Friday, April 30, 2010

Song: Speak the Language

When I Was a Whore...


Not long after I converted to Judaism, I was happy to discover the library of Jewish books! Tons and tons of books I can just take out and read to my heart's content. At the time, I didn't bother with which book I was "ready" for and which book I wasn't ready for. I just wanted all the knowledge crammed into my head at once. lol.

The bigger the book the better. The more mystical even better!

Well one time I was reading such books. It was delving into the strength of the love that God had for the Jewish people and how it should be reciprocated. How the Cherubim would embrace each other when there was peace and accord between God and those who agreed to follow the Torah and how it would be back to back when there was discord. Somehow it brought in a string of biology and tied it in, it brought in physics and tied it in, history and tied it in. It was such amazing books that it brought me to a level! I think I was high from it. My whole body quivered (you know where I"m getting at?)

It made me wonder how can words make a person climax? Can words impregnant a person?

This made me think of all the many people who travel to India in the hopes of finding a guru, an ashram, a meditation that will get them to a transcendingly high place.

I felt like I was getting access to something I didn't understand and wasn't ready for. Indeed, it felt very good. But still I didn't know. I didn't have understanding. I felt like a mistress having a secret rendevous with a cohort and that it was not in holy matrimony.

Some time later a rabbi told me that I need to delve deeper into the Tannakh and learn halakhah. (The Tannakh is the Jewish version of the Old Testament; Halakhah is Jewish law.). The Tannakh?! Halakhah?! I thought I studied all that already for the sake of cnversion. Deeper? Okay. I complied.

As time passed, I understood.

The Bible, Tannakh, Halakhah -to me- is the food for the soul. It strengthens the body so that we can take on the transcendental unscathed and in holy matrimony. This is a book that practically everyone has access to. Its available in every bookstore. But I suspect no body really knows its worth. Each persona and their corresponding story is nourishment for a different part of the body, a rectification and a teaching for different sets of actions, Abraham -the right hand teaches about kindness, hospitality, Joseph the seksual organs, purity; Moses the right leg, dominance and perseverance; Issac, Jacob, Aaron, and King David. Together these "seven shepherds" guide us and strenthen us and prepare us for our transcendental union.

So hopefully there will be no baby daddies, no unholy matrimony, no out of wedlock "children" for me (and for you!). I'll see you, Mr. Transcendental, at the wedding canopy. lol.

Back on the Net

Yay! I'm back on the net. (one of the luxuries I had to give up for a few days.)

But I'm not the same.

I've been in a cocoon. I used to think that caterpillars in a cocoon lay peaceful and restful as they go through their metamorphasis. Well, after my own "cocoon" experience *whewee!!** I feel for the caterpillars! lol!

Then again maybe they have its easier...

Flashback Post: After Divestment? Netzach

Netzakh means dominance, perseverance, longevity, etc. I don't have a one word translation which is why I am using the Hebrew word.

Netzakh is represented by the right leg.

The one who personifies netzakh is Moses. Everything he did, he tried to make sure it was a permanent fix. After he led the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt, he came down with the Torah and yearned and tried to make sure the Jewish people made it to the promise land. Unfortunately he died before doing that last action. For that, the land being permanently in Jewish hands was not a permanent thing; many times they were captured and taken away. Returned and captured again, etc. But everything before that was done with a dose of netzakh, including the yearning for the land.

That is also why Moses' seemingly small errors (such as hitting the stone extract water)where so grave.

Netzakh with lovingkindness/Chessed (giving, unconditional lovingkindness). "For anything to endure it needs to be loved" (from Aish website). Interestingly, many AAs are back tracking and reflecting. They are looking for their good points and that is very crucial.If there is no vested interest in something or someone, the actions that we do towards it or for it will not be for permanence; it'll be of a way to "get rid" of someone or something.

Netzakh with gevurah (strength, restraint). Being diciplined in our determination is an essential key to endurance. I remember long ago, I used feed on my anger to get fuel to get things done. "Nevermind nobody's helping me, I'll do it on my own!" "No! now that you feel bad for me, now I for sure don't want your help!!" Oh brother! Do I regret those. Well, at the time I only knew how to draw strength (and adrenaline) from negtivity (anger). There is strength to be drawn from joy. from fulfillment of one's good desires as opposed to from one's negativity.

