Friday, October 29, 2010

Picture of the Day

Sunrise over the dead sea. picture by Elyakim Shayovitz (found it when I was checking the weather at INN news)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aid Flotilla to Haiti

Ron Mossad came up with such a brilliant idea. I like it, because as a Haitian, I want help for Hait and why not -especially after hearing that there is money earmarked --EARMARKED- for Haiti help, but is not being used.

Okay, time to whip out my tehillim book. Time to make noise about this in the world as well.

Thanks Ron Mossad for the idea!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just For Laughs: An Unbirthday Party

What can I say, this is mindlessly, deliriously, ridiculously hilarious!


Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Forward March!

Black Women, I encourage you all to keep moving forward in acquiring holy knowledge. It is important and useful, learn it, feel it, know it beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved by the Creator, you have a purpose in this world, and all your faculties must be used towards achieving, creating, surmounting, building, and passing on to the next generation!

And now for a story (this is a repeat story):

There was once a black woman who always went down a certain street. Every day she made her trek down that street.  One day a mugger decided to crouch behind a bush and ambush her. He had plans to rob, rape, and do all sorts of horrible things to her.

Well it so happened that on that particular day, the young black woman had decided to wear her teachers garments. She put on her teachers shoes, the hat, the suit, the skirt. She looked like a totally different person. So, when she went down that same street, the mugger did not recognize her and did not harm her. She passed safely!

and now for the same story, but on a different plane:

There was once a young black woman who always went down a certain thought process. Everyday she made her way down that path.  One day some haters, nay sayers, and doubts decided to crouch behind a lie and and ambush her. They had plans to rob, rape, and do all sorts of horrible things to her.

Well it so happened that on that particular day, the young black woman had finally internalized what her teachers had been trying to teach her. She grew to a new level of knowledge, belief, understanding.A new wisdom.  Its as if she had new clothes on and was unrecognizable from what she used to be.  She began to think like a totally different person.  Truly, she WAS a different person.  So when she went down that same thought pattern, the pitfall that was there did not effect her at all. The old way of hurting her was no longer effective; she had moved on to a new plane of reality.

When we gain new knowledge, the old way of hurting us (be it the latest MSM's negative "studies" that always seem to end with bad news for BW, or the cruel statements made by comedians, etc) simply do not work anymore.  This is a good reason to keep learning, keep growing. But there is a catch.

If someone does not grow. Every day you see them with a number 1 in their hands. One day, just bring on a negative 1 (-1) and you've cancelled what they had.

Now if someone grows in a crawling sort of way. One day she has a 1. The next day she has a 2. And then a 3. and so on and so forth.  She's doing better than the girl carrying the 1 everyday. But a quick algebraic equation can cancel her too. (i.e. it may take more work to bring her down, but its not sooo impossible).

Okay, but if she progresses constantly. One day she has a 1. The next day a 5. The day after a 7. After that a 14, and so on and so forth, it would be extremely difficult to bring her down. Its almost not worth the work!

All this to say: progress with yourself. Push yourself as far as you can go with knowledge and understanding. Know --I mean don't just believe, but know- the boundlessness of G-d's love for you. Even though you may never reach the borders of His love for you, but the simple exercise of trying to imagine its borders and realizing its borderlessness will raise you up so high!!!

Much Blessings!!


The Day I Was BLack as a Raven --And Cruel to My Kids!


That day was this past Friday.

My mom was visiting and we all took a trip to Jerusalem. Since I've been in Israel, I have never gone to the cave of Machpele -the burial place of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jaacob and some of the foremothers: Sarah, Rivka, Leah (Rachel is buried elsewhere). I've been in Israel almost 10 years and I 've never paid my respects to my ancestors, my protectors!

So when we were coming to Jerusalem with my mom, I had to do whatever I could to make that trek.

Black As A Raven:

"With whom is the Torah to be found? With the one who makes his face as black as a raven, and one who makes himself cruel to his children as the raven" (Talmud: Eruvin 22a)

I didn't care for my self. It seemed like a crazy plan to go to the cave on a Friday morning --the day everyone is running around madly trying to prepare for the holy Shabbat. How would I return? Would I have sufficient time to prepare for the Shabbat? Does it all seem small of me to do this? Crazy? It didn't matter. I had no concern except to get to that cave at long last!

