Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama on the Detroit bound Flight

Hmmmmm. I don't think that guy was trying to do damage on the plane which would kill all the people on board. I think he wanted to kill the people with the result being the plane would be damaged.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Short Guide list for Myself

Laundry symbols guide

Storing vegetables the best way.

Neshama News

Come do your shopping in Gaza!
* * * *

Iranian protests continues. Warning Graphic video!!! Iranian protesters rescue two men about to be hung.

People with guts. I admire them. I don't really know the stance of the protesters. Better go educate myself. (hat tip= Atlas Shrugs and Gateway Pundit)
* * * *

I'm sure Americans are aware of the attempted terrorist attack on the Detroit bound plane. I'm reading that people are blaming Obama. While I don't have much feelings for Obama, I do fear that each political camp (Democrat and for sure Republicans -especially since they are out of luck these days) will try to give it a political spin. Too many agendas. The real problem is there are a group of people who want to kill. They have to be stopped. Good going passenger!!! But I wonder why nobody listened to the would be terrorist's father?
* * * *

Maybe I am wrong but I do notice a disconnect between government and people in many countries. Better I not say much more.

As things develop, I am beginning to see more and more how it is possible for Moshiach -the Messiah- to rule the world. Somehow a just government is needed, the world is bleeding for justice...


Please help me to understand here:

I have been reading some pretty .....interesting things about Obama. That he's trying to socialize America. While I admit I had a good laugh reading all these websites and blogs, etc. I wonder: Is he really trying to socialize America? And if so, is his goal temporary socialization to jump start the nation again?

I have a friend who's always complaining about her situation. She can't pay her rent. She can't afford it. Her job pays her too little. She has mounting bills. She's unhappy, etc, etc, etc etc. I used to feel bad hearing her constantly. Then I began avoiding her phone calls. But I do wonder, why doesn't she join one of the many kibbutz in Israel.

There are these places called kibbutz in which everyone lives almost as if in a communist country. Everyone gets same pay. Everyone is assigned a house depending on the size of the family. Everyone has some work to do. The kibbutz usually has a product that its known for. For example there is one kibbutz that produces baby wipes. That kibbutz is very beautiful with winding paths, a hotel, and a water park that attracts people from afar. Everyone can either eat in their homes or come to the common cafeteria -where the hotelers go as well- and eat there.

I think such a place would ease the burden of my friend. Then when she thinks she can tackle the world again, perhaps in the comfort of this kibbutz, she can learn a skill or work outside of the kibbutz to make extra money and then emerge again anew to make her own capital.

Is that what Obama is attempting with nationalized healthcare, buying all the big businesses, etc? Is that so bad, especially for a country that is already in financial trouble?

Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Natan of Breslov


Today marks the memorial of Rabbi Natan, the student of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Every teacher has his student: Moses had Joshua; the Ari had Rabbi Chaim Vital; Rabbi Akiva had his fantastic five. And so Rabbi Nachman had his Rabbi Nathan. May my learning today elevate his neshama.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures from Tzfat

Our orange tree and messed up yard.

Even the graffiti is holy! lol! It says "Na Nakh" in Hebrew.

In Tzfat, art is everywhere!

A path through the Artist's Quarter

A view of Jordan...

Our shortcut....


Interesting Tzfati Art...


Friday, December 25, 2009

Preparing for Shabbat


Preparing for Shabbat is no small feat. Everyone rushing to the stores, buying groceries, stores closing early so that the workers can get home and start preparing. Then there is cooking. Lots of lavish dishes, its like putting your best cook-foot forward for the occasion.

So, its this time -just before Shabbat- that my gas canister decides to finish!!!

I don't think I can buy a new gas canister. Boy, times like these I miss having a convenient gas company that just pumps gas into our homes. Now I either have to decided if I want to infringe upon my neighbor and use one (or two) of her stove range if she lets, or just bake everything.

Most of the cooking is done already, thank goodness.

Rabbi Zacharia Wallerstein: Why Bad Things Happen


warning: lots of yeshivishe words (Yeshiva jargon)


Making Dove

Please replace the D in Dove with L. I just didn't want to attract the wrong crowd on this blog.
My sister and I were talking about this topic.

If I had to describe my relationship to Mr. Blackfirewhitefire it would look like this:

And I thought I could improve on our relationship if I could just remove that bottom dip -the down sides, the arguing, the passion. But then again removing the passion would cause the upward spikes to be gone -all the fun and excitement, all the thrill. Then I'd be left with a graph more like this:

Gulp. That doesn't look too lively.

Okay, I'll keep the passion.

There is always a flow going on. The feminine "waters" get aroused, this causes the masculine "waters" to get aroused and he gives to her. And what do we get?

All wet.

Just kidding.

But really, this is the story of life. Earth's fluids evaporates back up to the heavens. The heavens get aroused and sends down rain -sustenance. A child cries tears to her mother, the mother speaks (moisture from the mouth) soothing words and comforts the child -she sustains her. A student asks question to his teacher, the teacher gives his response (moisture; which is why some say its better to hear a great teacher face to face rather than reading his teachings). It goes on.

I suppose all their EKGs would also be up and down and leveled; like the first graph. showers, thunderstorms, and rain; light words, shoutings, conversations.

I am NOT condoning arguments here. I just don't see any way around them (yet).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black Woman Blow the Trumpet


This blog has relocated. Here is the new address:

And here's a convenient link! BWBTT

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Israel's Fence of Apartheid


Israel attempted to build a wall to separate the Israeli citizens from the Palestinians. Those in Israel know why. Its very hard to fight against suicide bombers, stabbings, just plain random attempts at killing us simply because we are us. etc. Those outside of Israel, who follow the mainstream media know -its all just apartheid with no reasoning behind it.

Now Egypt has built a wall to separate themselves from Gaza. A METAL WALL! Surely there is a brotherly explanation. Perhaps their love is so great, that this wall will help somehow. Surely there is a nice benevolent reason...

Taliban * Rosa Parks conclusion

On the one hand, they seem to have the bus. Everyone complied to the modesty police's rule and the women went to the back of the bus. It was "their bus" so I thought maybe I should comply to the house rules?

At the same time, it was the house rules during the Rosa Parks incident, and she helped to change things. Just because it was 'house rules' didn't make it right. This was not Torah, it was certainly not halachah (Jewish law) and it sure wasn't a mitzvah (religious duty). Plus, how could I explain to my mother in law, professor of physics, that because she's a woman, she needs to sit in the back of the bus?? Plus what lesson would my daughters learn from this? Plus what if Rosa Parks haunts me forever??!!

While I debated all these things in my mind, my MiL said decidedly, "I'm not moving!"

I decided to stand too. I wasn't moving. The modesty police, the bully, came to my face and started yelling, "Are you a Jew or a goy?(non-Jew)!" blah blah blah. On and on he went. These people are known to use violence on the women on the bus and so I braced myself. The baby in my arm woke up from all the yelling. The girls -who were sitting with my MiL were getting agitated. I told them to stay calm. All the while the bully is yelling left and right. "Yes! I am the Taliban! move to the back of the bus!"

This guy managed to stop the bus and threatened that it would not budge until we get to the back. Still we refused. Then he got nasty (nastier) with his words and a brawl almost ensued between him and Mr BFWF. Oh man!

The timid driver would drive a bit until the bully stopped him. It was off and on with the driving.

Soon even the people who had gone to the back of the bus came to us to encourage us to comply to the bully. They were part of the problem! No one was willing to stand up to this guy and his bullying. (Honestly, if my husband and MiL and kids were not there, I wonder also if I would have the courage to stand up. Thank goodness, the situation was the way it was.)

