Monday, March 30, 2009

Upside Down

All year long we treat bread with great honor. All the leftover bread gets put into a bag and the bag is not thrown out until its for sure old. Bread, because its man-made is given a station of importance. Also, bread is compared to money. Take care of the dough and you'll take care of your "dough" lol.

But around Passover time, its all reverse! The very sight of bread sends me in a tizzy. Many of the Jewish people, even some who seem not so religious, try to get rid of any flour based food. And if, God forbid, I find some at the very last minute- i.e. the day just before Passover, and the garbage trucks have already picked up the trash and gone, then we flush the bread down the toilet.

(In Israel there is the extra problem that even the truck drivers are Israelis, Jewish, and so they have to pick up the trash early and get rid of it in due time).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **

Its interesting the art of reversing. To be able to detach from something for 7 days. For 7 days the value of bread is demoted and hits rock bottom. Nobody wants it! and then for the rest of the year its promoted.

This reminds me of, well, of money.

At What About Our Daughter's blog, there is an interesting post about women who are turning to a life of prostitution, stripping, and "pole dancing" in order to make ends meet.

I can't fault them if their morale is different than mine. But I wonder -for those whose morale is the same, but feel they have no choice in the matter- if there was any way that they could have given up some other amenities rather than drinking alcohol to calm themselves and proceed with this sort of money making.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Hair....

Today Little Avi had his hair cutting. And his B-day party!

So bye bye lush hair...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Redeeming the First Born...

"But every first offspring of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb, but if you do not redeem it, then you shall break its neck; and every firstborn of man among your sons you shall redeem." Exodus 13:13

Well the family and I was on our way back home but there was an unusual amount of traffic around the neighborhood. What's going on I wondered. All my sense went on high alert. I know there was workers near in the area, did a bulldozer go crazy?

When we finally got to our street, we saw what was going on. A donkey had turned a year old, and just as Exodus 13:13, someone was redeeming it. There was a whole celebration going on. The donkey was all decked out in flowers and a drape around it. Kids were looking on and petting the donkey. Our camera wasn't working, but luckily Mr. Blackfirewhitefire was able to capture the picture on his cell phone.

As soon as I can figure out downloading from a cell phone I'll post it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Small Garden

I am hoping to grow a few vegetables at our new place wherever that ends up. Chi-Chi from Where There's a Will, There's a Way blog posted a survival podcast that actually discusses this very topic. Very exciting. It just turned day here, so hopefully at the next bed time hour, I'll be able to listen to it.

Yay! I am so grateful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Demystifying Anger

Anger is a trait that seems to come quite naturally. But everyone warns against it. Jewish sages have called it idol worship of the self, and gone on to say that if you were due a blessing, anger can chase it away. What is this anger? Here's my take on it"

When we pray to God for something (or when we "ask the universe, or when we make up our minds that we really want x or want y to happen) a shift happens. The path to achieving this x is exposed. But old things have to be moved out of the way in order for a new thing to take its place.

Kind of like the lower clouds have to shift away as the upper clouds take its place. Or like a crate in the ground must shift out of the way in order for another crate to come in its place.

In the cloud analogy, this makes for thunder and lightning.
In the crate analogy, this makes for earthquakes.
In our lives, as the spirits, or winds, or focus shifts, that makes for anger.

I think things that "cause" anger is an inevitable occurance when we want to rise or succeed or achieve something. But what happens if we succumb to anger? What happens practically speaking?

I'll explain it in a story:

Two ships decided to sail to a certain country. Both were well equipped. They checked the weather and it seemed a fine, sunny, windy day. Perfect! The opened up their many sail and sailed away.

Suddenly an unexpected storm came! Severely strong winds began to blow. Thunder crashed in their ears, lighting shook them, the pouring rain overwhelmed them. Unable to stand the turbulance of the boat, the men became frightened (loss of faith) and sought to save thier most precious item: themselves. They all ran down to the inner chambers of the boat (idol worship of self). Thus the boat spun this way and that way with the wind blowing at the sails and no one at the helm.

Soon the storm subsided. The frightened men crept back to the deck to inspect the damage. Some things were broken, the ship had nearly sunk with so much water that had flooded the boat, and they were not sure where they were. And so they had to slowly sail forwards unto they found some indication of their location, and then redirect themselves back to their original destination.