Cruel to his Children as the Raven:

And on top of that, I dragged all my kids with me.  the city of Hevron is where the cave is located. It is surrounded by Arab villages and they don't like Jews. There have been skirmishes there before, but I had to rely of hope and faith that G-d would protect us. The bus was at 8 am and in my rush to make it happen, I was unable to give my kids any breakfast.

Luckily my sister had a few crackers in her purse and my mother had a box of raisins. Still my kids were hungry. I am so sorry that it was not planned out properly, but I am glad that they went.

Just the look on their faces when I told them, "This is the tomb of Abraham!" and "This is your forefather, Jaacob. " There was no talk of hunger or thirst. They didn't even make a rucus. They took it all in and I pray made a stronger bond with their ancestors.

It was a blessed day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quotable Quotes

"Why do you speak against the Afrocentrics but keep your peace with the Eurocentrics?"

from: A Black Rabbi who shall remain nameless -until he says its okay. I miss him very much.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm not in a very good mood. So I really should not be anywhere near this computer...

You probably don't care.....but a 16 year old boy was killed when someone threw a grenade near the town of Karmiel in Israel today.. Yes. The Jerusalem Post reports on the story. Nobody will care. He was an Arab. Killed by other Arabs. Not newsworthy.

On  the other hand, a Jew attached a birdhouse in their yard today!!! Did you hear that?! A birdhouse!!! International the red button!!! Somebody call the president....


I am feeling overwhelmed today. I was actually planning on going to Karmiel today to checkout their "Toys R Us" there. Good that I didn't go. I don't like the sounds of bombs. I guess I should be grateful to the Almighty for my down mood that kept me from going out.

Then I searched the news to see how they would implicate Israel for this tragedy, this time I only found this headliner:

"Israel Grenade hurled toward carwash in Arab village of Kafr Rama near Carmiel, the owner of which is a known figure to the police." (source: Allvoice)
Hmmm, maybe they meant to put a period after Israel? Not sure.

Then I searched for some good news to offset the bad news, ten I found this:

"Israel Develops System to Neutralize Nuclear Waste" (source: A7 News)

Well that must be why everyone is against Israel and why no one has a problem with it getting destroyed? Hah!

I got some grass seeds even though I'm very intimidated by yard work. But I've got to get started with gardening and setting up vegetable growth over here.

Taking on a new task in my already busy day puts me in a not so good mood. I see all the mess the kids do and it seems so unsurmountable. Plus I don't have much help from anyone. Mr. Blackfirewhitefire is not an outdoorsy working type of guy. Anyway, he works.

Its okay. count my blessings and be glad I have a plot of land.  Even if I wait another year, its okay. Its okay.  Its okay.

Another good news: I found a great, inexpensive zimmer my family and I can stay at to visit Jerusalem!! No hotels!!! Yay!!! A zimmer is a little apartment that people convert into their own personal hotel room. So they can only take on a few or one client at a time. Zimmer in German means "room."  I'm excited and hope everything works out.

Here's a really funny line. Its a doozy if your awake. This is in regards to Major Hasan, the 40 year old psychiatrist who got PTSD from dealing with people who had PTSD. He wrote an interesting manefesto back in college and recently shouted at the top of his lungs "Allah hu..." while shooting down US soldiers:

"Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma." (source: NYTimes)
 If you don't get the joke there. don't worry about it. Its not so important.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Does One Come to Love?