The bully had goons and those goons offered me money to get to the back of the bus. still I refused. "Why are you looking at me so much if your trying to protect your eyes?" I asked. That brought on a fresh can of yellings.

In the end, we called a cab and waited til the cab arrived, then got off that bus.

I never want to experience that again. But it pains me the amount of power one bully has just by instilling fear in others. It pains me even more for all those who must -MUST- defy this -and not let bullies hijack good things- but don't.

I wish you all (and myself) much strength and courage!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick Post: Taliban *Rosa Parks

Shalom everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.

A little bit ago, I posted a few posts concerning Islam, Muslims and terrorism around the world. Then got called an islamophobe! An intimidation tactic meant to stop the critical thinking on this topic.

But this topic hits too close to home for me to not bring up. Not to mention that in the Jewish world I have my own modesty police, etc. to deal with. As a matter of fact I had to deal with just that a few days ago....

I, Mr Blackfirewhitefire, my mother in law and the kids, all went on the bus to head to a hotel for some fun time together. Everything went well: we got all our luggage in the bus, quickly found nice seats near the bus driver, everyone was cordial; in short a nice trip. Until about the 5th stop when the modesty police came on.

"All the women go sit in the back of the bus!!!" Shouted the self ordained nodesty police.

I groaned.

Had I known this was one of those buses that was "designated" to be a mehadrin bus -the bus where the supposedly very pious take and, in order to protect their eye from scantily cladded women (correction added: all women), request that all women sit in the back of the bus-- I would NOT have gone in. But we were already in and I had to decide if I want to comply and move to the back of the bus, or fight the Taliban.

The memory of the story of Rosa Parks kept flashing in my mind.

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!

To all those who celebrate kwanzaa, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukka, etc....

H A P P Y .... H O L I DA Y !!!

May this day enrich your soul (nutritious and delicious food, warm clothes, shelter)

enrich your spirit (calm, easy breezy emotions, dignity, insights)

and enrich your neshama (deeper meaning to life, connecting to the Most High)!


Re: God blowing the breath of life into man.

Nobody really knows the amount of air that was in God's proverbial "lungs" when He blew life -potential into man. So, nobody really knows each one's potential and life. Let's not settle for someone else's limitations! See how far you can go today!


Mother in Law to visit!

I'll be offline for a few days enjoying a visit from MiL BlackfireWhitefire (aka "Oma" Oma is German for grandma). See you in about a week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

OMG! My All time Favorite Song on YouTube!

(pardon me while I go and sway to the rythme)

Isn't it odd? This guy could be Muslim for all I know. *sigh*

Okay back to swaying to the rythme...

Would you believe my white, Jewish husband introduced me to this music? Its so funny. When we just got married it was as if marrying a black girl gave him "permission" to play this kind off music loud. I was nervous the neighbor would think I was pulling him away from living piously or whatever. Ugh! those days of keeping up with the Jones.

Now, as I love doing with things I enjoy, I must pick it apart and enjoy every piece of it...

I REALLY like their clothing! Its a bit of a ragamuffin look, LOL!!! But it suits them. I guess I dress sort of ragamuffiny in my own way-- I sort of dress like the settlers who live in the settlements (somewhat. My wardrobe is in transition from Chareidi to simply me-ness- which happens to look alot like the settlers):

my favorite settler girl pic:

I liked the addition of that older man who played the violin and xylaphone. He is not on the CD and maybe not part of the original Bamada group. But he knows his stuff. I imagine them talking to each other in creole-- but of course they speak in their own language. They are from Mali.

I liked the way they play with each other on the stage.

One of the guys seem to have a kippa! Maybe.....?? lol!

Anyway, enjoy!

Protests in Israel


more at Arutz Sheva (Channel Seven)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"And yet when given a chance to rule, terrorists invariably demonstrate that they are not monsters because they are oppressed, but that they are oppressed because they are monsters."

Sultan Knish

Hanukkah Coming this Weekend

Okay I am revving up. Never mind the bad news out there. Iran successfully simulated the detonation of a nuclear warhead -there's no stopping them now. They don't really need help from other countries as they claim they have their own resources. But nevermind all that! lol!

Hanukkah is almost here. I've got to figure out if I want my kids to light their own menorahs or not. (that's lots of candles to have going on). But no worries, I'm in Hannukah headspace...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Eminent War?

Its hard to think about much else when there is potential war on the horizon.

Iran is set to have nuclear weapons. The world is waiting for Israel (even as they write up their accusations against them in case they win the war with Iran, lol) to strike. We almost have to because it's our own rear end that's at stake.

I just don't get it. People will hate Israel no matter what so why are we so afraid to do what we must?

May the holy merit of all our tzaddikim of all the generations protect us. May God stretch out his hand and protect his holy children. Holy, Holy, Holy, is our God, Master of Legions.

I guess that's why its so hard to really think of light topics these days. I need to buy some survival things. There is a date floating around as to when the war will happen but its all rumors.


Well some nice news: Israel scientists created beating heart cells from skin cells. Here's the Hearty story!

And........ this weekend is Hanukka!!!!! Yay!

Hanukka: the time when the Jews fought the Greeks (as well as the Helenists -reform, apologists Jews who sided with the Greeks). When the fight, which was led by the Maccabees brothers, a family of Cohens (priests), was won, they searched the Temple for some oil to light the menorah. They found a small flask of oil but that oil miraculously burned for eight days! To commemorate all that has occured, we light our own menorahs.


We put the menorahs down low. Practically on the ground. Why? To pull -so to speak- the Shechina that she should reach even the lowest of us all and help lift us up.

....okay, we also eat doughnuts, sufganiots, fry latkes (hash browns?)....whatever that uses LOTS of oil! lol!

Here's a pic of a sufganiot -its a doughnut without the hole:

Ah! what can I do? I must spread JOY and not fear. Give HOPE. There is no despair in the world.

na nakh nakhma m'uman! (in the video you see the story book of Rebbe Nachman in Hebrew)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Swap

Gilad Shalit for 1400 Palestinians who were caught in attempted and actual murders and other crime.

okay. I've got to get back to light positive topics on this blog.

A Story

There was once a very rich man who lived in a big home. Whenever a poor person would come to his door asking for charity, the rich man gave him a warm welcome and invited him into his home. "Come in, make yourself at home! Here is where you can take a good shower and I have to extra clothing in the other room. When you are ready please come to the dining room for a meal!"

Everyone who came to him got the royal treatment as well as charity money.

One day, Mr. Shlomazel (Mr. Unlucky) was on the streets doing his thing and asking for charity to passers by.

Mr. Plony Almony (Mr. Somebody) came to him. "Why don't you go to the rich man. He'll give you everything you need!"

So Shlomazel goes to the rich man's house. But he went to the wrong house and arrived at the rich man's neighbor.

"Some charity, if you please?" Said Shlomazel when the neighbor opened the door.

The neighbor quickly realized that this guy was looking for the next door neighbor. "Hmpf! So you want some charity, eh? Well first clean my floor. Do the dishes. The Laundry. And some other various work around the house and THEN I'll give you charity!"

Shlomazel got to work. He sweated alot and thought to himself that this was certainly not what he expected. At any rate he continued to work until it was all done. Then he went to the neighbor for his prize.

"Charity?! Go next door!" And sent him on his way.

Shlomazel goes to the next door -which is actually the rich man's home and knocks on the door.

"Charity please?"