In brief, check one's self to see where is our energy coming from, that will let us see in the long run where it will take us.

Netzakh with tiferet (beauty). Once the perfect combo of giving and holding back is established, this ought to be consistently pushed and upheld.

Netzakh with netzakh. I tend to think of this as dominance overload. Or obnoxious pushing. But even that has its uses. Especially when confronting a powerful enemy. For instance, I see many abused people using this when they realize that no one will believe them that there is a problem with the (abusive ) husband, or father, or whatever. At a certain point, the abused person has to just shut their mind, hold onto their beliefs and ram through.

Netzakh with hod (spendor, empathy). This is a tough one because the two seem like opposites. Can one have dominance without stepping on anyone's toes? Hmmmmm......

Netzakh with yesod (foundation, creativity, sexual purity). In creativity, its important that time does not constrain the art. Its like a movie that makes reference to a current event --in a few years that phrase they inserted in the movie will have no relevance. Rather the movie may have more value if a time -memorial quote was used such as "Rome was not built in a day" (a classic quote) rather than "you can't handle the truth!" (from A Few Good Men movie).

Netzakh with malkhut (kingship). Here is where we take from the world and give back in a long lasting way. The only example I can think of (sorry) is beating up a bully; After taking much from the bully, the response is a good kick in the pants. That way, he will know in a permanent way, not to mess with you again. lol.

Flashback Post: After Divestment?

This week the focus is on HOD. Hod means splendor, bringing a magnificence to things by minimizing one's self, refraining also.

hod personified is Aaron. He refrained when the mixed multitude encouraged others and built the golden calf. (I suspect if he didn't refrain, if he tried to protest, he'd of gotten shot!). He also chose his words carefully when relaying messages to people -to keep the peace.

Hod is also represented by the left leg (to be close to the left arm which represents gevurah)

India Arie...

Michael Jordan...

These names come to mind when I think of Hod. If MJ was arrogant then nevermind. Hod is about being at ease with your talents without letting it go to your head. People who take something ordinary and jazz it up that it almost becomes something new.

A short story:
There was once a spiritual leader who entered his place of worship, dropped down on his knees and cried out in a loud voice, "I am nothing! I am nothing!"

The President of the board, who happened to also be a doctor and a lawyer, also entered the place. He proceeded to follow suit and dropped down crying in a loud voice, "I am nothing! Nothing!"

The janitor, who was doing his rounds came upon the two crying out. In a gush of self pity and humility also dropped down and cried, "I am nothing! I am nothing!!"

The other two stopped and looked at the janitor with disgust, "who does he think he is?!"

Some can fake humility, By Hod I mean true humility. But not the absence of self esteem.

That also reminds me of my aunt. Once, while cooking one of her famous mushroom rice, she says to my mom, " well you know...we are black so I just had to add some spices!"

Back then I laughed.

Hod with lovingkindness - Giving measured help. Knowing when the "grave digger" line has been crossed, and stopping. Its like backing away and letting a child try to walk by himself. The child will cry and protest, but slowly slowly he takes a step... then another.. and so on.

Hod with gevurah - Giving your best at a work (not just job, I mean)--but being able to get one's due compensation. I think Evia's got that one covered: reciprocity.

Hod with tiferet - Balanced humility. At times letting go of one's due reciprocity may be called for. Other times one may need more than one's fair share.

Hod with netzach - Being consistant. This may require a mantra because ( and maybe its just me) but its hard to stay humble all the time. A mantra, studying books of character traits, affirmations, etc.

Hod with hod - The position people want BW to be in. INVISIBLE! lol! Nevertheless even this has its value and use. Usually when a great thing is about to happen (a miracle, a mazal tov, good news) its helpful to make one's self small and unassuming. No unwanted attention to draw jealousy, saboteurs, and what nots. Don't misunderstand, even God does Hod of hod as He makes Himself seemingly not around so that we can all behave like we REALLY want to. But that (and all the other traits) are godly traits and are useful for different circumstances.