The other boat sailed and also encountered the storm. The cracking thunder made the men jump! The lighting shook them, the rain poured down on them non-stop. The captain shouted, "All hands on deck! All hands on deck!!" He gathered the men and gave thema pep talk to boost their morale and kkep them focused on their goal. The men, strengthened by the captains words, got to work. Some men closed the sails to keep the wind from blowing the ship too strongly in the wrong direction, Others helped with buckets to pour the excess rain water out of the ship. The captain stayed steady at the helms and guided the ship to stay as much on coarse as possible.

The storm subsides. The second boat was not too shabby and the tired men felt empowered. Having conquered the storm, they felt a slight sense of deserving to get to their destination. Like a merit or a prize due them. Very shortly after, they reached their destination.

The things that seem to cause anger are the stormwind that we go through to achieve or attain a goal. Sometimes its a small unnoticeable storm, but other times (especially when it involves gaining money) the storm is harsh. But if we understand and not succumb to anger when things shift; not be so stuck at any personal insult, or the fact that things are changing --I mean deal with the oncoming storm, but without puffing the ego and being frightened and angered because your self has been hurt (where there's too much of "youness" there's not alot of godliness or universe-ness, or anything that can effect change besides yourself), Then we will feel that much increase in our desire, and eventually attain our goal.

(A by-product is knowing that when some one comes to you angrily, its not worth shouting back at them or being effected by them because nobody's home! There's no one on deck, nobody at the helms.)

Steps Against Succumbing to Anger:

Close the sails. This will take some skills. But if you can remember how you made yourself happy when you enter a birthday person's house to wish them a happy birthday; or remember how you became somber when entering a house of mourning to give condolence to someone. Your emotions are yours to control. Put up whatever sail that you need to ride whatever situation you encounter. The tricky part is that for issues that can bring about anger, its best to close all sails.

Pour out the Excess Water. Let the tears come if you must. Just pour it all out so that it doesn't weight the "boat" down.

Stay at the Helms. Never loose yourself, your mind. stay focused, stay cerebral. I say stay cerebral because its not all the time that you can or will associate the anger inducing situation to a goal that you are working towards.

Well, I am going to apply this myself. Y'all would not BELIEVE how angry I got after I had made up my mind the create a magazine. Talk about DERAILMENT. If it wasn't so important to me, i'd have a blast over it. Nevermind, I'll still laugh about it some weeks later. But I really want to refocus on making the magazine....uh oh...was that thunder I hear in the distance.....???

Friday, March 20, 2009

Have a Great Weekend Everybody

Right now I'm a lump of sadness. So I don't have a positive post to put out. Better not to say anything in those times. So, instead, I'll just leave you all with some stories!


Once a man and his wife of some twenty something years had to go to the hospital. The wife had injured her leg. Once at the hospital the doctor asks, "What seems to be the problem?"

The man replied, "We injured our leg."

(I long to be at that point in my relationship!)

Once a man complained bitterly to his rabbi. "my wife doesn't understand my honor and importance! She keeps asking me to help with the house chores and even to take out the garbage for crying out loud!"

The rabbi replied, " I am so sorry. I hadn't realized your importance. I'll deal with the situation tomorrow". Satisfied, the man sauntered home.

The next morning bright and early, there was a knock on the door. The wife opened the door and it was the rabbi! "yes?" asked the startled wife.

Rabbi: "Madam, I'm here to help you with your house chores. Where is the trash that needs to be put out?"

The man understood the lesson.


True story:

I once asked a rabbi how do I keep my children from sin x. He replied, how do you react when you see a bug? How do I react? I scream my head off and stomp on it -- preferably with someone else's shoe! So I told him this. He replied, if you can react like that to sin x, they'll stay away from it!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

America to Abandon Israel?

.INN is reporting that leaks are out expressing the desire that America wants to let go of being on Israel's side and help more the Arab nations. I can already feel the cheerings and satisfactions on those who don't like or have no knowledge or compassion toward Israel. No matter.

As daunting as it is- because, I think it may still spell trouble. As long as the USA is taking A side, its trouble because a third interest is at hand somewhere- but it will help Israelis and Jews realize that we really are on our own.

Something tells me these time are not times to be shy. All of our faith is needed in actualized form already. Enough doubting, there's no more room or time for that.