"Oh! Come in!! Come in! Make yourself at home! Here is a place for you to take a nice hot shower. Afterwards I have some clean clothes for you. When you are ready there will be a nice hot meal waiting for you in the dining room."

After a nice shower, comfy clothing, Shlomazel sat with the rich man enjoying their dinner. "Boy, I sure worked hard for this meal!" Shlomazel exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Asked the rich man, "you only asked and I gave you!"

We work hard. Do overtime. Some people thing they even have to steal. But in the end God is the true provider. Ask.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worries for Rifka

I glanced at the news and saw that Fatima Rifka Bary is to be sentenced to go back home. If you recall she was the 16 year old who discovered Christianity. A big no no in a Muslim home. Worthy of a beheading!

But the courts, ignorant to the ways of Islam, ordered Fatima back to her parents house.

If this was a Jewish home, I wonder if Rifka would even be wanted back to the home? I would guess not. But at least there is no mitzvot (religious duty) to behead the kafir (non-believer).


This also makes me think of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. From being exposed to and reading alot of philosophical works, it led her to leave her religion -which was Islam. According to many rabbis, such readings would take anyone out of their religion!

How does that work?

That's hard to explain. Suffice it to say that in the scheme of things, we gather wisdoms and funnel them through understanding and from that we get knowledge.

For example: wisdom = numbers
understanding = algebra
knowledge = what a variable would be

here's a graph:

I suspect that reading all the philosophical writings brings us maybe to wisdom, understanding, and knowledge -a downwards pointing triangle. And I think the focus of religion or spirituality is to make a different triangle; the keter (crown), wisdom, and understanding triad.

Keter means crown. It is like the border of where wisdom ends. We ought to learn as much as we can about our world, but once we've reached the borders, then we get to faith. The part that we don't know, but we rely on the idea that God is running the show, that He created everything and is all knowing.

In the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge triad, we are beholden to the various laws of physics, biology, etc. In other words, we don't walk on water, we get hit by a bullet, etc. However, in the keter, wisdom, and understanding triad the world and its rules are beholden to us (assuming we make God's will our will)! ....I don't know if the world is ready for that yet.

Did Ayaan lose her faith? Her keter? Her crown? I suppose some would argue yes. But at the same time listening to her, she seems very caring and fights --one of the few lone voices-- for the rights of Muslim women. That confounds me. I once learned that prayer is like a sword. One must learn to wield it properly -neither flinching to the right (overdone kindness) nor to the left (too severe). And to learn how to wield this "sword" on must practice justice. Ayaan, in her way, is boldly fighting for justice. If she has faith in the Creator, would she have the power of effective prayer?

Sometimes I wonder if she simply rejected Islam, and just replaced it with a more humanitarian belief --but she calls it athiesm. She also introduces the heavy question of which way is God's will.

Anyway, I worry for Fatima Rifka Bary. She doesn't have the mobility and freedom to search and discover freely. Then again if she looks too much will she too fall into atheism?

Cheslea and her Beau

This article is so loaded.


And Mazal tov, Honduras, on the election!


Amd yay! America for successfully removing a suspicious package near the white house. hat tip to Atlas Shruggs blog.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Six weeks after getting out of the mikvah, I went to Israel in 2000 for more study at Ohr Somayach, a yeshiva exclusively for converts. I wasn't the only black; there was a black guy from Philly, the crown prince of Swaziland and a bunch of Ethiopian Jews. Racism didn't disappear. After a student used the n-word, one yeshiva rabbi pointed to the offender and said, "That young man is a baby and an idiot and he's the reason the messiah's not here." Racism wasn't tolerated.

Y-Love in Moment Magazine

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally, Bush does Something Right?

Apparently, George W. Bush quietly went to Fort Hood to be with the soldiers.

An Israeli trying to deal with understanding America and their non-terrorist problem:


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heavy Things on the Brain

(I added to this post)

Its hard to blog and radiate positivity when so much heavy things are on my mind.

Baby is at his most clingy stage at the moment.

My friends were heading for the Kotel /Western Wall/ Wailing Wall a few days ago. A man told them the regular route was closed and that they had to go a different way. Turns out it was an ambush. Many young Arab men came throwing stones at their car. Their windows got smashed, they said the "final prayer" thinking it was all over. Thank God, with some fast manoeuvering, they escaped.

This has gotten me thing about survival...

Some people take the soft glove approach to all the terrorism going on in the world. No! Don't associate it with Islam! Nevermind everything, only pay attention to what the most famous of talking heads are saying!

Others are taking a very hard line approach. Its all coming from Islam, they say. Get rid of Islam and the idea of terrorism will go.

Which is right?

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

There are alot of things that are very similar with Judaism and Islam that people don't want to talk about. Such as in Judaism, it is taught that there are 613 good deeds/commandments to be done in this world. Each part corresponds to different parts of the body. Interestingly, the deed/commandment of not falling for idolatry is at the back bone-y & ligament area at the back of the neck. That ligament there is associated with idol worship or serving God. If someone falls for idol worship, then they got problems with that part in the neck. That area is what keeps the head and the body together.

In Islam, they want to behead those they claim to be idol worshippers. (i.e. punish that part that was suppose to be for serving God, since the person is an infidel and is not serving God)

In Judaism there is a big push against promoting fear. Even as I grew up on scary movies since I was a kid, I really try not to spook my kids with stories of monsters and whatnots under the bed. Not even kids stories with suspense. The drive is more of joy. With joy there comes prophecy, with joy, there comes good health, with joy comes blessings.

Terrorism preys on people by giving them terror -and really clamps down on the fearful. I imagine this -the power of fear and terror- can be learned from Islam (or Judaism).

In Judaism, women are expected to cover themselves out of modesty. They keep their hair covered after marriage. Legs and torso are covered. Why? It is believed that tempting men with thoughts of sex can lead to a spilling of "seed". These seeds don't just die. They create children. All seeds create whether its with a physical body or not. These particular spilled seeds create bodiless beings. (you know, those things that start with a d and rhymes with semon. hehehe). Modesty does not end with clothing. How one talks, comports themselves, etc all have a modesty aspect.

In Islam, via sharia law, women who are immodest are ....hurt pretty badly.

In Judaism, there is no separation of "church" and state. Judaism is a way of life. Something many people -especially Americans can't understand. We can live in a state and follow its laws. But come Passover, even though the civil law does not state this, chances are there will probably not be any bread, flour, yeasty food in any religious Jewish home -because of Torah. There will probably not be any stores open on Friday evening, even though civil law of whatever country permits it. etc.

In Islam, also its pretty impossible to separate "church" and state. Again, this is something people can not see.

Basically what I am saying is there is an element in Islam that will cause people to be violent, mean, hurtful terrorists. And truth be told, alot of the terrorism that's happening in the world today are committed by Muslims. China, India, America (for those who are ready to understand this), and Israel, etc.

But alot of these same factors or "teachings" are embedded in various degrees in other religions and ways of life. So what gives?

A little story:

There was once a man who loved a woman. But that woman spurned him. Every chance she got, she spurned him. She ran off and danced with other men. She even offered herself for marriage to a few of them. And though they had a good time with her, in the end she was always left hurt.

Finally, she stopped fooling around and really wanted love. She looked around to see who really loved her. Who was faithful to her all along. It was the man from the beginning. So she returns to her true love and lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile there was another woman who was doing the same thing. She spurned the man who loved her and ran off after other men. But this man was able to do something about it. One by one he killed the suitors off. Finally everyone was afraid to have dealings with the woman. Left with no choice, she resigns and submits to the man.