Hod with yesod - Creation of good foundation in relationships. Using humility and truth and restrain in a balanced measure.

Hod with Malkhut - Letting your "subjects" i.e. your children, any one under your influence, within your circle to be themselves. None of that "why you gotta act a fool?" Just accepting people (within REASON!)-that is your kingdom. Its also useful to learn who is good at what? Who enjoys what? You can't really learn and know anyone unless you allow them to be them selves. But afterwards, you can know who to call for which task because you truly know their character, quirks, and tendencies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lesson Learned

At times we have readily available (liquid) money and at times we are omgoodness so financially strapped. Right now we are in the hard times. In fact all we had for dinner yesterday was rice and apples! And the rice was from a neighbor. Hah! (but it was filling and tasty). Its hard sometimes and I had a discussion with a group of friends and came up with this:

A friend said she lives in a way that folks can't know whether she's in the "high liquid asset' stage or whether she's in the "low liquid asset' stage. And the extra money she gets, she treats it as if its not for her (put in bank, give charity, etc.).

I like that. I learned.


Isaiah 11

1 And there shall come forth a shoot out of the stock of Jesse, and a twig shall grow forth out of his roots.

2 And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.

3 And his delight shall be in the fear of the LORD; and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither decide after the hearing of his ears;

4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the land; and he shall smite the land with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

5 And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.

6 And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

8 And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the basilisk's den.

9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. {S}

74 Million Shekels!

This almost makes me want to play the lottery. Young couple wins the biggest lottery.

Story at INN.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Story: The Kings

There was once a village in Africa. There the men sat next to their wives and lived. One day, the elder of the village stood up and said, "We are kings. We were blessed with curly, dark hair! Surely we have money, wealth, treasures that we would be responsible for."

And with that the men began searching. They searched in their homes, up the trees, and even dug into the earth. Aha! There they found gold, copper, silver and diamonds. They came together and tried to figure the best way to handle it. They all concluded that they would sell a nice chunk of these precious stones to foreign lands and with the money they received, place it in a bank and live off of the dividends. After many years of this, they would check to see if they should sell another chunk and how much, etc. It was decided.

Much time passed and their plan was working smoothly.

They would sing praises and dance, lifting one foot and then hopping onto the other foot and back again. They also clapped their hands in joy. They chased away any evil that would touch them this way. They had joy.

One day a boat appeared in the horizon. "What picture is on the sails?" asked the elder. "No picture. It is just white" replied the watchguard of the village.

The boat came to their shores and many business men came out. They all had on suits and a briefcase to boot. Their crew cut glistened as gold as the gold they had bought from this village.

"We are here to learn from your culture. It seems quite primitive. And cute. My name is Mr. Aleks. Mr. Am Aleks at your service!"

The elder became distrustful. He knew there was a lie somewhere but couldn't find it. "Get away from our village!" He cried. But the visitors silenced him.

"How come there aren't so many stores in this place. We see huts, we see the marketplace and a few stores but not so many stores."

"The more stores the more strife. We have peace and a unity of will here that is why there are not so many markets." replied some of the villagers.

The visitors smiled. One leaned over to a villager and whispered, "my friend here is prettier than you." The villager was befuddled. The visitor said it again, "My friend is much prettier than you can ever hope to be!" The villager became angry.

A child who was looking on at the whole scene said, "be careful! Remember what the elder taught us? Anger is the hammer that breaks the blessings of wealth." But it was too late, the villager was already imbalanced. Seething he hit the child for his impudence. "How dare you speak to me like that?!" The mother of the child came to the child's defense. And finally the whole town was in turmoil.

Soon there were many camps and no heads. The visitors were more able to overtake the village and gained control of the mines.

The visitors did not share any of it with these "kings". And many starved and died. Until one day...

The end.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture of the Day


Conservative Jewish Barbie!

(hat tip - hasoferet)

A few Good Men: Just for kicks

Today was holocaust memorial day. Heavy.