"The Obama administration is no friend to Israel, is no friend to the Jews in America and is no friend to democracy or freedom in America. …Just by his very appointments, we can see him filling positions of power with people who are anti-Semitic, who want to see Israel essentially dissolved as a nation, if not by diplomacy, then certainly by war."

Douglas J. Hagmann
(I want to add that he does run a conspiracy theorist type blog)

Here is a non spooky attempt at explaining conspiracy theorists -at least the globalist agenda one(s). (I posted this up more for my own's sake so I can read it without losing its address as I'm prone to do.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Passover Pictures & Stuff

Long, long ago I attempted to make a prayer book (siddur) for children with pictures of more diverse Jewish people. That idea got shot down by people saying that one ought not display pictures -especially of people- in prayer books. Its akin to idol worship.

Nevermind there are plenty of children's prayer books with blond Jewish kids.

Okay, I put that idea aside. But now another one is on my mind. A Jewish magazine with a focus diversity primarily for African American Jews, perhaps Ethiopian Jews (if they want anything to do with it), etc.

I don't know how far this will go, but I figure if I don't try, I'll be forever wishing and yearning to the grave.


If any AA Jew, Asian Jew, or any Jew who feels left out want to submit pictures of unique items that they use for Passover, unique minhagim/ traditions that their family has, etc. Please sens it to my email --also don't expect the pictures or documents back.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shame on You, Jackie

There is a teaching that you can always tell about a nation or people by their jokes. If you find a country in which the bulk of their jokes are about stealing, about money, about a business man, chances are they are big on money issues.

If a nation or people's bulk of their joke is about race, racial relations, etc, chances are that nation has race issues. Its simple.

For Jackie Mason to feel that he ought to and can make a joke calling Prez. Obama such a racist name shows that, indeed, we are living in a racist nation. But it goes a bit further for me.

One of the principle reasons that I even began blogging was because of such an incident. I had been attending a parenting class -a rarity. A Jewish principle is "teach each child "according to his ways"". Its a case by case situation: If the child is rambunctious, teach him in a physical way. If the child is docile, sit with him and stroke his back and teach him. If fast and alert, then do it appropriately, etc. It's so unique to the child, there was hardly any real hands-on in-depth parental teaching such as Talk So Your Child Will Listen, And Listen So Your Child Will Talk; What To Expect, Dr Spock, etc.

So I was excited to hear about this parental teaching class. I didn't question if it was according to the sages teachings -which I should have!

Way into the class, we got a copy of his book that he was planning to publish. It was a bit strict for my taste but okay. The climax of the whole class was that we were going to actually meet the author!

So the day came, we all came early. Here he was an elderly man, he looked quite religious, beard, hat, the whole nine yards. The more he spoke, the more angry words spewed from his mouth. "pigs!" "shiksa!" and finally "shvartzes!!" It was incredible. That man was so full of hate and I was suppose to learn from him how to raise my children??!!

I braved myself. It says in psalms one should make one's face like flint. So I did. I knew I was the only black Jew in the class and I could potentially be shouted down, but I had to confront this. So I asked him why he chooses to use those words. I asked him didn't he think he was being offensive saying shvartze especially with me in the room?

Anyway, you can read about it on my Live from Israel blog if you want.

The point I want to make is that using derogatory words -despite the freedom of speech that we have- is playing with fire. It hurts people, keeps others in boxes, keeps racism alive. It hurts me all the more for a Jew to use it. Why? Because, we actually HAVE laws which demand that we elevate how to talk, what to say, how to not use derogatory words or not even bring up derogatory things about a person (or not even to incite jealousy by mentioning a good thing about someone if the listener doesn't like that person).

Alas, Jackie Mason was probably not religious. He should at least know not to promote and encourage the racism that the nation he's living in is dealing with.

Shame on Jackie Mason. The good news is that the bulk of the places I've been to have been kind and good to me. During the times when I was single and now, I've been to people who literally knocked me off my feet. Such as the bookstore owner in a nearby neighborhood. I came to the store to buy a book but he was not in his store. But a quick call to information told me where he lived, so I went up to where he lived. He was not home but his wife was home so I asked her if I could buy a book. She said she couldn't leave the house but gave me the keys --the keys to her store! - and said get the book you want and come back to pay. That was a big shocker to a black girl. LOL!