Man1 which is the other major religions seem to not have any way of enforcing and getting what they want; whereas Man2 has a means of enforcing and thus achieving their goals faster. In the first incidence at least the woman (the goal, the mission) begins to seek out the man and is content. In the second case, the way things are going now, the woman (goal, mission) submits but is her heart in it?

A Neighbor

Here's a neighbor of mine doing the na nach swipe. lol!

Hey, aren't swipes and signs reserved for gangs?

na nah nahma nahman m'uman!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ma Nishtana: Torah portion

Get your weekly Bible portion at Ma Nishtana blog. Its hilarious...

Here is this week's exerpt:

after circumcising himself and having tea with his three visitors, abraham’s first official act as a jew is to haggle with Gd. no seriously. abraham tries to jew Gd out of destroying sodom, eventually trying to weasel some redemption out of Him for the low low price of ten righteous guys. abraham fails, because, y’know, he’s up against GD, and in atonement for this, abraham’s descendants are cursed to haggle with everyone they ever meet in life, ever.
(Ma Nishtana)

Oh my! lol.

And while you're at it, you can also read on debunking the Myth of curse of Ham at that same blog.

Just for Grins

And now for a good laugh...

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says, "Israel is worse than Sudan....!" (INN new)

More stuff for America to swallow?


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I will have pics of my own, but this was nice to see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Internet Instability

Internet connection here is very unstable. I can't believe how many days I spent without internet connection.

Anyway, that was me on my soapbox. lol.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yay! AA HomeSchoolers Support

This is almost a dream come true. A support group for AA homeschoolers.

Here's the link for anyone else interested.

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I have a very supportive homeschooling group here. There are activities, projects, etc. The only problem is that there are no people of color! None.

I think even that can effect my kids.

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week's Torah Portion


Now we are up to the Abraham story.

For an ebonics version of this weeks Bible portion, check out Ma Nishtana blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few Pictures:

Just some scenes from Israel... these are of Arabic towns.

An Arab Town:

A mosque:

A neighborhood and its mosque:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blowing My Trumpet

This is a response I would like to post on Black Woman Blow the Trumpet blog, for the post titled: The African Divide with Black Americans--Revisited.

I debated whether to post it there but figured that I'm coming in too late and there are too many dissenters which makes for edgy-ness even on my part and possibly cause folks to become too defensive. So, I don't know if my post would be heard or not after all that. So rather than jump into a possible brawl, I figured I'd post it on my own blog.

The Hostess (Rev. Lisa) wrote:
"I don't think that most black women in this country understand the power of American citizenship throughout the world. If we did, there would not be as much reluctance to venture abroad. We need to understand the power and privilege that we have if we intend to skillfully wield it."

I just wanted to pull that part out because I think it ought to be stressed more.

Its as if some Africans may be jealous of Black American privilege whereas some/many Black Americans aren't even aware of the privilege that they have! One hiding a negative and the other unaware of the good. So, in terms of perspectives, the scale looks skewed.

Could this be a key to special interest solidarity between the two? I haven't figured out the machination of it all yet, but I see a leverage. For example, an AA BW who wants to live in an African country would be one of the very few with such a privilege -that's an interesting position to be in.
I must admit I was a little nervous about this post. Too many faults and negative info about Africans all concentrated in one place. Too much concentration of anything negative can leave a bad smell to the soul.

However, I understand the purpose of it. Black Americans need to understand the points you made. There is a false pride some Africans have that need to be popped because its detrimental to AA but even unto Africans themselves its not good.

Pride is like confidence in the superficial.

Its better to be humble about the faults and negative points one has and grateful about the benefits and goods one has. The combination makes for a confident person. It makes for truth.

But I suspect, there are those who would rather hide/deny the faults and on top of it all swell with pride in the showing of only the good points. That's delusional. When such a thing happens, eventually, someone will come out with facts and data, etc., and bash that pride.

To keep that from ever needing to happen, better to be confident. Knowing and accepting the hard, not so good parts (not dwelling too much on it though; that could lead to depression) and being grateful and dwelling on the good parts joyously.
And there are good points for everyone. Enough to go around. What is success for one may not be success for another. What some one holds as a marker for success, may be totally irrelevant or not held with such greatness to another. Success has many faces and many clothes.

But the main thing is to be truthful to oneself. Each one know your values; what you view as success and check with your own barometer if you've attained that value. It may be monetary, peace of mind, spirituality, living as a hermit, whatever. And if two come and say, "Look! You are not successful!" Its up to the individual to remember their value, their truth and decide for themselves. Indeed the two may be factual, but it may not necessarily be truth.



Yay! Camera Sighted!

I am so happy I finally unpacked my camera. Yes, I am still unpacking after three months. Well, now I can take some pics and post them.

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Up?

I just found out from a friend how easy it is to create a pond in our yard. It would be a great project to work on.

Friends of mind are getting married. That means I better start working out! lol. With all the dancing involved in a wedding, I have to make sure I'm fit.

Former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is STILL making headlines-- even as he's in a coma. First someone said he's about to emerge; then it was denied. Typical of information nowadays. A flood gate of stuff so no one knows the truth.

What's up with you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chinese Jewish

( For the first time, a group of seven descendants of the Jewish community of Kaifeng, China has moved to Israel.The new arrivals, who were brought here by the Shavei Israel organization, arrived at Ben-Gurion airport late Tuesday night.
The city of their birth, Kaifeng, sits on the banks of the Yellow River and was home to a flourishing Jewish community for more than a millennium.

"I am very excited to be here in the Holy Land," said Yaakov Wang, one of the new immigrants. "This is something that my ancestors dreamed about for generations, and now thank G-d I have finally made it." read more here.

(Although, I don't think this is "for the first time". I knew a smaller group that came to stay much earlier. Maybe this is the same group? I don't know.)

God's Secret Agent

There is a story in the Talmud:

When God was creating the world, He originally made the moon the same size as the sun and put them both in the sky. The moon, feeling a bit arrogant and not so happy that the sun was sharing the sky with her said to God, "Can two rule the sky?"

God replied, "You are right. So, diminish yourself!"

And so the moon diminished herself and the sun ruled the sky. However, as the story goes, in the end of times, the moon will realize that indeed, two can rule the sky and then it will regain its size again.

The moon represents women, and the sun represents men. Women are an interesting bunch. They wax and wane just like the moon. And just like the moon in our story, they have the potential to "rule" the sky right up there with the sun. But notice, no one is stepping on anyone's toes. No one is emasculating the other. They can both rule the sky --at the same time, they just think they can't.

Quite often, folks will quote the story of Adam and Eve in order to remind women of her 'mistake'. While I admit that I don't know the true depth of the story, I like that the rabbis have given various interpretations -meaning, there are many ways to look at the same story. It can be seen in a bad light, but not necessarily. The views range from "we've been had, (by God)" to "Eve knew that she could handle internalizing right and wrong and still choose right; and so she ate the fruit; but Adam could not handle it." to "she did wrong and fell for the serpents temptations" etc.

At any rate, many a women are made to feel bad, inferior and that should not be. In fact, I suspect that those who treat women so badly or make them feel inferior are really opposed to God. They just can't hurt Him, so they go after his agents. Come, friends, let us journey through the Biblical journey of women and find their source of confidence and glory together...

When the Blessed One created man and woman, they were first made as one. The woman was attached to his back facing away from man. He then put man to sleep and formed independent woman out of Adam's living parts. God created woman to be an "ezer kneggdo" to man. The more accurate translation is ezer =help, kneggdo (kneged)=opposite. Thus, woman was man's help-opposite. When man did the will of God, woman was his help; when man went against the will of God, women becomes his opposer!