Its hard to think of all the horrid stories that so many went through. Even those who were not Jewish, because they had a heart, they were also killed. And many many others. From these stories and from my own abusive experience, it led me to conclude that I don't really think there are more good people than bad. Just more powerfully few good people and tons of bad. lol.

Any way, totally irrelevant to all this, I just thought to put on some entertainment. Some of my favorite scenes from a Few Good Men:

The soldier scene. Woo hoo! If I can get my kids to do this. They have the house in order in no time!

And the You Can't Handle the Truth. Yep. Tell 'em! Most can't. (Can I? **gulp** lol)

Incidently, if I knew enough, I'd write a post about the key insertion of the "Black guy" in movies. Though I haven't watched many movies, I did notice that when the scene is set and something negative is about to happen to the protagonist, somehow, very conveniently, the whole antagonistic side is veeeeeeery "diverse" lol.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flashback Post: After Divestment?


After Divestment : Week 3; Beauty and Compassion

Week 3 is about focusing on beauty. Inner beauty and outer beauty. There are plenty of blogs that will expound on the outer beauty, so I'll stress more on the inner one.

What makes us beautiful on the inside is a proper balance of giving and holding back. At times we may feel inadequate and want to give more (in search of approval). This manifests by giving just a little bit too much "eye candy" to the world, or blurting out every piece of information that we know on a topic, giving way too much unasked-for advice, or just revealing everything, every gift that God gave us (how much money we have, what we possess, etc). Spilling one's guts.

The flipside is restraining overly much. This can manifest in holding back sexually --to one's husband, not getting involved with people SO THAT one doesn't have to give, erasing one's self from pictures, scenes, events, etc mentally (and in some societies, physically). Belittling oneself. Also holding back important information.

Once we have the correct measurement of giving and holding back, its beautiful! Dealing with such a person is a beautiful, wonderful experience.

Furthermore, this week is also about compassion. Without knowledge there is no compassion. If we don't know the whole story about something, most likely we'll feel vehemently one way (pity) or the other (abhorrence). The more knowledge we have of the whole story of something, the more compassionate will be our view (Please don't confuse this with political correctness or relativity in which these believe everything has equal validity). But its important that we have truths, otherwise the knowledge is ill based.

The beauty and compassion combo is called Tiferet in Hebrew. Tiferet is represented by the chest area.

Tiferet personified is Jacob. His grandfather, Abraham is "giving" to the nth degree, his father, Isaac is "holding back" to the nth degree, Jacob found the balance. He was very true to himself. Interestingly, he was the one who despite his many sons (and who know how many daughters), was able to keep everyone together and on the same path -the formation of the 12 tribes.

Tiferet and dominance (netzah). Giving and taking in the perfected measure consistantly is like finding a formula for sustenance and redoing it over and over and getting the same bountiful results! It forces us to create standards and principles based on what works.

Tiferet and splendor (hod). Giving and taking in the perfected measure with the intent of giving the other party space. This is like creating a space for someone else to talk in a conversation. Basically, give harmony a chance.

Tiferet and yesod. I covered that above (overly immodest vs prudish). This also goes for other creative avenues. In business, it could mean knowing when is the right time to give over an idea. In art, loudness vs toned down. When is which called for?

Tiferet and malkhut (kingship). Kingship, I mean, receiving from others and then giving back in return. This is knowing when to reinsert yourself (in a conversation, etc.) and should you say x or hold back?

While Jacob was tiferet personified, his son Joseph was said to be just like him. Joseph is yesod personified. (Yep, so of course he had to be tempted with sexual promiscuity by Potiphar's wife, Zuleka.) Could beauty and compassion (and sustenance) and how we conduct ourselves sexually (or creatively) be related???
compassionate will be our view. But its important that we have truths, otherwise the knowledge is ill based."

Flashback Post: After Divestment?

After Divestment : Week 2; Restraint & Strength
So onwards and upwards, we keep going towards self improvement. I won't even hope to have time to blog about it so this will be it. I didn't get to week one which was about kindness, but we are already on week 2 so lets begin there. (hopefully I can back track later).