By Orchot haTzaddikim (the Way of the Righteous) an anonymous work:

How does one come to love all men? I will teach youi.  The way is for him to give to all men as much as he can of himself and of his possessions.  Of himself:  He should serve all men, rich and poor, and exert himself on their behalf.  Of his possessions: he should lend the rich man money in his time of need and the poor man in his duress.  He should also give him occasional gifts according to his ability and at intervals asend treats and gifts to the rich as well.  He should be entirely magnanimous.  If he has dealings with others, he should conduct them in complete hoesty and he should not make issues of small things.  He should always desire that his friend profit from him, and he should never try to profit from his friend.  He should speak gently with all men.  If someone shames him, he should nto shame him in return; if he misleads him, he should not mislead him in return.  He should bear the burdens of others upon his shoulders, but not impose his burdens on them.  He shoudl not quarrel with others and should receive all men with joy and with a kinly countenance, for such kindness strengthens love. ...

(I'm nowhere near there, but just thought I'd post it.)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flashback Post: Passing Through the Fire

There is much treasures and goods awaiting the BW. Many need to pass through the fire first. The fire of pride, that is. Allow me to explain. If I may, I'd like to compare knowledge to an orange.

It has a peel. Then there's the real meat of the orange. And there's the inbetween white-ish looking peel part.

Just like an orange,  knowledge can have a peel.

Let's say, Karen thought she was beautiful. She was not entirely sure, but based on many things she's read, many things people have told her, and reason of deduction, she concluded that surely she must be beautiful.

At this moment, that knowledge is only in her head. Her body may not necessarily show this knowledge, meaning it may not necessarily radiate through her actions, but for now, its just in her head. (Karen, unbeknownst to her, has attached herself to the peel of this knowledge).
 Okay. So she has a bit of wisdom.  This wisdom will give her PRIDE.  This pride if left to fester for too long -i.e. no growth- can lead to arrogance, boastfulness and bragging.   Eventually, it may rot and no longer exist.  But that should not be the goal. This knowledge has to go deeper. It has to go to a higher part of her.  After a while, she becomes at ease with this knowledge.  She is beautiful and there is nothing more to say on the matter. As this knowledge sinks in, her actions begin to show it. Her whole body says, "I'm beautiful!" She 's radiating beauty now!! You could say that the knowledge has penetrated into her heart; or you could say, she "grew up" and is "beyond" all that. (Karen is getting closer to the meat of it all).

At this point, Karen has gained humility about her beauty. She is at peace, the knowledge is safely in her heart and she doesn't feel she needs to shout out to the world, "I am somebody!" She knows deep down that she is somebody. Pride gives way to CONFIDENCE.

But how to get to that point? What is it that brings the knowledge deeper, higher? In the religious world, the answer is the fear of God. This knowledge brings Karen to question her shouting. "I know I am all that and a bag of chips, " Karen thinks, "but, how can I shout this out before God? On the one hand I'm not worthless, but God is greater and He blessed me with this good." This expanding thought to God then retracting back to personal, then back to Godly thinking --this running and returning- helps us to grow.

But it should not end there!

There is a deeper and higher level still that we must grow into, that knowledge must penetrate to.

"1 And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived and bore Cain," (Genesis 4:1)

There is a connection with knowledge and this intimate act. And knowledge needs to be brought to that level.

If we can rise pass where our emotions and intellect and spirit are all in tuned to this knowledge, we can even transfer this knowledge to the next generation. Confidences brings actuality, new realities. (There is the essence. The new beginning. The meat of the orange!).

There is where we want all the good and positive messages that we select and accept from BWE blogs and various other sources to go. Deep deep within us and out to the next generation.

[Note: this is a very deep process codified in the Kabbalah of the Ari (master Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Luria of  the16th cen.)!  Basically, as any reality, say, one's consciousness, grows, what's really happening is that higher and higher levels of reality are revealed and join together with what existed already. 
The highest level or head of any reality is called its mohin, or mental faculties.  The middle level (paralleling the heart, torso, and arms) basically takes the input of the mohin and works on actualization; the bottom part (paralleling the legs and reproductive system) is the actualization itself.  So, at stage 1 it's all in the head.  At stage two, it gets integrated into the heart (the middle).  But what really happened?  The Ari speaks about how when consciousness grows, the mohin are "pushed down" into the middle.  But on a deeper level what happened is that a new level came in, and the "head" of the old level is on the same level as the heart of the old level.  So, when the Ari says the mohin were pushed down, it means that a new level was revealed, integrated with the old, and the mohin of the old level are now on the level of the heart.  But nothing moved!
Then, at Stage 3, an even higher level gets revealed, and that which was mohin at Stage 1 is now in the lowest part.  This is the stage of complete integration and growth, because the knowledge becomes "second nature".  So, as Karen grows, the knowledge "moves down".  It all happens as two aspects of the same process. -Note by Mr. Blackfirewhitefire]

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow! Someone Sees with Two Eyes??!!