(This facing away, then separation, and then the aim of coming together again, but this time face to face is a deep secret to alot of life. It also reminds me of the cherubim on the ark.)

Its interesting that women were made from living, live parts. Live wires! lol. They are so busting with life that they are like portals to bring even more life into the world. Life from life to give life hahaha. And why the rib? Why not the skull or something? Why the part that protects the heart and lungs? Me thinks even that was not by accident.

Man was told to leave his father and mother and to cleave to his wife. The wife -I suspect- doesn't have to marry if she doesn't want, I don't think. But it would be detrimental for the man to remain unmarried (spilling seed, no growth, etc.).

Sure enough, throughout the Oral and Written Tradition, we see examples of women helping their men and opposing them when they had to:

Ezra - the Help

When the newly freed Hebrews walked away from Egypt, the women form a circle and danced and sang in gratitude to God. But even while in Egypt as slaves, it was Miriam who encouraged her father not to order the men to abstain from their wives --even as Pharaoh made the decree to kill every baby boy that was born. (Both the Jewish people and the Egyptians via astrology were able to know that a savior was to be born. For this reason Pharaoh tried to kill all the boys, and those with prophecy, i.e. Miriam, knew it was crucial to keep having children).

When the men were too tired to bother with um not abstaining, the women went to the men in the fields. They went with mirrors and made themselves pretty. Then they would position the mirror so that both the woman and the man could be seen in it and they said to the men, "I'm prettier than you." Basically, they would flirt and arouse the men. (it was for this reason that the controversial mirrors were added in the tabernacle).

When Korach decided to oppose Moses. Some knew the uprise was doomed to fail. One particular women, the wife of On, sought to save her husband from going with Korach. She let her husband sleep and sat outside her house with her hair uncovered. Woman covered their hair as a sign of modesty. So when Korach's men came for On, they didn't feel right coming in when there was On's wife sitting immodestly at the doorway. Thus he was saved.

During the golden calf idol worship, the women did not participate.

When the Jewish people arrived to the Land of Canaan (Israel), they sent spies to scout out the place. Many in leadership positions didn't really want to enter the land because they were enjoying their positions of power. So they slandered the lands. "The people are giants there!" "the fruit there are grossly huge" "Its a place of sadness, everyone is in mourning!" They wanted to discourage the people from wanting such a place. Then, the men (with the known exceptions of Caleb and Joshua) all cried crocodile tears --but the women did not participate.

There is a saying, "Behind every great man is an even greater woman!" And so it goes that even as Abraham was thought to be a great man, Sarah was even greater.

In the case of Moses, there is an Oral Tradition that as Moses was wrapped up in trying to save everyone from Egypt, he did not take the time to circumcize his son, so Tzipporah, just went and did it herself. Its also telling of Tzipporah's stature that Moses should choose her to marry.

Samson's mother was able to see the angel who spoke of Samson's birth. But she always took the time to try to find Manoa, her husband (who I think was a little slow?) to come and see the angel too.

There are endless examples.

Its as if women are like God's representative. Indeed, women represent the Shechina- the female aspect of God- in the world.

All this, I think is enough to swell a woman's head. lol.

And I think that if she thinks she's superior to man, then then she diminishes herself -she's gong in the wrong direction. The world works upside down from the way heaven works.

The antithesis is that there are women who feel they are superior to man or choose to oppose God (God forbid). She is so powerful that with her two bare hands -BARE HANDS-- she can tear down a house. This is a strong force that the book of proverb talks alot about.

There is Jewish Joke in which a man goes to a rabbi complaining that his wife was mean to him and even threatened to poison him. So the rabbi said he'd speak with the wife. The next day the man called the rabbi back, "Nu? So? did you talk to her?" The hesitant rabbi explain. "Yes, I spoke to her....I, I think you should take the poison."

This post is getting really long and also I don't feel the need to dwell on the problems, there are enough folks out there ready and willing to point and accuse women and make us feel inferior with me adding fuel.

Suffice it to say, I think the power of the women is in her right hand (chessed /kindness, mercy) together with her left hand (gevurah/ strength, restraining, judgements). At times it feels like somebody's got woman's left hand twisted behind her back in such a hold that she can't get loose.

This removal of the left hand and all that it represents leaves women with just their right hand. Kindness. Over done kindness, over done mercy, with no mitigating factor is not good. One balances the other. In America, this results in men being forgiven even as they are not remorseful, regretful or in no way planning to change their bad behavior. It manifests in women donating without looking at what they're donating to. It comes out in women thinking that rather than free themselves of this hold, they instead imitate man. In other parts of the world in manifests in women submitting to laws that are detrimental to their lives, detrimental to their health or that curbs their ability to raise their children or otherwise removes their say in anything.

There is another saying in the Talmud: 10 measures of speech was given to the world. Women took 9 of it!

Surely there are those who will say, "that's why women chatter so much!" And that is probably the bad (?) side of a COIN. Coins have two sides. The good side of that is 9 measures of speech! Speech is what distinguishes mankind from animals. Almost everything points toward women being very far from animal and very close to Godliness. And there are people who don't like that. But, again, just as the moon can already be seen in the sky even when its only half full; if we women can know even half of our good, if we can acknowledge and act upon even half of our glorious nature, we can change the world and rule the sky -irregardless of what the sun is doing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quotable Quotes

As long as we're concerned about how others see us, or respond to their perception of us, we have allowed them to define us.

-- The First Domino


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food for the Soul

We have an orange tree in our backyard. Its blossoming at the moment and boy, does it have a wonderful fragrant!

Y-Love Coming to Israel

Not sure if the rumors are true, but I heard Y-Love has become Na nach! Also, I heard he's coming to Tsfat to meet the gang. That should be interesting! Must think up a shidduch/match for him. ***puts on matchmaker hat** lol!

Please God, don't turn him away empty handed...

Na nach nachma nachman m'uman!!

Fake Blog

Hi all,

Does any one know what ever happened to this blog that was fake. It was supposedly run by a BW but turns out it was some kind of survey collecting site or something like that. Can anyone fill me in???



Saturday, October 17, 2009

In The Beginning...

So, in the Jewish world everyone is starting again the reading of the Torah. We read about Adam and Eve story. I wanted to write a post with a few words on that portion of the Bible but I am too tired mentally (and physically) to put it together.

But its worth thinking:

Its been a long time now. Has the "curses" that we've had to endure, have these decrees been sweetened any? Have we come a long way?

Well we have Childbirth pains. Thank God, nowadays we have epidurals and operations and other ways to make the actual birth not be so painful.

Mense. Advil.

Toiling by the sweat of one's brows to bring in money. Many are reaping income simply from the interest of their capital. No sweat there!

Hmmmmm....dare I think the unthinkable? lol.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faith, Holy Boldness, Weapons


There was a funny statement that Rebbe Nachman said once. He said, "I like my followers fried!"

When I first heard that, I laughed. Nervously. I wasn't sure what he meant and me being a follower of his teachings I got a bit nervous.

Then I thought more about my life. I went through terrible abuse at the hands of my own family members. For years! Then I had to unravel all the psychological and emotional hurts --not to mention physical, sexual. Goodness, was any stone left unturned?!

I was so twisted and hurt, etc. I had to start way way way back to the beginning. Even my religion had to be trashed.