One thing many people do after Passover,(as I've stated before in a previous post) we arrange ourselves to merit past miracles and position ourselves to receive more. This week is a look at Gevurah --restraint and strength, and taking.

How much is too much? How much is too little?

Gevurah is represented by the left hand. It stands for holding back and for being strong. Its like a red light warning us of poison or danger ahead or a stop sign. Gevurah personified was Isaac. At times I wonder, was it because of Abraham's great lovingkindness that Isaac became almost opposite? Anyway, Isaac was so restraining on himself that he would re-open only the wells that Abraham had made previously. Very rarely does he create a new well. He tried to follow in his father's footstep quite meticulously. Even dealing with almost the same problems as Abraham (going into Egypt, dealing with someone who wants his wife, calling his wife his sister, digging wells, etc)

Gevurah is like going all the way to the left. Perfectly. Although, interestingly, he was the one personified as the gevurah one, (holding back his will when Abraham was about to sacrifice him) but Isaac is the only one I know of where the Bible describes him as having fun and being playful with his wife!

8 And it came to pass, when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out at a window, and saw, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife. Genesis 26:8

Also, his name Yitzhok in Hebrew is from the root word "to laugh"
Gevurah with a measure of kindness (the right hand) brings us to beauty (tiferet). A beautiful blend of giving and taking. Pretty interesting for someone whose known for their restrain.

Gevurah with a measure of kindness with the goal being to restrain brings us to empathy. Being able to help and be kind SPECIFICALLY BY not being intrusive or domineering. Like a therapist, just listening to a friend without judging or giving your input (unless they ask).

Gevurah with a measure of more gevurah =very rigid. At times this is necessary. But the key question is when?

Gevurah with beauty = holding back to give and /or take beautifully. This makes me think of myself trying not to punish the children out of my own anger and hurt dignity, but because they need to know that something is wrong. That already softens whatever punishment they get, plus it allows that the punishment corresponds to the "crime" -no heat.

Gevurah with domineering intent (netzah) = Being strong or empathetic consistantly. Not wishy washy. For example,in the work place you may do a feat which shows gevurah, strength. But with not being consistent in that strength, that image goes limp. You loose the dominion -no longer known for being solid, or whatever it was that you did.

However, if you remain consistent, showing strength, discipline, focus without falling for judging others, criticizing, etc. you can corner whatever market, group, field, provided you have the knowledge to back up this character!

The hardest part to control is the tongue.

Gevurah with a measure of yesod (I'm not sure how to translate yesod: foundation. sexual purity. creativity?) = This is basically being empathetic with a good measure of dominance. Knowing how wide you want to make the playing field for the other person, and not fuddling with the borders for your own sake.

Gevurah and malkhut (kingship)= All the previous traits noted above were things that emanate from yourself. Malkhut is the trait that receives from others and gives back. So exercising gevurah while giving back is basically maintaining you cool in a tough situation. At a time when you have to be strong, restraining, etc. knowing how to keep your cool is a worthwhile ability.

That is the focus for this week. Hopefully I can write more about it later. The most important thing of all is prayer though. No matter how much we work on ourselves, verbalizing what we want to attain and combining it with faith in God helps.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Running Away from the Ghetto

Though I've never lived in the black ghetto, sometimes I feel like I have to run away from it --and that it follows me! lol

At times, I'll talk to someone and they'll add some "Girl!" phrase at me. Or they'll say something ebonics-like as if I'm "down". Also, I see them doing this to other black girls.

Not enough time to develop this. But I find it curious and wonder how to gently inform certain people that they are not deemed 'cool' in my eyes by talking like that.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yehoshua /Joshua Memorial

(Guest post by Mr. Blackfirewhitefire & Miriam)

Tonight, Thursday night and Friday day is the night commemorating the passing of Joshua -second in command to Moses. Yehoshua ben Nun (Joshua son of Nun).

As second in command to Moses, Joshua had the difficult task of putting things into action. Whenever they had to confront opposition, Joshua led the men to battle. He is compared to the moon where Moses is like the sun. It takes some humility to accept being "second in command"; but he did his job well and faithfully, and merited to lead the Jewish people into the Holy Land so long ago. According to the Oral Tradition, Joshua had lots of daughters and no sons. He also married Rahav the prostitute from the town of Jericho.

