Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enneagram and Politicians Revisited

With politics in the news with only a few more days to vote, I decided to repost my view of the politicians and the enneagram. But in addition, to post the view of a dear reader and her take on politicians and the enneagram.

Here was my take:

Barack Obama = Enneagram type 6

Michelle Obama = Enneagram type 1

Joseph Biden = the jury is still out.

John McCain = Enneagram type 8

Sara Palin = Enneagram type 7

With a few corrections. After hearing my friend and dear reader out, I would like to confidently change John McCain's number. He's not an 8. Although I'm still not entirely sure I know /feel what he is. And Sara Palin I now believe is a 6.

Reader's take (not sure you wanted to be identified):

Barack Obama = Enneagram type 6

Michelle Obama = Enneagram type 6

Joseph Biden = Enneagram type 6

John McCain = Enneagram type 3

Sara Palin = Enneagram type 6

I must add that the method I used is the Riso-Hudson method. Hopefully, I'll have more later.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just for Grins

There is talk in the blogosphere about how the Republican party is trying to dismiss or exclude the black community by using names that subliminally says "white America".

So, I decided just for grins, to ask for your help in coming up with the black versions:

Joe SixPack. Now is that suppose to mean the typical guy with the checkered shirt, who made it up to high school and started working. Maybe worked through high school. Now he comes home to the missy and drinks his six packs of beer while watching sports?

Then the black version would be......drum role (fill in blank #1)

Hockey mom. Now is that the suppose to mean the typical mom who has a minivan -so I guess she's a bit well off, better than Joe SixPack anyway- and drives her kids to all kinds of extracurricular activity?

Then the black version would be....... meet: (fill in blank #2)

The infamous Joe the Plumber. Now is that the guy who is a plumber. Illegally. Talks about the thousands he could've made if it wasn't for Obama being presient. and laps up media attention?

Then the black version would (fill in blank #3)

Please don't be shy!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well as you all know, we just finished celebrating the new year. That means we start reading the Torah weekly again starting from Bereishit /Genesis. We start at the beginning and by the end of the year, we should be at the end.

And so, here we go.

Other News...

Big gratitude to Hashem /God and the Somalian pirates. You can read why here. (hint: the Somalian pirates hijacked a ship heading for Israel with a dirty bomb. I am sorry that some of the pirates died when they opened the cargo.)

Arm yourselves! A fallen soldier is in need of help. 12 year old Tekenya Wooten was kidnapped on October 18. She's 8 months pregnant and last seen in Durham, NC. There is more information at WAOD's blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Divide and ......Florish?

I have to start this post with a gripe. There are these cliched statements that I fear makes people think a certain way, and makes them unable to see otherwise. Statements such as:

Poor and ignorant. There are many countries where the population, even though they are poor, really strive to get an education.

Divide and conquer. Once there is division, conquering is inevitable? Always? I could tie this in with Hassadim and its constant need for unity, but I'll not.

I think there are instances where dividing is useful. I read a book a while ago called Eating Right for Your Type. It is about the various blood types and what food is better for what type. For example: a type O can handle meat very well, but not bread. A type B can handle dairy products the best. Type A is recommended to be vegetarians, etc.

Plus, learning about the Enneagram can help one point out their various strengths and weaknesses. It can also help pinpoint typical pitfalls in relationship issues and help one to avoid it!

Not to mention my "race" and gender, all these parts and divisions only help me to see the real me better.

So, is it wrong to have these cliched statements floating around? Maybe those are the typical groupings, but I hope folks realize that there are different.

More Interesting Blogs

Casper's blog: meet Mogambo Guru! The things he has to say about the economy are frightening!

On Go Zack's blog there is a tender story about his grandfather. Beautiful!

Also, I took a quick trip to Daniel Pipes website and saw a post about whether Obama was an ex-muslim or not, despite the Americans absorbed in their own thoughts, what do the actual Muslims from Muslim countries think, and is it a concern for the USA.

(One of the points is makes is that an analyst, Shireen Burki, fears that having an ex-Muslim (being ex Muslim is a big no-no in Islam) could inflame terrorists even more at America. I don't know about that. Just don't know.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blessing of the Sun

Every 28 years, there comes a rare blessing, the blessing of the sun. I need to read up on it. The LAST thing I want to for a rare instance to come up and I have all the wrong devotions and have to wait another 28 years to get it right.