There was also the guy all dressed in white in the old city who was walking around singing a tune to Psalm 130. I thought he was weird and decided to turn away so as not to make any sort of eye contact. He perched over the corner to see me and put his hands out as if seranading to me and finished off his Psalm 130 with a long note.

I could go on and on. But the point I want to make is that those who choose to hate the entire Jewish people because they found an incident, there's nothing anybody can do for them. There are bad in every group. There is also good.

Where did they find this lady to defend this behavior?! She must have never heard it actually said in its full derogatory tone and slur. I pity her.

Diabetes & Raw Foods

A friend of mine and former room mate) posted this from facebook

(hat tip=Fiber Art Chic Gone Raw)

Monday, March 16, 2009

BW - You're Pregnant

Exciting news, dearest ones! A baby is on the way! Its an unusual pregnancy, according to the ultrasounds, you are going to give birth to......YOURSELF!

Oy vey! But you must get prepared.

There's the nest to build. Every twig in your home matters. Make sure each one is solid. But also make sure its a beautiful home. Beauty in a home makes for lightheartedness. Sweet smells, sunshine, a few pretty furniture, they all go a long way in giving us a healthy mind, a healthy attitude.

Try not to shout too much, or have angry words. The walls should not have to absorb such energy! Remember the three walls to the house: The actual four walls. Your clothing. Your body.

Eat Well. Every calorie has got to count. No more munching on non-nutritious food. No more feeding into old habits. You've got to live consciously. Every alive moment counts -there's no time for slumbering.

I remember a story someone told me at a meal once: A friend of hers went to give bone marrow somewhere. After the procedure some time later he found out that the anonymous person he had given bone marrow to had a full recovery. But what was interesting was that there was so much MSG in his system, some of it got into his bone marrow.

(Now I ain't vouching for this story, a friend told me this. But all the health books I know does say to reduce MSG especially when preg.)

Anyway, every entree should be a wholesome power pack. No filthy images, no harsh sounds, no poison. The goal is energy, positivity, faith, and clarity of mind. Where does the food go? In the mouth. The ears. The eyes. The two nostrils. These seven candles, these seven openings are the window to your inside; there is simply no wasting permitted.

Allow for growth. As the time grows nearer, your shape will change. You will need to allow room for expansion. Don't get upset at your every fault, your every stumble. Its appreciated and good. And necessary. Those who love you, truly love you, will be there for you despite it all. That brings me to the last point:

Have a support team ready. As you busy yourself divesting from all the toxic baggage, remember to invest in positivity (otherwise you'll end up divesting into nakedness!). What environment do you want this new baby in? This new you. What spirit do you want around this new you? Do you know people who fit that mode/mood? People around you are important because (1) Its very hard to be alone especially at the vulnerable time of birthing-this is from a loner talking. Also (2) people play a key role in delivering God's message to you. If your around only angry people, and there's the incoming message of "you need your own income" for example, if you're around angry people then the message will sound something like:

"Girl, get off my back!!! When are you gonna stand on your own two feet!! I'm sick and tired of you!!" Perhaps with a name calling for good measure.

If you surrounded by loving folks however, then that same message will sound differently:

"Sweety, its not good for you to be too dependent. Take some time and see how empowering it is to make your own income."

We can hope it should sound even sweeter than that and all the more empowering and energizing! You don't need the whole world to be good before the beauty that is you emerges. A good community of support is enough.

Well, good luck with all the preparations and may the birth be at the right time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BW -Let's Step Up Our Game

My sister and I have decided to improve our Hebrew. Its the language spoken here in this country. Although I know it well enough to get by, "getting by" should not be the goal.

That would be settling for mediocrity.

Well, there's Ulpan - Hebrew schools run by the government, that's one option to learn more. Another option is the Sherut Leumi folks. Folks who choose not to serve in the army, but do community service instead. One such girl comes and helps me with the children, but in the process gives me practice with the Hebrew. I am going to make a stronger, more focused effort to speak the language and to gain new vocabulary words. I also have to review the new words I've learned and practice conjugating them.

Hassadim and Gevurot.

I wonder if that's just the Jewish version of yin and yang.