I really shouldn't call him a hater. The fact that he is able to see with both his eyes are already commendable.

This journalists is actually trying to report fairly? someone will take away his credentials soon (just like Canada lost its UN Security Council seat  for defending Israel --who's checking that organization anyway? Oh, not one of those things we're suppose to think about. Nevermind). Here is journalists, Peter Hitchens',take in Gaza..:

It is lunchtime in the world's biggest prison camp, and I am enjoying a rather good caffe latte in an elegant beachfront cafe. Later I will visit the sparkling new Gaza Mall, and then eat an excellent beef stroganoff in an elegant restaurant.
Perhaps it is callous of me to be so self-indulgent, but I think I at least deserve the coffee. I would be having a stiff drink instead, if only the ultra-Islamic regime hadn't banned alcohol with a harsh and heavy hand.
Just an hour ago I was examining a 90ft-deep smuggling tunnel, leading out of the Gaza Strip and into Egypt. This excavation, within sight of Egyptian border troops who are supposed to stop such things, is – unbelievably – officially licensed by the local authority as a 'trading project' (registration fee £1,600).
Tale of two cities: Gaza's sparkling new shopping mall offers a stark contrast to the images of slums we are used to
Tale of two cities: Gaza's sparkling new shopping mall offers a stark contrast to the images of slums we are used to

It was until recently used for the import of cattle, chocolate and motorcycles (though not, its owner insists, for munitions or people) and at its peak earned more than £30,000 a day in fees.
But business has collapsed because the Israelis have relaxed many of their restrictions on imports, and most such tunnels are going out of business. While I was there I heard the whine of Israeli drones and the thunder of jet bombers far overhead.
Then, worryingly soon after I left, the area was pulverised with high explosive. I don't know if the Israeli air force waited for me to leave, or just walloped the tunnels anyway.
The Jewish state's grasp of basic public relations is notoriously bad. But the Israeli authorities certainly know I am here. I am one of only four people who crossed into the world's most misrepresented location this morning.
Don't, please, accuse of me of complacency or denying the truth. I do not pretend to know everything about Gaza. I don't think it is a paradise, or remotely normal. But I do know for certain what I saw and heard.

The new Gaza Mall
The new Gaza Mall

There are dispiriting slums that should have been cleared decades ago, people living on the edge of subsistence. There is danger. And most of the people cannot get out.
But it is a lot more complicated, and a lot more interesting, than that. In fact, the true state of the Gaza Strip, and of the West Bank of the Jordan, is so full of paradoxes and surprises that most news coverage of the Middle East finds it easier to concentrate on the obvious, and leave out the awkward bits.
Which is why, in my view, politicians and public alike have been herded down a dead end that serves only propagandists and cynics, and leaves the people of this beautiful, important part of the world suffering needlessly.....Read more at Mail Online.

Read more:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Eyes

For all you healthy eaters out there, here is a delightful "love story" for you from Living Essence blog:

There I was in the health food store, among the aisles, as innocent as can be. It was a hot afternoon-the kind of day where everyone stays indoors during the noon hours. I really needed to get some grub and so braved the hot sun. And although the store was quite empty, I could feel someone's eyes on me..... continued at Living Essence.


Mild Rant: Oy My English!!

The more Hebrew vocabs I'm learning, the less grammatically correct my English gets. Oy!! What to do? I don't want to be left with NO language!


Just for Fun: I Love My Hair Video


Thanks FB friend!