Why Should I care?

Why does it sadden me that Madonna is getting a divorce?


You can read about it here.

Quotable Quotes

"Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for everyone else"

Robert Reich
(Or is this simply a policy and not a new quote? not sure.)


Friday, October 17, 2008


There is a thought provoking post at Raw Dawg Buffalo about activation of martial law! Please check it out.

I've updated Evia's blog link,
I've updated Sara's blog link.
I've updtaed WAOD's blog link.

And Aunt Jemima's Revenge's Professor Tracey has THIS on the famous (infamous?) 'Joe the Plumber'.

Any other corrections or notifications are appreciated.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, we had Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah joyously marks the beginning of the Jewish new year, but its not 'quite' over yet. The festivities continues even now in the festival of Sukkot.

In this festival, the guys all build little huts and dwell in them. Its a reminder of when, upon leaving Egypt, a great cloud of glory stayed overhead as a reminder that God is with us. It can be made of lots of different kinds of material, but the roof has to be something that you can see some of the sky through.

Here are some examples of sukkot:

A random sukkah picture found on the net

This is from last year but, here's hubby taking a sukkah building break as the kiddlings look on.

On Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur especially, we (re)turn to God out of fear and regret. But on Sukkot, we (re)turn to God out of love!

This is also from last year. Its back to sukkah building again...

Documentaries Online

Does anyone know where one can view children's documentary online? Paid or free, doesn't matter.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Kylopod, this one's for you

Did you notice in the davening on erev Yom Kippur, (tefila zaka) the second book of Shmuel 7:14, there was an *interesting* word.

What Happened to B&D Rice Cakes?

Does anyone live in Israel? Do they have B and D Rice Cakes in America? What happened to them? somehow they all got packaged without their salt. All the packs are saltless!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A True Utopia?

In light of everything I've read, said, gleen and seen, what would be the ideal utopian

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Date, White vs Blacks, And BM vs BW: Part 2

A word on HASSADIM and GEVUROT. Please note that just like "up" doesn't exist without a "down", "left" without a "right", etc. So also HASSADIM is never alone and without GEVUROT.

So, before we conclude that all black folks are pure GEVUROT, and all white folks are pure HASSADIM. Just remember they both exist in a person - not in the same measurement, but they both still exist symbiotically in an individual.

So this made me think of interracial relationships. What does that mean? Can the black community be seen as MOSTLY GEVUROT, and the white as MOSTLY HASSADIM? If so, is the BM the more gevurot-ish of the black community or is the BW? Is the white guy the more hassadim of the white community or is it the white girl? Or perhaps there is no set rule and an individual case by case search is needed?

At any rate, while writing this I decided to ask hubby what he thought of us. "which one of us do you think is gevurot and which one is hassadim?" I asked as I tossed salad.

"I think I'm more hassadim." said hubby as he layed on the couch reading his Economist magazine.

I tend to agree. I seem to be the more active one, while he, at times, needs to be prodded into action. Then again, I can get frantic just sitting at a cafe, while he enjoys himself as if he owns the cafe!

Now please bear in mind, the part about people and their interaction with hassadim and gevurot are speculative on my part. I'll have to really dig to find a sage who actually expounded on this particular topic.

But I do want to thank HaRav Shelomo Eliyashiv for his work on hassadim and gevurot. And Bakst for putting it in simpler terms on his website 'City of Luz' and Hubby, of course, for his contribution.

The Date, White vs Blacks, And BM vs BW

I have a beautiful friend. She's a BW and dating. Recently, she dated a guy (white guy) who was pretty interesting. Somehow the guy turned the dating into an armchair psychiatric appointment. My friend, let's call her Liza, was so driven up the wall by this guy. Always, the guy dominated the date and kept asking my friend to be more open, more expressive. Date after date, it was more of the same. Finally, I put my big nose into her affair and told her that perhaps its better if they stopped seeing each other.

And so they did.