Hassadim is the force in the universe that unites. Gevurot is the force or pull towards separation. Just like yin and yang, hassadim is denoted by the color white and gevurot is denoted by the color black. Also, hassadim is viewed as masculine whereas gevurot is feminine. And just like yin and yang, you can't have one without the other. Its alot more complicated than that, but I'm simplifying for brevity's sake.

I always muse with myself when people say what do BF have in common? Are we a community? Sometimes I think we are the personification of the gevurot forces. Black personified. We can separate, and boy do we separate alright! lol! Be it tribal, shades color, etc., I don't need to go into details about our separation, non-unifying skills.

It makes me think of the Purim story I just read. About Mordechai and Esther. King Xerxes searched high and low for a new wife (after doing away with his previous one) and who did he find but Esther- who also reminds me of gevurot (separated from Mordechai. Feminine.) And the king then takes her away from Mordechai (who to me can be hassadim -Masculine, tries to maintain unity by hanging around the court of the palace to be close to Esther). And as for the king -sometimes we don't know if the author means king as in God, or king as in the human king Xerxes. Also with BF, the trials we've gone through seems man made (slavery, discrimination) but at times it seems like Someone is just out to get us!

And so the story goes, Haman wants people to submit to idol worship. He attacks the hassadim side of the unit which is Mordechai from the unit of Mordechai and Esther. Just like nowadays, anything we try to do which is beneficial to ourselves- but involves unity such as wanting marriage, conforming to rules (snitching, speaking a proper English) is called "acting white" by the opposers and derailers. Said in a way that means, "don't do that, its not for you."

Esther is not sure what to do. She is afraid to come before the "King", but realizes that she does need to be united with Mordechai and all of her people to fast and atone and prepare and then she just has to come before the King -too much is at stake to play meek. Its time for some holy boldness! Fasting =not eating, burning away of our fat, being a little less physical and a little more spiritual.

Its interesting that Esther was the one taken by King Xerxes. Esther, gevurot, has a more likely chance of falling into the wrong hands simply because of its nature. To be constantly in motion, to be separated-thus without much allies, to be seen as feminine and thus more vulnerable, etc. We should take good note of this and understand it well.

In the end, after a three day fast and preparation she decides to risk it.
She boldly goes before the King. Coming before the King without being summoned was guarranteed a bad outcome. In the same way, we look at ourselves, full of wrong both accidental and intentional, full of character traits that could use repair, full of cravings and habit that we need to control and wonder, can I still come before the Creator of the universe? Can I still make requests?

Just to pray requires a bit of boldness indeed.

Nevertheless, Esther pleads her case........ and is granted favor!

I could expound more but there is simply not enough time. But suffice it to say that its interesting that we must get drunk on that day. Drunk enough that we do not know who is good, Haman or Mordechai, wrong or right. Things are upside down.

I urge you all, to take a look at these concepts marriage, reporting crimes, etc and seeing that perhaps just perhaps there is good in it and be strong. Strong enough to defy the derailers who try to keep good from you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Picture Craze

Okay, I hope you all don't mind all the picture posts. I think I am finally getting the hang of this digital camera, download picture business.

Here's a couple of pics of the BlackfireWhitefire family preparing for Shabbat (Sabbath):

As early as I can (which is not early) I make the dough, and make bread called Challah:

Uh oh! I need to make more space. We have three meals on Shabbat and we need two challahs per meal. I gotta make two more challas!

Next, Hubby prepares the candles. One of these days I'd really like to invest and have a more elaborate candle section with some incense or whatever just because.

And finally, once all the food is cooked, the candles prepared, comes the house. Tidying is such a chore! But thank goodness the kids are learning to be a great help.

Well, that's a few of the things we do in preparation for the day. Shabbat comes in at about 5 pm these days so we have alot of time. (Truth be told, we still always end up sliding into homebase just in the last minute.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mexican Peanut Butter

Check this out. One of the food items we received on Purim: Mexican Peanut Butter!

Well I've never tasted or even heard of such a thing before, but I guess there's a first time for that!

Beware the Scared Ones

There are certain emotions that, when misplaced, can be extremely toxic. Toxic in the sense that they breath bad energy, they destroy a good mood in a place, they seem to create a space for bad to happen. Fear, anxiety, anger, despair.

The worse thing about these emotions to me is that, people with these things tend to look for people who are at ease to latch onto them! Its as if they want that peace that the person at ease possesses, but they don't know how to attain such a thing. So they latch on. They latch on and start breathing their fears, their anxiety, and try to pollute the other guy's place. "What's gonna be??!!" they ask, "What's gonna be??!!"