Stories from the Talmud

This is from Talmud Yerushalmi, Tractate Shabbat, Chapter  6; halacha 9 (embellished by yours truly!):

There was once an astrologer who looked up in the sky. He measured this angle and that angle and promptly declared to his friends, "See these two Jewish men walking by? They will not return!"

So everyone watched to see how will their imminent death occur.  The two men were walking down a road.  Suddenly, and old man appeared. He was in tattered clothing and begged to them, "Please do you have anything to eat? I haven't eaten in three days!!"  Out of mercy for the begging old lman, the two decided to give him of their fig cake in the bag. The took a knife and sliced the whole bag in half and gave one half to the old man. When they were done with their business, they returned to their original location. When they opened their bag later, to everyone's surprise, they found half a snake in the fig cake bag!

The friends of the astrologer shouted, "hey! they returned!! You said they would not return!!"

"Well," snorted the astrologer, "their G-d is appeased by half a fig cake!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arabs and Jews Join Forces Against Fire

Arab workers who were working on building projects (according to PA law it is illegal for Arabs to work for Jewish co.) and Jewish firefighters battled a fire that ignited during maintainance work on cables.

The fire went up to the area where the first tabernacle once stood and represented G-d's presence to the world.

Story at Israel National News.


Columbus Day

Columbus was taken in chains back to Spain. But afterwards he was restored all his wealth (but not his power).

As a descendant of Caribbeans, I can see both sides. While part of me feels like those people with the agenda of denouncing Columbus day are really more out to "boo" Americans rather than care about understanding or showing compassion to the Native American Indians, the fact remains that Indians suffered. Blacks in the slave trade suffered.

Even more sad is the people who hear the "boo Columbus day" message and run with it, don't bother to explore deeper. They just see a youtube and that's it. They're bought Hook, line, and sinker! (Even as they enjoy the finer benefits of living in America!!).

I just hope that we are not suckered by the "Apologists' agenda".  There are people called Apologists -who are forever sorry about anything good that they  have. They are riddled with guilt and always look to validate the "other side's story" even to their own detriment.  "with friends like these, who needs enemies?!"

They will encourage people -particularly the sensitive youth- to hate America. To hate what America has done. But without giving any of it nuance. Just a blatant, simple, hate. But things have nuances!

Why if they even think about it for a minute, they will see how well they are living thanks to America. The car they drive. The jobs. The clothes. The freedoms. And so on and so forth --yes! so on and so forth!!!!

Which leads me to the other hand. There has been much good from the new land that is America. There is a reason why so many people are flocking to come and live in the United States.

This holiday and others like it, could be a problem because of the multicultural society that exists. Most things will have a good side and a bad side; a winner at that time and the loser at the time. And since we can't change the past, I think the best we can do is celebrate the good parts of it brought forth.

Anyway why are Indians in reservations still? Are they stuck? Can they get out if they want to? Maybe that ought to be a topic for Columbus day???

Anyway, please don't borrow other's hate. Don't borrow other's anger. Don't borrow other's money. It will leave you in debt!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture of the Day

Its almost time for the Sigd festival:

Sigd Festival is exclusively an Ethiopian holiday that they brought over from Ethiopia (the festival is about them longing to be in J'lem) and now its become an official Israeli holiday. You can learn more about it at the IAEJ website.


Just for Fun: Stomping

So cool!

Another Jewish Driver Narrowly Escapes Rock Throwers

Story here.

This time no kid got hit by the car and shoved into another car to be "rushed to the hospital" for sensation.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Palestinian Rock Throwers. Police nabs the Jewish Driver!


I have no words.


Miracle rain saves 64 year old lost in the desert. Read the full story here.

Update: After his initial interview at Ynet news. in which the boy said he was on the sidewalk and the driver was purposefully trying to run him down and that he never ever threw rocks.

he's now claiming amnesia.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Narrow Escape for a Jewish Repairman (Thank G-d for Kind Arabs)

Jerusalem resident Baruch Pruss, a Jew who works as a repairman, was spared from a near-lynch on Thursday. He was viciously attacked in the Arab neighborhood of Isawiya.