In order to even start fighting the abuse as a child, I had to realize to myself that no matter what, I know that what I felt was wrong and had to fight it. I had to disbelieve all the "we are right, its YOU who's wrong" statements, all the "but I love you!" statements. Everything had to go in the trash. Nobody was trusted. Redo from start. Some would say I lost my faith, but I think I had to turn to raw faith. Its like a no name brand of faith. Faith without clothes. Ultimate faith in the Godly part of me that no one gave a name to.

I think I was fried.

People who go through great hurts, I think, get "fried". So burned and hurt from so much that they reject everything.

Eventually, I could leave that constricted mentality when I was out of that abusive situation and then I had to rebuild. I had to give faith clothes again. But this time instead of putting on the old garments that my family gave me for faith -- the cross, the preacher's hats, the robes, the church, the way to salvation, etc. As I wandered through the garden of goods and truth looking for garments for my faith, instead I found a kippah, fringes, Torah, good deeds (mitzvot), etc. Basically, I found Judaism.

Likewise, I know of people who are Jewish who went through serious traumas and left Judaism. Somehow they stripped their faith from those garments and dressed it up anew.


But it takes holy boldness to do this. Its not a simple thing. Very often as you try to dress up faith --after having been fried lol-- you encounter people who will insist that you put on this garment on faith. Or they'll counter that you just can't arrive to truth without that garment. Somehow, they will attempt to coerce people to go on a certain path. BEWARE!!!

If we go without holy boldness, we will never arrive to the truth! If somethings are unable to be questioned, it should be rejected. (of course there is a certain point where there is no answer and we just have to accept things on faith. I mean simpler questions like why do we have to do such and such a ritual, for instance).

In my situation, I feel that Judaism is closest to THE TRUTH, whatever that absolute truth is. In the beginning, I accepted Judaism, but I still had questions. I am happy that I pursued these doubts and questions until I found answers.

One example of that was many tried to tell me that some people don't have a neshama (the high part of the soul that is still connected to God). I didn't buy it. I pursued my question until finally I learned that many do not know kabbalah and don't even try to learn deeper other than the halachot (laws of what to do and what not to do), and some not even that, they just stick to learning about the arguments. But once I pressed deeper, there it states clearly that every human being has a neshama --some are just so far removed from God that its as if they don't have a neshama.

Another example is that some rabbis teach that one should not learn other languages. Only Hebrew (and Yiddish, of course **smirk**). But I didn't understand why. It was not until later that I learned the reason. Simply, one can learn other language for business reasons, but the reason its discouraged for other reasons is that each language carries in it the "sin" or the "lust" of the people of that language. Whatever they are struggling with will be embedded in the language. For instance, if some group of people have trouble with being patient. They want things Now now now. Instead of calling things "instant gratification" they'd say "convenient" or "amenity" or something that covers up the fact that they can't wait. Or, if someone lusts to kill, rather than calling it what it is, they'd say, "prosecute to the fullest extent of the law" or use cruel humor towards a person. I have to think up better examples. Its not to say that Hebrew or Yiddish is better, but to say: why take on extra problems? We have our own struggles embedded within our own language, why unknowingly take on other group's fetishes or what have you.

Right now I feel that I am living a more authentic Judaism and I"m closer to the Truth -if I can say such a thing. I am wary of many religious leaders from all religions. Especially the more recent ones. But I love the Jewish Tzaddikim and especially Rebbe Nachman, I'm cool with.

Holy boldness means being true to yourself. See what fits. If it doesn't, ask. If the response is not satisfactory pursue the matter in another way or move on. Keep growing. But it has to start with a genuine love for God and a genuine awe towards Him.


How to arrive at such a place without "getting fried"? That is a great question because I don't wish turmoil on anyone. If there is a way to arrive at that simple faith place and then grow into whatever you were truly meant to be --without all the turmoil, hurt, frying, etc., that would be awesome.

For me, it was reading Rebbe Nachman's books, Likutei Moharan, Outpouring of the Soul, Crossing the Narrow Bridge, etc. For me it was meeting genuine Na Nach people who live their lives with such mesirut nefesh /self sacrifice only to help people out. That really inspired me that people can want good and pursue good.

Another great weapon is prayer. Hitbodedut -talking to God, one on one, as if He's a close friend. You can shout out your frustrations, reason with the Holy One, question things, be yourself with no rules from anyone. Just you and the Creator of the Universe having a conversation. A monologue? No, I said a conversation! Yes, He responds but you have to "listen" more carefully -and not just with the ears lol. Its better to do this in a field or other natural surroundings.

Prayer is an interesting weapon. It's like a sword, or a light saber, that must not veer to the right (overly done kindness: i.e. asking the Blessed one to completely forgive an unrepentant murderer) nor must it veer to the left (overly done harshness: i.e. being too severe). Somehow it has to be aim precisely at the target.

To turn on the light saber, one needs to give charity. Giving money is almost like giving a pint of blood hehehee. Its giving of yourself -like a sacrifice for the wrongs that you have done. It also changes whatever the scale is in heaven. If, for instance, your scale of good deeds vs bad deeds was tipped on the bad side (i.e. too many wrongs to your credit), then giving charity tips the scale a bit (i.e. at least you give something towards good). If the balance was equal, then giving charity pushes things most definitely to your favor.

Okay, charity is given, the gates of prayers are open, light (saber), camera (trees, bushes, flowers are watching), Action!! What do you say?

Gratitude and acknowledgement is a good start. Not because God needs to be flattered, but because, we need the boost of confidence that God has helped us before. That way, we feel less intimidated to put forth a request. Praises -especially- in the form of a song, is another good key. Music is the language of the Neshama (high part of the soul, the part that is still connected to God).

Faith, holy boldness and the weapon of prayer are very subtle things that can take us a long way. The only suggestion I have is to find a way for yourselves to avoid the "frying" part, and jump to pure faith and take it from there.

A Feminist Revolution?

New Feminist Revolution?

I'm waiting to hear interesting news on the women's camp.

I firmly believe a revolution has already started in the Jewish camp. Many may not know it or think it. But ever since Rebbe Nachman, I don't think things will be the same again.

I also see the seeds of revolutionary happenings in the BC (black community). Many BW are throwing away the shackles of old ways of thinking, and most importantly they're blogging!

When there is a harsh decree set out against someone or a group of people, we pray. We pray that God would change things to our favor. However, if the decree has already been passed then what? We still pray! But in a concealed way. Either via story telling, talking or I'll add blogging.

But that still leaves two groups. BM and women in general. I suspect BM will get pulled along in the BW surge. What about women? I still don't hear anyone caring for the Arabic women who must suffer from certain abuses in Muslim countries. In fact, I really don't hear much from the feminist camp at all.

Jews, BF, and Women

Hooray! Someone who sees things almost as I do!

Francisco Gil-White writes a book on why some want to (and how they) resurrect racism in the modern times against BF. He also gives it a good comparison with how these racists have enticed those with hatred already embedded in their hearts to also hate Jews.

You can see his website and read the introduction to his book.

The only thing he didn't do was to bring on women into the picture. I believe these groups have been the most hurt of all history -and for a reason.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and threw it away!"

--A witty friend

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Night Time Prayer

I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

Every night before the children go to bed, we recite the Jewish night time prayer. Its sounds like a haiku in Hebrew. In English it goes something like this:

Hear O Israel, The Lord is your God, The Lord is ONE!

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your resources. Let these matter which I command you today.... be upon your heart. Teach them diligently to your children. Speak of them when you sit in the home, when you walk on the way, when your laying down and when you get up. Bind them as a sign upon arms and as tefillin between your eyes. Write them on the doorpost of your home and upon your gates.