Don't confuse this type for the wise, prudent type. The prudent ones see there is trouble ahead. They plan for it. For example, this economy. (its interesting that I take a real time example, the fearful ones can latch onto that). Money is falling down, everyone is concerned, The wise prudent ones will gather the advices that are out there: buy gold. buy silver. stock up in dry goods. buy land. etc. The wise, prudent ones will do what they can and not worry about the coming "winter" as in proverbs.

But the fearful ones will go to every ear -especially that of those at ease and try to shed their fear onto them. "But don't you see its all part of a great plan to annihilate me!!!" "the Big Boys are omnipotent and the are watching you at this very moment!!" Its not enough that the prudent ones are taking steps, somehow, if a display of these destructive spirits are not in the air, the fearful ones are not happy.

Know! Even if you don't believe in God, there are forces in the universe. There is a pull to make everything unified, and there is a pull to separate.

Basically, conspiracy theories attribute a level of power and control that only really belongs to God. So that they misplace a belief and faith in God and put in in the hands of man, like a cheap counterfeit. Not to say that there haven't been people behind big things that have happened in history, but not with the scope and consistency (the span of years, decades, centuries from the same group or person) the conspiracy theorists imagine. Oy vey! That-- that's only in God's hands.

Look, I don't discount all the conspiracies that I hear or suspect myself; but the paranoid energy, I could do without.

To a degree, you can only do your Hishtadlut -your effort. You do what you can, to the best of your ability, and leave the rest to God (or if you don't believe, at some point you gotta believe even in your own effort!)You live a simple life: basic foods, basic manual skills, your basic needs met basically and add complexities as you feel more confident about them.

So good luck to everyone on our journey in life, but have some joyful moments to reflect upon as well-and please stay away from the fearful ones.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Israeli Homes

It took some getting used to, moving to a new country. Here are some of the things that are markedly different than in the USA:

Door knobs. In Israeli we have door handles:

Light switches. Instead of the little lever that I know of in USA, we have a switch:

Windows. All my life I've had windows with shades and perhaps curtains. My children will know windows with "trisses" . They are like a roll up door for the window:

And finally, the floors. My parent's house always had carpeted floors. In fact I hardly knew any American who didn't have carpeted floors. Perhaps it was a class thing, I don't know. But now, I hardly see anyone WITH carpeted floors, everyone has tile floors. And these floors are cleaned with these huge gigantic windshield wipers, lol!

At some point, I really want to find some pictures of me rather than my kids doing stuff. Really! Anyway, this is too much fun and I should be busy, so take care all.

Its Purim!

Well today is Purim. Times of joy! We are almost done making our mishloach manots -our baskets of food. Each basket has to have at least two types of food blessing (one fruit, one vegetable, or one cake type food or even drinks). Here is a picture of last years preparation:

Once we're done, we then deliver these packages to our friends, neighbors, relatives. Technically we really only need to give it to one man and one woman -that completes the requirement, but its turned into a whole thing!

I'm taking care of the baby right now so I can't do much uutil hubby comes home. They've all gone to the synagogue to hear the story of Esther. I sure hope the kids behave and only rattle their groggers at the mention of the name of Haman -as is the practice.

Then we have a festive meal! Fooood lol

And, folks get drunk drunk drunk. This is the one holiday that we must get drunk, ain't that somethin'? lol!

**** Happy Purim to all! Hope its a joyous day for all! *****

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bubble Boy

A scientist may have found the cure for the "Bubble Boy."

Could AIDS cure be around the corner?

Now onto more sinister news...

A possible slip up of bioterrorism????

(h/t: Keep It Trill)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Much Going On

Hey All,

The festival times are approaching and so I may not be able to blog as much as I like. Here and there, hopefully I'll find time. Here's what's up:

Next week is Purim. I'll write more about that another time. Its the festival in which we read the story of Esther, Mordechai and Haman and the whole happenings in Persia (Iraq). Much to buy, costumes for the kids (I should have had my mom send some holloween costumes that were on sale after holloween. Oh well), baskets to make food packages and give away, groggers to make noise during the reading of the story (we shake the groggers everytime the name of Haman is mentioned).