"I went into [Isawiya], I got to the house, I fixed the washing machine, and I started to head home," he recalled in an interview with Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service. "When I walked out of the house, Arabs from the village who had been waiting to ambush me fell on me and began to attack.
"They threw concrete blocks and huge stones from the roof of the house I'd been working in," he said. Pruss ran back into the house and closed the door...

Ultimately he was saved by the kindness of elder Arabs in the village. Story at Arutz Sheva.

Oh. In case you forgot what a lynching looks like, here are some handy dandy pictures at the bottom of this site.

To OutLaw

I read that some Jewish kabbalists  see the act of dancing as to bring down new realities into the world. Then I did notice many times when tribal people are going to start a revolution or when they are preparing for battle, one of the main things they do -tribe after tribe- is some sort of dance routine.

Sure enough, I  know that from a pregnancy point of view, women bend down and sway and move because it helps to bring down a physical baby through the body, but what else? Can this bring down other entities, other realities?

I notice the Masai people are the only ones known for tackling lions, but they are also the only ones with the jump up and down dance. Is there a connection? Lions worldwide instill fear. So much so, that lion represents fear in many cases. Are the Masai conquering their fears by this sort of dancing?  Does it give them the fearlessness to tackle lions? This is a rites of passage for Masai young men.  Does the jumping dancing have any connection to the ability to hunt lions so successfully?

(this is kind of funny, but often in cartoons and in real life, when a character is confronted by something scary and they are startled, the first thing they do is jump)

This is instinctive. But why does the brain make us jump. Aside from the fight or flight signal, is that also an attempt to alleviate the fear?

Actually, even in the religious settings when folks want to show that they have a "live dial" with the heavens, they start speaking in tongues and shake, etc. Motion. And in those cases its usually a shaking /wiggling-ish motion. As if trying to free something that is stuck. This is a different motion from the jumping up and down of the Masai. This is more like what you do when your key is stuck in a keyhole. You wiggle and wiggle to get it free. Are these religious folks trying to open a passage?

When kids are happy they spin. One major component of an 80s dance called the hustle is lots of movement about the dance floor and lots of spinning. Another interesting part about the hustle dance is that the woman is the main character -the inner, internal, the heart. Its popularity was during the disco days.  Is that not a happy time and a happy routine? (you can read more about the hustle at Hustle information).

When children are upset they stomp.  Stomping involves striking something -usually the feet onto the ground. Think of flamenco, stomp dancing, etc.  Power invoking! Defiance! Passion! Its like a way of cooling down the body from the heat of a strong inner force so that one can think more calmly to fight something perhaps? Like transferring frustrated energy somewhere. Many of these dances came from a lower class of people struggling with what they were dealt with.

(If I remember correctly, wasn't there a time when some people attempted to replace gang fighting with break dancing? )

Can a message be mapped out from body motion? Can these expressions turn into a whole dialog with nature? With Someone higher? Or deeper within us? Can we write a book? Can we dance a book? More importantly, can we effect a new reality?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Slice of Jewish History: The Miracles

Our whole life is a miracle.  Every day the sun rises and sets, the wind blows, the "usual" happens and some relegate this to normal nature. But even that is a miracle! And just as we can pray for miracles and/or be granted one, so in this, it can change if we need it.

Now the inevitable question: "well did it ever happen for you??!!"

For me. No. I never did ask for the sun to stay put or anything like that because I never needed it truly to happen and so I couldn't pray for such a thing sincerely from my heart.  But I did ask for other things....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Parashat Noah

By the end of the week, in the Jewish world, everyone will be reading the portion that talks about the story of Noah. I want to attempt to interface the various portions with the BC, if/when possible.Here's some outtakes by yours truly...

Quick Background: Briefly that is where Noah is told that the earth will be wiped clean. Too much wickedness going on.   He's told to build an ark, which he does. Takes all the living creatures he's told to take in there in there. Shuts the door behind him and that's that.

Afterwards, as a sign that He would never destroy the world via flood, the rainbow is declared as a sign. Okay. Nice big rainbow in the sky. The end.

Many BW are building arks and preparing to leave the DBR BC. Hooray!!