Time past and I met my friend again. We got into the topic of 'that guy', let's call him Motty. Turns out Motty has been emailing her. I was surprised and said surely she didn't write back. Even more surprising was her answer. She said she still had feelings for him! Still?! I didn't even know she had had feelings for him. Shows how right I was to stick my nose into somebody else's business.

I must admit good things did come out of their dating. One was that she actually DID become more in touch with her own feelings. She was able to confront her father who had been quite mean to her when she was young. She was able to realize her denial about her shyness towards men in general. So much came out after they had dated that she was almost a new, better person.

This made me think of white folks and black folks in general. Then I backtracked and starting thinking about black and white.

Then backtracked some more and thought of the way God made this world, with all its polarizations: up and down; left and right; black and white; good and evil; etc.

Then I backtracked once again and thought about God Himself. In the end of the day, all is God, all is one. We just can't see it here. Here we see the polarized world. At least, we are able to realize that one polarized side can not exist without the other side existing. Many can define "up" as "not down" or they may define "black" as the "absence of white". Basically, there are other ways to define these words, but what I am trying to show is how connected they are, despite their polarization. One side frames out with the other side is -like a picture and a picture frame.

Or like the algebraic equation of X, and (1-X). That was for you, Raw Dawg. lol.

Speaking of black and white. As usual, in Judaism, there are lots of associations to these colors. For example, blackness is associated with GEVUROT -complexity, separation, activity, arousal, and gevurah (from the sefirot. which means strength, restrain, harshness, severity, justice). Whereas whiteness is associated with HASSADIM which is associated with CHESSED which means simplicity, unifying and chessed (from the sefirot. which means kindness and giving).

Of course, coming from America, I couldn't help but to think about race. Due to their association with black and possibly the world's subconscious knowledge of GEVUROT, Could this be why many folks hold on to the stereotype that black folks are strong, potent, etc the whole mandingo myth?

And with the whiteness, I know giving can sound very nice -and it is! I am a very giving type but I know, from experience, too much giving can lead to domineering. The giver enjoys giving to person X. Finally, when the giver needs something, the giver begins to feel 'entitled' to it (after all she's given) while person X begins to feel small and incapable by himself. He begins to be beholden, if not resentful, to the giver. If the situation doesn't correct itself it can lead to oppressiveness, or worse SLAVERY!

The whole deal in the universe, it seems, is about figuring out the right balance.

Right now, the black community is struggling with problems such as "why aren't we unified?" "why are BM dissing BW?" "How come we don't have leaders who care?" and the latest, the contemplation of dating outside the race. (is that so new? **blush**).

Churning this business into my thought process of HASSADIM vs GEVUROT, I remember reading someone's description of HASSADIM and GEVUROT. He (Bakst, from the City of Luz website) compared it to fire. The essence of fire would be blackness. GEVUROT. Drop a little bit of HASSADIM into the picture, and then you can see the real fire -flames, red tips of the fire, blue-ish area where its not too hot. All the variety of the fire's color, the heat, etc.

Imagine a raging fire - it tends to separate things by burning it into ashes and the ashes fly away into the sky. Divided, and not unified. Each spark flying off on its own -leaderless, and starts more fires where it lands. All its variation of colors are out for all to see. GEVUROT is simply the name we use to refer to the force in the universe that attempts to separate.

If we wanted to reverse the picture to look at things from HASSADIM's point of view: HASSADIM is simply the name we use to refer to the force in the universe that attempts to unify. And dominate. Think of the Borg from Star Trek ("We are the Borg. Prepare to assimilate"). Or better yet, think of how the world would be If God did not conceal Himself. Everything would truly be a part of Him without illusions.

Anyway, back to the Fire analogy. With HASSADIM, we would only see whiteness. A big white canvass. Add a drop or two of GEVUROT, and things begin to separate! Now you can see the various flames. Red flames relegated to the most heated areas of the fire, blue for the coolest areas, etc.

Then I went back to my friend and her date. It was such a classic problem. Too much HASSADIM reigning and dominating; And not enough "drops" of GEVUROT setting up boundaries or relegating things in its proper places!

more later...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's Going On in the World?

I wonder if I should start putting my money under a mattress?