Then is our son's upsherin. He turns three in another month and we have to cut his hair finally! lol. Its a whole celebration but I am not quite sure what I hope, God willing, to do. (Here I just have to invite people ahead of time and hire a barber and buy b-day a present).

Then there is the ongoing cleaning for Passover. I'm sticking to my usual schedule of one room per week, but it seems i'm falling behind! (clean clean, clean. buy matzah, other things for the seder).

So, that's what's up in general. Hopefully I can write more later. Right now I'm getting ready for the Sabbath. There is simply no time. lol.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here we go again...

Clinton: Hamas must recognize Israel
On the eve of her visit to the West Bank for meetings with Palestinian Authority leaders, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ruled out working with any Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas if Hamas does not agree to recognize Israel. CNN

All together now..All around the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush....on a Wednesday morning....

Black Study Survey

If I Could...

If I could make a study, it would be to check the increase in BW bloggers in a certain time span. I would also check the rate of uterine fibroids reported. Dr. Christine Northrop suggest that a blocking of creative energy is what causes uterine fibroids. I'd want to check that out with some type of study.

If I Could...

I would urge folks against a tough love attitude and encourage a loving voice to and for BF.

If I Could...

I would want to take all the "faults" that BF are said to have and show how they are merely misplaced goods. Not something to be discarded, but rather something that needs to be put back in its place. Such as...

GULLIBILITY. Many people are pondering how to shake this shameful trait out of folks. How to fix the person and rid her of her gullibility. I say let's examine this further.

What is gullibility? According to MSN Encarta Dictionary: - easily duped: tending to trust and believe people, and therefore easily tricked or deceived

What is the misplacing going on? Total trust is something to be reserved to God. Not people. If we could have that same faith in God, it would be something. And what should we do with people? Smile! But count your money. lol (know that they are human, just like you and I, and they are prone to falling to their many desires and /or being mistaken.)

EMOTIONALITY. Prone to too much display of emotions. Anger, frustration (which comes out looking like anger), anxiety (which comes out looking like anger lol), hurt (ditto), etc.

What is the misplacing going on? Placing the heart as THE central decision maker. Even God, when He wanted to make man said "Let US make man..." The Holy One (Blessed be He) consulted with others. We too should consult with our 'other': the brain. Review the whole affair with your intellect and see what he has to say.

"I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, And I find knowledge and discretion."
Proverbs 8:12

If some one tends to be emotional, this passage is for you. it comes to teach us, according to Rebbi Avahu, that teaching one to study God's Words helps them to be cunning. (thus, less emotional and more shrewd.) I hope you don't think that means listening to a sermon and not actually learning yourself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jumping In sneak peak...

"Dr Fibbs does not seem to have any formal position in any communications company or organization, yet we have reason to believe that he is running the show. Furthermore, we suspect his aim is to destroy the mind and imagination of Black folks everywhere. Its a new type of genocide." Alice shuddered as she continued, "Dr. Fibbs wants to destroy us from the inside out!"

"How can I help? When can I learn to stick fight? I'd love to know how to leap in the air like Reena did --that was out of this world! Supernatural!" Kora wanted to move.

Shana became very still. "Kora, can I talk to you privately?"

They went out into the frosty air outside. The neighborhood was turning into a winter wonderland. In the distance, a snowball play fight was underway. There was hardly any traffic in the streets and on the sidewalk, the trees stood tall displaying their new coat of snow for all to behold.

"I just wanted to tell you that it won't be as easy for you as it was for Reena" Shana began.

"How come? B- because of my past?" Kora barely whispered.

"Society has taught us that the reasons we have for being moral, chaste, whatever you want to call it, is only because its socially acceptable. That in and of itself is not enough of a reason. But there is a true reason for all that..."

"That purity keeps us in a direct communication with the universe in its purest state. We get clear messages. A child born from a holy union can potentially run so fast that a blade of grass is not pressed down by his feet. He is practically flying. The more holiness, the more radical the feat" Shana proceeded slowly.

Kora began tuning Shana out. How many times has she heard this message in so many different ways. She was damaged good. Not good enough. She looked away.

"But that's not the end of the story" Shana continued. Kora looked back. "you have gifts of your own..."
Jumping In!

Song by Y-Love and DeSeScribe

(h/t: This is Babylon)