There are still many who won't even leave a bad situation. Its as if there is a coin in the way of them seeing how good life can be. They can't see the large but distant mountain because they're too busy looking at the coin that's close up and blocking their view. If that coin could be removed; if their eyes could be diverted from the bad situations that they may be entrenched in, then they could see the beauty that the world has to offer.

The Rainbow

As a sign to Noah that God would not destroy his world again, He declared the rainbow would stand.

When someone is angry with me, I feel like there is heat. Like that person is breathing down my throat with hot air! Or that that person's eyes are piercing through me with lazer beams. In the same way, at times it can get so hot outside that the sun's heat can be associated with a godly "anger".

I once heard that the sunshine -that piercing bright light- which produces this heat (the godly anger), when blocked by rain water (i.e. mercy), produces the rainbow (a breakdown of all the colors. A prism. Something that mitigates the anger). The rainbow is the sign that the anger has been broken.

I think that any BW leaving a very bad situation, and who created an ark and departed, ought to look out for a rainbow -a sign that her anger (hurt directed outwardly) and her hurt (anger directed inwardly) has subsided.  That never again will she be in that terrible situation.

Now what would that "rainbow" look like?

Well, let's create a picture of the typical struggle situation (unfortunately, each situation is different). The scenario would typically be media blaring negative imagery of what she can 'aspire' to; angry, lustful, uncouth men attempting to box her into those images; no apparent help around and/or no different points of view to consider; threat of the 'black card' being revoked if the imagination wonders too far off the 'plantation' lol.

The coin would be anybody thing or idea that stands in her way.

The ark, whatever method or excuse she uses to get out of there. "I want to divest!" "I want to make tons of money!" "I need to find a really good quality man" "I deserve it" or "Its Friday!!"

It doesn't matter. Whatever you need to say to yourself to begin to push yourself out of a bad situation is fine. The true goal, really, should be to have a happy, better, productive, meaningful life. A life where you use your God given skills and produce, where we take the high road of unity and harmony, rather digress to hurtful ways. A life where we take a moment or two to extract the beauty in the world with our seven candles (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth) --and perhaps even the spiritual bounty that awaits us. A life guided by truth and self control.

Once we've made up our minds and we're sailing away, it behooves us to get some guarrantee that we won't be put in that situation again, no? Gotta get that rainbow. And what would the rainbow of today look like for BW?

I think that when our reality is different, when our anxiety is allayed, when we can turn to someone we love and say, "Come! Its good over here!"  Then we are seeing the rainbow!


Another side of the Noah story is how he contrasts to Abraham and Moses....

Noah was righteous and just. Meaning, he was okay with the world going down and drowning with minimal protest on his part because he felt they deserve it. They did wrong and their punishment must be metted out. Finished.  As long as he and his family could get in that ark and shut the door behind themselves, he was fine.  He was so justice oriented, that when his grandson, Canaan did wrong, rather than giving him reparations to do -as God would- instead he cursed Canaan.  Compare this to Moses: time and time again he put up with the grievance of the Jewish people. He worked tirelessly to bring everyone to the light of the Holy One, Blessed be He because he had mercy on them all. We can even compare Noah to Abraham who, upon hearing of the eminent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, pleaded to God, "what of there were 50 good people still in the land? What if there were 40? 30?" and so on and so forth.He cared and showed mercy.

It is very easy to condemn. To destroy. To give people their "just dessert". But there is an element that brings soothing to the world: Compassion.

With compassion, we can still met out justice -just temper it with some understanding.  With compassion we must still be discriminating about our taste and preference, just not hurtful about it.  With compassion we do things with understanding.

Neshama News

I'm noticing some interesting changes in the outcome of a few stories.. Could these be winds of change? Hope we can believe in? People are not accepting wrong laying down. In one story in Israel near the settlements, some Arab guys were harrassing an 8 year old Jewish boy. When the boy's family and friends saw this, they chased the guys who ran and hid inside a school. The school refused to let the anyone come and get the guys.  The police come, I think even the bomb squad comes, but typical of the government these days, they do nothing.  But this time -here is the change- the people protest enough that the police try harder and actually gets the school to release the guys.