Europeans scramble to save banks

The Bailout

I have a friend, she and her family and friends live in the outskirts of Israel. The no man's land. Hardly any Arabs and hardly any Jews. There they make do for themselves. Building their own house, figuring out a piping system for themselves, scratching and saving and working odd jobs to afford a generator, etc etc. Sometimes I wonder, is that the direction we are headed...?

An Outrage


How can we let this happen? A grown man socking a young girl. This is outrageous. But unfortunately, this seems to be a growing crisis in the black community. Everyone is calling for that man to be hunted down. I don't really know what the police will care to do.

However, positive messages are equally important as negative messages are. I think those girls -the one who defended the other girls who got cut in line AND and young girl who came to the first girl's aid when she got socked- should get a positive message. A virtual highfive, a mcdonalds certificate, money, something. Something to encourage BW to help and protect each other.

(hat tip= What About Our Daughters)

Note to self: I called Hyde Park's LAPD @ 213-485-4164, but they said nothing is set up for the victim and info on them is confidential. I'm not really a "professional" activist so not sure how to proceed...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Repost: A Letter to my Brother

(this is an old email I once sent my brother that I thought y'all might enjoy. Nice and light. Perfect for a pre-weekend post)

Sun and Sunshine

Imagine a sun. In its full majestic glory, radiance and brilliance it stands in its place. Up close its a great ball of gas and raging fire constantly aflamed! Its powerful heat consumes anything that dare touch it.

Surrounding the sun are rays of sunshine shooting in every direction. They too have their own brilliance and radiance. They bring life, light and clarity to everything and every place within its reach!

How about that for the imagination?

Ray of Sunshine

Imagine now, if you please, one ray. It extends from its source, the sun, and onto the farthest recesses. It seems almost to go on forever. Let us say the point closest to the sun is point A and the point farthest is point B. Let us further say that there is a point right on the center of that ray and that is point C. Let us use point C as our focus and circle over to point B.

From the point of view of point B, point C has its own glory and brilliance -much more so than point B. Comparatively, point C is almost like the sun itself!

This reminds me of a documentary I watched about a baby bear cub. A jackal, i think, was passing by and saw the baby bear cub. The jackal began to eye the cub and wonder whether there is more room in his belly for an extra side dish of sweet baby bear cub. The cub, realizing this, stood on its hind legs and raised its arms into the air-just as it remembered its mother do- opened its mouth and let out a tremendously wimpy roar!

To the cub's rejoicing, the Jackal was petrified and scurried off at top speed! What the baby bear cub didn't realize was that right behind it stood its mother bear standing on its own hind legs, sizing up the jackal to see whether she herself had room in her belly for a sweet jackal delicacy!

Anyway, back to the ray. To point B on the ray, point C is right in line of the sun, its source. Therefore its brilliance is compounded even more so by virtue of the sun's own brilliance.

Circling around to point A we see its point of view. To point A, point C still has some of its brilliance and glory however much of its majesty is highly diminished. Nevertheless, comparative to point B, point C has maintained much of its resemblance to its source the sun.

Arrays of Rays

If you will permit us to delve further, imagine that each of the rays of the sun is a different dimension. Each ray represented its own complete plane, its own complete world or universe. One not like the other. However, by virtue of their powerful source, the sun, they are all interconnected and function in perfect harmony.

I hope you're still there!!!
Physical vs Non-Physical Dimensions

In the physical world, there exist such a thing as time and distance. Someone can be far from you and to come close, they must arrive by some means whether it is by car, train, plane, etc., to be physically close- and that takes time.

In the non-physical dimensions there is no such thing as distance and therefore no such thing as time. This is the world of concepts, thoughts, ideals, emotions, spirits, etc. There, in order for one entity to be close to another it simply resembles the desired other.

When you see two kids come together physically to play, that is called a "budding" relationship. As they become more and more friendly with one another and naturally want to come closer, they begin to think alike and have same ideas about things, they even begin to dress alike. They are beginning to resemble one another. This is a non-physical dimensional closeness. A spiritual closeness.

Spiritual closeness almost always succeeds physical closeness for humans. Why? Humans are not purely physical beings. We have an element of spirituality in us. Therefore, to be content, satisfied, at ease, we want to arrive at a desired physical plane as well as a desired spiritual plane.

the end
Have a great weekend!