- very Jewish looking: kippah, tzitzis dangling from his pants, etc- she would stiffen. I remember once I was released from the hospital, but my baby was still in the IC unit. I came to visit my baby and saw her. After chatting for a bit I left. On the way home, I heard the news of yet another suicide bomber. I felt like a traitor for having spoken to that lady then.

Often, at work, I would see Muslimah girls giggling and so playful. It hurts me to no end, that there is no peace. We are the two groups that have the MOST in common. I once worked at a hotel and the work was just too much for me. The young woman (23 yrs) that I was working with whispered, "just sit down, rest! No one will see." She knew I was Jewish. People say that in the end of times Jews and Muslims will be like brothers as they should be. I am waiting.

Its so hard to get peace. I am sure the Western world probably sees this whole thing very simplistically. What can I say, its very complicated.

Firstly, we are dealing with so many different factions (Hamas, PLO, etc etc) that even if Israel makes a treaty with one group, the other group will still continue to fight. Not to mention they are fighting each other.

Also, its not just a territorial fight, as most westerns think. Its deeper, with history going as far back as Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac. Ain't no separation of church and state going on there, lol.

And, to add insult to injury, there are the old nemesis of the Jewish people who are out to stir things up and make matters worse. Yep, that also goes far far back to the times of Moses and the "mixed multitude".

Too many heavy topics. Let me just enjoy the DBR wars instead LOL.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Jewish music is certainly changing with the times...

Beat box has certainly added a new flavor to a cappella music.

You can check it out at a

The first one, Aishet Chayil, is proverb of the virtuous woman who can find... put to acappella music and beat box.

(I'm taking a blogging break)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Affirmative Action?

Interesting take on Affirmative Action by Under Cover Black Man. I am not commenting on this one.

Things that make me Laugh or Smile

I like the name "Yan momma said" I imagine it said with a "well, she said it!" attitude.

I like TBT and his relationship with the "villagers".

Its hilarious to see people trying to analyse the silent C-1.

The friendly banterings at C-1s lounge, er, blog.

Freedom! The feeling of not belonging to any cliques!

Funny Youtubes and my kids' reaction to them

My serious lack of knowledge in politics. I shouldn't be laughing about this one. I hear one take and it makes total sense, then I go to another blog and hear another take and that makes so much sense. Then, I 'm left wondering, "they can't both be right!"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YouTube of the Week

My kids can't get enough of this video. NOTHING AGAINST HILLARY NOW. Just that they love screaming "jealous jealous!!" when the Tracy Flick character walks toward the Obama campaign with that angry look. Then they all cower behind me.

Its just too funny! Then when they show the scene with Obama and some bikini girl dancing, they all scream, "immodest!" lol


Dimona, hit by Suicide Terrorist Bomber

Dimona. I can't believe it! This is where the bulk of AA Hebrew Isrealites live. Ehav has the story.

You can check out Hochma and Mussar for more news.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby got weight!

If I carried a virtual banner stating that all BW should begin moving to the south and date BM only... or move the north and go for only WM... Or perhaps the east for AM... would anyone follow?

Okay. What if Maya Angelou said it? Barack Obama??? Hillary?

What makes a voice have strength vs another voice not having any? I once posted on a Jewish blog and it totally went unheard. Another poster posted the exact same idea and the host was gushing! Wow! you really know your stuff!! It was amusing, but it did make me think.

I just read a recent comment on Sara's blog. Anonymous said:

"sara are you saying that if a man has a little drug problem we should dump him and not look back? If we black women are not in his corner -who will be?"

I'm thinking, after all these powerful IR Queens have spoken, someone should still be thinking like this?!

Praying to the She-God

I am so excited that I just got corrected and informed by a friend, Sephardi Sephari so I am rewritting this post a bit. Although God has no gender, when we pray we usually refer to Him as a He. In certain kabbalah prayers, God is referred to as Ima (which means "mother").

Why is He mostly referred to as male?

I can't answer for all religions, but from various tidbit facts that I know I suspect this: Male is usually connected to provider, giver, kindness. (Sort of like the traditional picture of the man providing for his family). Female is usually connected to receiver, defender, judge. Most times we don't want to appeal to the "judge" part of God, but rather the "provider" side.

Arousal from Below to Arousal from Above.