In another story, an old lady -68 years old- is constantly harrassed by a bunch of neighborhood thugs. What could have ended in possible rape, injury, damage, or even death for the old lady, ended with her shooting the thug in the arm. The 12 year old thug was rushed to the hospital and the media brought the lady's plight to light.

Many people in America are fighting the GZM (park 51) and are also fighting the monument that being constructed in the Pennsylvania location of the other plane crash (flight 93). These are regular people!

Its nothing short of an awakening. I'm not surprised that the media is not covering these stories. These are the stories that the digital camera and the cell phones and the bloggers and the like will broadcast.  Okay, these were a few examples only. If only there was a website that gathered these fights together so I can read about them.

In other news, Iranian computers have been attacked by Queen Esther?  There is a virus effecting many official's PCs in Iran and it bears a code myrtus (myrtle) which in Hebrew is Hadassah. Hadassah is the birth name of Esther in the Purim story. So far, though, no one has taken responsibility for this stuxnet worm. Some countries are making guesses.....

A pro Palestinian journalist writing for Hudson New York Online magazine Khaled Abu Toameh, makes this understatement:

"Western correspondents and newspapers continue to apply double standards when it comes to covering the Israeli-Arab conflict."
You can read his entire article at the Hudson.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making a Change: part 2The LOL Clown

In continuation of the Making a Change post, I want to insert my own work that I need to do.

I feel that I have something to offer to the world. Despite much conditioning and plus my own negative voices inside, I forge through my self doubts and give what I have to give. However, to placate that negativity inside, that self doubt, I have a knack for ending almost all my sentences with a "LOL".

As if to say, its all in joke!

This reminds me of a boy that I know.  He's black, but has not had much exposure to African-Americans, Africans, any black person. He struggles by himself to understand his place in the world and as usual, there is this subtle message that he seems to be getting: "He's not a serious player here."  And so he acts really silly. Jumps around, making others laugh.  But once I saw him and he saw me (I"m black btw) and we made eye contact. About 10 minutes prior to that, I had just finished telling him the triumphant story of the African village and how they dealt with Alexander the Great coming to conquer their land. We made eye contact and he smiled at me. Such a mature smile!!! I had never seen it before. It was like the real man was smiling at me!

Of course, I smiled back!

My sister and I were talking about this same topic recently. Its very hard to be in a mostly white world and not have these negative voices trying to make a come back. Its like an uphill battle and the negative voices get placated by me making a joke or adding the suffix "LOL' to make light of what I just said.

This also reminds me of a white lady who runs a seminary in Israel. She says alot of "um's..." and "Uh's..." and sometimes she's just not sure of what her next step should be. But all her students are patient with her and still accept what she says. I'm sure that gives her a big boost of confidence.  Yet, confidence ought not come from external things.

Well, we all have things we have to bring forth to the world.  We do!! Otherwise we wouldn't be here.  For no uncertain reason, many Black folks have the hardest time with this- the thought that they can be important; that they have something that the world needs; that they can contribute to the good of the universe.  Yet the fact of the matter is, we do have what to contribute. And in the hopes of pulling along as many people as I possibly can, I want to cease to placate this negativity and even starve it.

No more bone throwing to Mr Negativity. Its time for a real battle.  If what I see is correct, then I've past that stage and have entered the stage of publicity, opposition and strife. **gulp**. We'll see how i fare out there.

MSM Has New Strategy for Middle East

An about-face in American liberal newspapers’ views of the Middle East reached a new extreme Sunday with The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman writing, “The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has become a bad play.”

Most of the largest American newspapers in the past two decades have followed the Palestinian Authority policy that eastern Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza are “occupied territories,” the dateline usually used in their articles from those areas.
However, U.S. President Barack Obama’s switch of gears from the Roadmap Plan has left his policy in quicksand, according to influential newspaper columnists. The liberal Washington Post surprised observers this past summer with a number of editorials and op-ed articles highly critical of President Obama...

Story at Israel National News