Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stories from the Talmud

If you recall we did the story of Alexander the Great who went to an African village run by women to conquer it. He only ended up having his rear end handed back to him! (lol! okay, not so dramatic as that). You can read that story Here.

This is also about Alexander the Great from the Babylonian Talmud (Mas. Tamid 32b), he hadn't left Africa yet. Story embellished by moi!!!


Afterwards Alexander the Great continued on his way, but before he left the continent, he stayed and rested near a river. Suddenly he got a great whiff --a fragrant and wonderful smell-Gan Eden!!! The Garden of Eden!!!

"Whoa!!" he exclaimed, "what is this?"

"you have reached the gates of Gan Eden." Said the gate keeper. "But you may not enter."

"Let me in!! I want to see! or at least give me something from there."

The gatekeeper gave the greek fighter an eye ball.  Alexander took it, but it was heavy. He weighed it on the scale and it was heavier than the gold he got from the villages of women. Then at the gatekeepers suggestion, he put a rag on top of the eyeball and covered it,  and suddenly the gold tipped the scale.  The gold was now heavier!!

"What is this?!" he demanded.

The gatekeeper explained, "when you look and desire, you will never be satiated.  Even gold is not enough. But when you shut your roaming eyes and stop desiring more and more, then you will have gold!)


(For more another story check here: Africa and Alexander Talmud Story)

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