In the book of Joshua, he was frequently told to "be strong and courageous". That is telling as to how difficult his job was.

Just imagine, in the beginning of the book of Joshua he was described as the servant of Moses. He was such a faithful disciple, and also led the people with such devotion to them and to his task, that in the end of the book he was called the servant of G-d! How many people have been called, by words of prophecy, the servant of G-d! We're talking about someone whom G-d communicated with "personally", who saw angels, who witnessed miracles and revealed Divine guidance the likes of which were never seen since...

Personally, when I read about those days, I long for a time when G-d's communication is so clear moment-to moment, so revealed, so open, G-d's presence so real and "close"(almost as self-evident as the table in front of me). May we merit to live in such times.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now Where do I get My Gas Mask...?


Israel is passing out gas masks for um...

The last time we had gas masks, I didn't have kids. Now hmmmmm how to explain this one to them....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jon Stewart: Passover

In thw first few seconds of this clip, Jon Stewart and Ben Stiller discuss Passover, the convert, Elijah (Eliyahoo, etc.
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Kids Favorite Movies

A list of my kids' favorite movies:

Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (from YouTube)

Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who (from TV Shack dot com)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tikki Tikki Tembo (from YouTube)

Prince of Egypt (broken in parts on YouTube)

I haven't seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as much as they did. But the few times I did see it, it was very interesting. (please note, I don't watch movies so so much so you all may notice certain things better than I do on this topic). What I found interesting is how the producers and directors were able to make a scene scary or mild --with music.

They tone down the fight scenes with skippy music. They make the villain (Shredder) have added scariness with daunting forboding sounding music. Its all fascinating! Its such an interesting balance.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day of the Splitting Sea

Its the last day of the holiday of Passover coming up. I'm so sad for it to go.

In a way it was loads of fun. The cleaning was not as hard -mostly because we had just moved, so there wasn't accumulated pockets to search through in the house. Each year we buy just a little more (permanent) things for Passover; I don't really like using those one-time use, plastic plates, cups, etc. We went to a bar-b-que, it was so American, the kids all tossed a football around --I haven't seen that in YEARS lol!

In a way it was hard. My heart was still hurting for the Christian Nigerians which no one seemed to care about who got slaughtered a few weeks ago. I couldn't even talk about it to anyone and the ones who were willing to hear me, didn't even know what happened.

I don't like getting the news.

Anyway, with Passover practically done (we have one more day of celebration. This is the celebration of the day the sea split. Woohoo! big miracle.) Now is the time of divestment. Of rectifications. I wrote alot about that last year and may repost it for this year.

I have what to write about but its all jumbled in my head at the moment. All the letters are begging to be the first ones out and I have to get them to calm down and come out one by one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Passover Message

The Message of Passover: Avoiding Slavery

Ramses Image, left: Ramses beating a slave, stone engraving found in Abu Simbel temple in southern Egypt

The minute one loses one's personal sense of worth and a positive self image, he or she becomes a slave.

Lack of self-respect, self-deprecation, and ignorance of one's own marvelous qualities and heritage are tickets to the slave train. Shame or embarrassment about one's ethnic or religious background is tantamount to carrying around an iron shackle with a 50-lb. ball and chain.

These feelings of inferiority are an invitation to let society dictate how you should live your life. People who feel inferior are weak; it's easy to exploit a person with no backbone. Controlled and exploited people are the most miserable creatures on the face of the earth.

For a Jew, one of the most important Passover messages is learning who we are and why we're celebrating. Modern society often discourages us from learning about our wonderful background, our G-d, and what emuna - the full and simple faith in Him - can do for us in every level of life, be it emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and even physical.

Emuna helps you feel good about yourself. As soon as you begin feeling good about yourself, you become free. Every human has an inherent right to freedom; that's the universal message of the Passover holiday. Happy Passover!

(reprint from Rabbi Lazer Brody's Lazer beams blog)

(I want to add: Emuna means solid faith in God)