Every night, every religious Jewish home recites this prayer. But now that my girls are five and they are in their own room. When I remind them to say their night time prayer before going to bed, it reminds them of when we used to all cuddle up together in the same room and shout out this prayers as we're laying together, "Shema Israel!!!..." Then they get nostalgic and want to sleep on my bed!

This reminds me of a holocaust story:

A certain priest decided to take a whole bunch of Jewish little boys and put them in a monastary and raise them Christians. They were very young when he took them. The priest dressed them up in these non-Jewish garments and began his deprogramming.

A certain man decided to seek out and retrieve these children. He searched and searched until, thank God, he found the monastery there were in. "Give us back our children!" He said. "There are no Jewish children here!" Retorted the priest.

Now, what could he do? These were little children and could not prove anything. So he stood a distance and shouted with all his might, "Hear O Israel, The Lord is your God, the Lord is ONE!!!!"

All the boys began crying "Momma!" "Momma!!" Their little, young hearts yearned for their mommas, their Shechina representatives in this world.

One by one, the man could claim them as Jewish and bring them back to their camp.

Its beautiful when the girls get nostalgic for their momma when I tell them to say their prayers. Its deep inside them. But I still want my bed! LOL!

Well, I guess I'll have to do this prayer with the kids a little bit before bed time...

Oy Positivity

As long as there is another sunrise, there is always hope, a chance to repair, an opportunity to renew.

I read this at a blog:
"One thing is clear – no matter where one goes around the world, Black people ain’t worth the sh*** on anyone’s shoes."


I just came from reading about an AA BW Sophia Stewart who claims that she was plagiarized by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers then came out with the Matrix and the Terminator -concepts that she says she introduced to them! Way cool if she came up with these ideas.

Then there was the Caster Semenya victory battle wounds.

Then there were these Australian guys in blackface, mocking the Jackson five. Once upon a time the Jackson five was a pretty great group to say the least. Michael Jackson became known as the "king of pop music"!

Can anyone sew? Let's lace all these things together and get a good picture of what's happening.

If I were to write a triumphant story. I could potentially end each chapter with the heroin's failures --her failures just prior to the next battle victory. Or, I could end each chapter with triumphant battles. Either way, its the same story -just different perspectives.

Basically, what I'm saying is that what they (the mockers) are doing doesn't change the truth. We can get upset at it -with good reason. But let us not allow it to "paint" our view of ourselves. Let's not forget the reality, the good, the victories.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sophia Stewart

An African American BW, Sophia Stewart, is fighting the giant media machine. She says Warner Brothers stole concepts from her script, The Third Eye, in order to plagerize and create the Matrix and the Terminator movie.

That these concepts should come possibly from a BW is not surprising. Also, if that is the case, then that explains why part 2 of Matrix was such a flop -nobody to copy from; and why it was all mostly about sex orgies - folks who lack imagination resort to this.

May justice prevail.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Neshama News


I suspect that whenever someone says "I am not scared to die!" they are usually pretty scared. Maybe its because of where I live, I don't know.

America should know that Israel experiences so called "terrorists" who hope to be captured in order to avoid the real terrorists who are hurting them and their family. I am not saying this is the case, but oy, things can get so complicated.


Obama won the Nobel Peace prize. It seems the internet is abuzz with what they think ought to be done about this. Whatever the case, it would have had more weight, in my opinion, had they waited just a bit longer.


Mahmoud Abbas is no longer a Palestinian. This according to Hamas. (from Arutz Sheva News) So what is he? Israeli? Jewish? They tried that with Ahmadinajad.

The world gets curiouser and curiouser...


The Mayan calendar is almost over. The Jewish calendar is almost up (6000 marks the supposed end of the way things are). If I'm not mistaken even the Muslim calendar indicates their Caliph should be around the corner soon.

This sure sounds like the "end of TIMES" to me! I doesn't have to mean, necessarily, end of the world, etc. Just end of times. This year marks the Jewish new year of 5770. This is represented by Hod of hod of Yesod.

Hod of hod: basically the Godly quality of being invisible. Don't people complain alot about that? Being invisible. Well, I wonder if its those people's time to shine?? And not just any hod of hod. But hod of hod of YESOD (more on yesod here; on hod here.).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Forget the Media

Forget the Media, Israel. Hold on to what you know is truth. Do your thing.

hat tip: Hochma & Mussar Blog.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Got to Know When to Fold 'Em....

Muslim Bushido did it.

Michael Jordan in is playing basketball career did it.

Hobson Pilot intends to do it with her harp playing career.

Knowing when to jump in, when to do your thing, and when to exit.

How do people know when to exit? For sure, some people certainly do not know. They fester and become greedy --is that called afference in energy /reflexology talk? -- and more greedy and expand and expand to the detriment of all those around them. Many corporations come to mind. Once they see they've outgrown themselves, they "create a need" and start all over again.

Then there are those who do not even push far enough to attain their goals. How does one gain this internal monitor? The balance between greed vs laziness.

Like the curly hair that exists in the world, one can spiral around and give the same message again and again on different levels. Round about and round about. Slowly spiraling out the message; bringing a complicated concept to a place where everyone can see and understand. Bringing big things down to earth. Breaking it all down for all to see -like a telescope. Until its over. Time to exit. Hopefully, I'll know my time.


Na Nachin' some Good News...

I just read some good news from the blog Tradition of Excellence. It was about two BM who decided to become rangers! Very entertaining.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sukkot: So far so good

Sukkot is the holiday where we all build little houses and dwell in them. A demonstration to ourselves that security comes from Up Above.

Many folks were predicting horrendous things around this time; war with Iran, quakes, the arrival of the Messiah (!) etc. Thank God, I am not seeing much on the news...

(Well, it would be nice of the Messiah came already!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Rabbi's Wife?! Oy Vey!!

My husband teaches at a yeshiva (unmarried men's school)in Tsfat and so people tend to call him "Rabbi". It was hard to swallow for the both of us. We had a good laugh and understood that for the sake of his role, he has to accept that title and move on.

I thought nothing of what that signifies for me.

I thought nothing until one of his students came over to speak to Misha and called me "Rebbetzin"! Goodness, me a Rebbetzin?! I felt rubbery at the knees and dry in the mouth. Does this mean I have to live up to this title? Oy vey. Will people expect me to just know things?

Just as I wrote for Caster Semenya, glory is always pregnant. That means childbirth pangs and a new soul. In my case the childbirth was not so bad. The soul -the new me as a rebbetzin seems okay. I must remember to always give the glory right back to the source, HaShem, the One who truly merits the glory.

So, we do we have another black honorary rebbetzin in the house? lol.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wantometer Adjustment Time


Is it time to adjust the wantometer? Over at Black Woman Blow the Trumpet, the trumpet for adjusting one's speedometer is blown. I also want to blow the trumpet for the wantometer to be adjusted.

Everything we want has its corresponding want or desire requirement level. For instance wanting a lollipop from the convenient store may have a low want requirement in order for this goal to be achieved. The goal of becoming a happy individual may have a much higher want requirement. Everything has a different reading on the wantometer: good health, life, wealth, wisdom, spiritual gains, etc.

If we push ourselves by dreaming, taking steps, talking about, sleeping, eating, drinking our goals, that can produce the required desire or want to make that dream a reality.

However, we don't live in a vacuum and circumstances happen that can be a deterrent or antithetical to our goals. It can mean two things: either "evil" or the "Satan" or the "forces of the universe" or "chance" (etc) is upping the ante, and daring you to rise to the occasion; or Some One is saying "no". lol.

At any rate, adjust your wantometer to correspond to your goals. Much success!