This is an interesting concept of praying -also known as the 'female waters' in kabbalah and getting a response: i.e. the masculine waters from Above.

Kind of like a girl who either cries (tears), kisses, or arouses other waters of appealing and the man responding. At times, the women is so beautiful (in deeds) that just her very presence 'arouses' the man to give.

Alot of kabbalah, I notice, have a lot of association to sexuality. I think that's what makes it not to proper for those who can't keep their pants up. lol

(Question to all readers: should I not post interesting stuff about Judaism? Does it make you uncomfortable? If so, please let me know and I'll leave it over at my other blog. Thanks.)

BW are in Deep.......

Sometimes that is the impression I get from a lot of blogs. But why are those blogs so interesting?! Why can't I stick with the good news blogs?

I think the reason is that many of the good news blogs just sort of blurt out the good news. And that's that. It doesn't tie it into how it makes things good for me on a perosnal (selfish) level. I am just being honest.

Whereas, the heavy, doom gloom news always gots to tie it into how the WHOLE COMMUNITY this or that, or how I NOW will have to deal with this or that.

Just putting it out there.

ps: that is why I love Black Women Vote! its good news and personal!


After a whole ugly ordeal (which I won't get into) I thought I got kicked out from a blog, but then after weeks of just feeling flabbergasted, I decided to actually ask, "why don't I have access anymore?" and here's the response I got back:

No, Miriam, I haven't "kicked you out." I would only exclude someone if their subscription has expired or due to some other violation. Your subscription expires on March 1, 2008. Whenever anyone has had a problem accessing the blog, it's always on their end-- their server or Windows Vista or something like that? Grant had a similar problem accessing the blog and I think Vista was the problem. You might want to check with him.


Miriam wrote:

I don't seem to have access to your blog. Was I kicked out?

So, evidently I didn't get "kicked out". My apologies to Evia for thinking that I did.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Recognizing Past Victories

My favorite author (Miriam Adahan) always says one must pat one's self on the back for every victory! Yay, I flossed today! Yay, I did some dishes before going to bed! Yay, I didn't yell at the kids that one time! etc.

Well, I just realized another act of activism that I did and just wanted to pat myself on the back about. (And thank Gina from WAOD in the process, cuz she started me on this activist mode).

I while back I read a certain 'family' Jewish magazine. In that paper, there is a Junior edition complete with comic strip stories, etc. One of these stories had a black person in the storyline and boy did they draw him FUGLY!!! Typical sambo type character. Typical way too big mouth line, rest of the features not much cared about. Just wrong!

Why? Do they realize that they were, in effect, teaching their young "holy" little kids to dehumanize black people?

I wrote them a letter asking them How am I suppose to read this and show this to my kids, and their friends who are also Jewish and black. That was post #39. By Post 41 the picture was changed! Yay!!!!!

But, now they drew him with "normal" features. A typical line for the mouth, roundly nose, etc.

Why couldn't they do that before? SMH.

Must be vigilant.

"Sundown Towns"

I always had a creepy feel around the suburbs that I worked at. It was extremely....white. That didn't bother me so much because I wasn't much of a loafer. I have a hard time just sitting at a cafe! I usually come, do my business, and go home.

But after reading Siditty's post on "Sundown Towns" I am so glad I didn't hang out! There are actual towns that don't want minorities around once the sun goes down!

You can read the original from Ann's blog

And Siditty's post.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's up with the MakeOvers?

I went away for two days. Just had to get away and pretend like I wasn't me for a couple of days. lol

I come back and all my beloved blogs have gotten a make over. What's up with that? Is it spring cleaning already? lol

What About Our Daughters got a new redone look. Nice. Not as crowded as the before look. But I kinda liked all the newspaper-ish information all around me when I went to her blog before lol. Nevermind, great make over.

Yan Momma said. Also with a new look. I kinda like this new background and print. Easier to read.

Even Essential Presence got a make over! Hmmmmm...maybe I should too? LOL

Bummer, I miss a few days. How am I ever going to catch up with all the Black Women Vote! blog.

Enjoy the day, everyone!

ps: I forgot to mention the most extravagant make over yet.... Liz's blog!!! Liz, you take the cake.

Are White Men Saviours?

Great post by Siditty! Guarranteed to get you thinking.