Jumping In to Battle

It's not hard to know the truth. A few moments of meditation. Centering one's self and being honest can produce the truth. Being faithful to the truth, ah, now that's trickier!

My marriage is not perfect. Thank God we love each other, but we do have spats. Nevertheless, when we try to come together and apologize sincerely and try to make it a loving relationship- that's so beautiful. Faking or pretending things are great meanwhile harboring old hurts, old wounds, great distrust, and or an expectation to fail keeps all parties unable to be vulnerable to the other one. That keeps true bonding from happening.

To my Jewish audience I just want to say that I think building a "faithful house" as they say when someone is getting married, is so important. So important that its part of the grander scale battle. Its as if we are fighting right along side of the IDF soldiers, and all others battling their evil inclinations, just at a different front- our own marriage front. Each couple is like a brick in the final Holy Temple, may it be rebuilt soon. We want the bricks to be SOLID, truly solid and not falling apart in the slightest. (I'm not crazy about the gov -although Natanyahu did good at the UN the other day-- but self preservation dictates I want Israel to exist and to be safe.)

To my non Jewish audience, I think the only way for good to win is if its done on a grassroots level. No leader will do it. The inclination to corruption is just too strong. Each individual must gird themselves and be strong and courageous -as God said.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Run From Depression

As Shuli Rand sings in the chorus:

Ay Ay ezer atzvut... Ay Ay what depression...

Mochin de katnut, mohin de katnut! Constricted mentality! contricted metality!

Do whatever it takes to fight depression. Dance, sing, do silly things. I wish you, my readers, well, Oy, only beautiful things!

A Dedication to BW making that New Step to Empowerment

It Takes what It Takes

(teshuva means return)
(Hashem = The Name; i.e. God)


Psalm 121...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kicking off The New Year

I'm still trying to figure out if Israel is going to war or not. Some say yes-- that would be scary because the next holiday is Sukkot which is a very out doorsy one. Some say no-- that's also scary because Iran is working hard to explode us out of the planet. And America is not going to be on Israel's side. In fact, they are ready to shoot down Israeli jets if the Jets enter Iran airspace.

I missed the news about the Muslims congregating at Capitol Hill for a day of Islamic unity. It was on September 25th I think. A major organizer for this rally was the controversial lawyer, Hassen Abdellah.

I had the easiest fast ever this past Yom Kippur. I don't normally fast well, but for some reason I did really well this time. Even when the fast was over I did not have the urge to eat everything in the house lol!

I'm still getting to know Tsfat. As soon as I can find my camera I'll post up some pictures, God willing.

Some old news: Before my computer went capluwee, I heard that Semenya has a new look. More feminine.



Well, glory is ALWAYS pregnant. Whenever you get honor, expect a birth. I mean complete with childbirth pangs, a new baby, risks, etc. Yes risks. Caster Semenya can either have an easy childbirth and a healthy baby (the new "champion" Caster) or she could have a terrible childbirth (which she's having) but a healthy baby or vice verse, or God forbid a terrible childbirth and loss of the baby!

I wish her good advisors/ midwives.

If I can give her, and any new BW who finds themselves in that situation, I cant say I have great advice. All I can say is that the body knows what to do. Just breathe --i.e. just be. Hum through the pain. Give the glory to He Whom it truly belongs (i.e. Thank God) and don't wrestle with the nay sayers and wicked spin doctors. Any further entangling with them will only give them undeserved importance.

Just win the championship and don't submit to gender tests or what have you. If your glory is clouded with controversies, so be it. Just make the birth easy and nurture that new baby so she can grow up knowing she's the daughter of a champion.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rosh HaShana!!

*from Chaya
Rosh HaShana, the new Jewish year, is finally here! On this day, we crown G-d as King. We crown Him King every day really, but this day is specially aside for this coronation. Throughout the year, we toil and work hard, and G-d is beside us in our endeavors, they should only be for good! And on this day, He returns to His throne, so to speak. This is a time of celebration, folks. Cook your best food, dress in your finest attire, stand straight and let your heart take pride. G-d is our King. Look at the what He has created, and how can we not be awe-struck! From star-filled night skies, to deep ocean depths-from the mysteries of our human heart to the miracles of birth. Yes, G-d, yes. We gladly and proudly crown You King.

G-d bless!

What is cholesterol?

Hi, this is Chaya, Miriam's sister. Miriam moved up to Tsefat, and she is settling in. However, as we all know, computers can be finicky things, and she's presently having some computer problems. But she says hello to everyone and hopes to get back to blogging soon. So, in the meantime, she asked me to write a post or two. This one I wrote awhile back. Peace!
* * *
What is cholesterol? I hear the word thrown around a lot, but what IS it exactly?

Cholesterol is steroid, which is a lipid. Hmm, what's a lipid? It's a large molecule in the body that comes as waxes, fats and hey, steroids!

Cholesterol is produced in the liver, and it forms other steroids, the sex hormones, and helps make Vitamin D. It also maintains the structure of cell membranes.

We know how water and oil don't mix, right?

Well, cholesterol is waxy, and blood is "watery." So, the way cholesterol gets around in the blood is by attaching itself to a protein and voila! You've got your lipoprotein! (There's the "good" cholesterol, HDL, and the "bad" one, LDL.)
LDL, or low-density protein is considered bad b/c it's the one bringing cholesterol to our arteries which, we're told, leads to heart disease.

But let's zip into the world of arteries and check out the scene...

When the cell membranes in the arteries becomes damaged, cholesterol gets sent to the rescue to basically patch up the holes and cracks. That is it's job-to maintain structure. So, if my blood cholesterol is too high, it means I'm needing a lot of cholesterol to protect myself from damage. But why the damage?

Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions refers to cholesterol as the police force. If you've got a lot of crime going on, you're gonna need the police frequently. But you can't blame the crimes on the police! You've got to smoke out the real culprit...

And taking a drug to prevent the liver from producing cholesterol is like turning off the alarms and giving the police a vacation! Not too smart.

So, why all this cholesterol? What are the "crimes?"

Well, firstly if someone has poor thyroid function, she's gonna have high cholesterol levels. The NY Times reports that about 15 million American have UNRECOGNIZED thyroid disease, often mistaking it for something else. Symptoms can include weight gain, dry hair or hair loss, fatigue, depression, abnormal menstrual cycles, etc.

Poor thyroid function can occur when the diet is high in sugar and low in usuable iodine, fat soluble vitamins, and other nutrients. (There can also be a genetic factor.)


Secondly, ruptures and damage to the artery walls occur when there's a lack of vitamins and minerals and instead a lot of processed foods, oxidized cholesterol, and the deadly trans fats that cause the body to need lots of repair.

When you think trans fat, think margarine...

Thirdly, high levels of homocysteine, an amino acid, seem to be related to plaque build-up, an indicator of heart disease. This may be caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Ok, so I understand abit more what cholesterol is. Aside from other uses, it's my alarm, my police, my band-aid, and I need it.

But I need vitamins and minerals to ensure that my alarm doesn't go off and to make sure my body remains strong. That means eating more of the good stuff: Green, leafy vegetables, fruits, and throwing in eggs in the mix. Folic acid, and vitamins B6 & B12 are our targets, in this case. They break down homocysteine.

These are the power-packed, butt-kickin' foods G-d has already made for us!!!

Plus, natural sea salt is a good source of usuable iodine. I know there's table salt with iodine added, but NATURAL sea salt has not been refined, and at this point the less refined, the safer we are!

G-d bless!

Check it out yourself...

Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon