Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black Lights

This is a flashback post. I feel this is so important because without purifying these black lights, these seven candles, there is so much that we can't even understand. For instance, the relationship between David and Yonatan. Insert unholy thoughts in there and we immediately can't fathom that two men can love each other so intensely without it turning to an abomination. Same with the love of Odesser and Shazzar, etc.

So here's the post again:

Well, what do you use to light up your seven precious candles?

According to Rebbe Nachman, in Likutey Moharan lesson #21 we all have seven precious candles. These candles are our eyes, our ears, two nostrils and our mouth. When we use pure, clean oil to illuminate these candles that means we are checking what we take in --good books, good blog posts, positive, useful information, good tidings, important tidings, good food, fragrant or cool air, etc. When it is said that unclean, dirty oil is used, its as if we are putting shmutzy, trashy, junky, gossipy, disgraceful movies, songs, pictures, bad smells into ourselves.

It can be worthwhile to use good, healthy oil for illuminating these candles because a well lit face brings us to grace from The Holy One, Blessed be He and also the intellect can more easily absorbs information (the channels are not clogged up by falsehood, hurtful info, and the like).

Now who wouldn't want that?

It goes further. There are two kinds of knowledge. The one that is inside the brain already and the one that hoovers around us waiting to be let in. Let's give these two names. The one that's inside us already, we'll call absorbed knowledge; the kind that is not yet processed yet, we'll call floating knowledge (in Hebrew its called makif. Should I use the Hebrew?)

Using my favorite mascot, Karen. Say Karen is waiting to absorb some floating knowledge. For the time being she's just not getting it.

The floating knowledge x, y, and z are buzzing around her. She can't really see it, but its there. Some of it is so pure, so refined that unless Karen refines her seven candles, she may not be able to absorb all of it.

This floating knowledge of x, y, and z can also be called her "garments" because they hoover around her like a coat.

There was once a thug who was waiting for a girl to pass by to hurt her. He hid behind a bush and prepared for his ambush.  Luckily, that girl decided to wear a disguise. She wore something different than what she already had. Thus, when she passed by the thug behind the bush, she was unrecognizable and was able to pass unharmed!
Another good reason for illuminating our candles and absorbing new knowledge is that we eliminate the old "garment" around us and have a brand new garment unrecognizable than before. Thus, we can experience life quite differently than before.  The "thugs" won't recognize the new garment and we pass unharmed; that is to say, old naysayers and previous hurtful words and haters can not effect us because they are chasing after the wrong garments.

(hmmm, perhaps that explains why kids are always putting things in their mouths! lol. Forever learning, absorbing from the outside and bringing it in)

The concept of "garment" is too deep and I don't think I would do it justice to explain any further.

So to sum it all up: using pure oil to make your candles shine bright -i.e. using proper speech, no cuss words, not breathing hot air of anger, keeping cool, seeing good and hearing good- is beneficial in that it allows you to absorb knowledge faster. As you keep absorbing new knowledge and more knowledge, you get wise. You receive grace and you leave your enemies powerless.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Earthquake in the North, None Hurt - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Earthquake in the North, None Hurt - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Hey! I didn't feel a thing!

There was an earthquake in J'lem a few years ago, back when I lived there. I remember I was in bed and then the bed just kinda went like a wave passed through it. That was scary. It only occurred to me later that maybe I better get out of the house or go near a door post or something.

PA Double Talk on Honoring Terrorist, Jerusalem Bombing - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

PA Double Talk on Honoring Terrorist, Jerusalem Bombing - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

I'm only posting this type of news once. For the sole purpose of bringing an awareness of the difficulty in dealing with a group that says one thing to one media outlet and then another to a different. No truth, Nothing can be done without truth. I'm neither trying to pursuade anyone nor dissuade anyone of their current opinion. Don't want to and don't need to. Just bringing awareness to a problem.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Can Make It

Terrorists Try To Blow Up Egyptian-Israel Gas Pipeline - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Video: Israeli Teams Fly to Help To Rehabilitate Japan - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Little Toy Soldiers

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, I'm lovesick. Yep. Its true. I'm lovesick for God. Lovesick for Israel, lovesick for the Israeli people, lovesick for the Torah, lovesick for Judaism and all its possible potentials, lovesick for good people that exist and who try to do good in the world. I'm so lovesick for these things I can barely contain myself.

There is no sense to it.

It doesn't matter that the world is against all of the above.  They just pull their weight and do their thang! You go, guys!!!

Currently, Israel is gearing up to go and help in Japan. Previously they had helped Haiti and before that Mexico.  Little Israel! Why? Its got so much problems of its own, but still. Israelis remind me of these little toy soldiers, such troopers marching forever forward. Never mind that their feet are stuck/tied by the chains world hatred, they march forward anyway -seemingly unaware even!

-it doesn't mean that they can't do anything wrong, of course. I shouldn't have to say that.

More Glenn Beck...

Shirat Devorah's blog has more Glenn Beck takes on Israel events. He seems to actually be on our side. Rare. He must surely be hated lol!

When he mentioned that the media doesn't even cover when we get missiles (currently) fired into Israel, I nearly lost it and cried.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was going to post something...

and then I lost the strength. Too many attacks.


Bomb Exploded at %u2018Blast of a Kiosk%u2019 - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Bomb Exploded at %u2018Blast of a Kiosk%u2019 - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Thank God for alert Israelis.

I used to go on this bus stop several times a day. This was the stop that gets me home when I lived in Jerusalem.

maybe,  just maybe we need a revolution of our own....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Libyan Rebels

i saw this picture on yahoo website:

The article title and link is : "Who Are the Libyan Rebels? US tries to figure out"

Now maybe this is a reflection on all the trash and shrapnel that got put in my head which I have to surgically remove, but looking at the picture they use, I couldn't help but to wonder if they were trying to make the reader repel against the rebels?  Everyone crammed in a truck, shouting their teeth out, dark. Not the type America typically "saves" is it?

Just wondered.

Picture of the Day

My "Abba" and an Ethiopian Jewish Na Nach. Na Nachim!!

Na nach nachma nachman m'Uman!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neshama News

(Briefly, there are three parts -really five- to the souls according to Judaism.  There's the soul -the spiritual part that is in charge of keeping the body taken care of. That part knows that the body wants food, sleep and relations.   So, it pushes for that.  Then there is the spirit -it sort of works with the emotions and inspirations, etc of a person.  Then comes the Neshama --that part is what makes us feel like saving the world, or at least saving the whales. That is also the part that encourages us to look for God -because that part is still connected to Him. (the other two parts is a- the amount of potential a person has, how much breath of God someone received and b- the very thought of the person is God's "mind" so to speak)).

If the good people of this world is not active, evil will prevail.  Its not enough to love good..we must ..

Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish justice in the gate;(Amos 5:15)

Doing good is very nice. But actively hating the evil, to the point of eliminating it or ruining it or at least bringing it to justice is also vital.

And thank God that we can. And thank God that we are doing just that!

" it may be that the LORD, the God of hosts, will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph" (Amos 5:16)
 And who would be the remnant of Joseph? What was Joseph all about? He was the one who was tested by Potiphar's wife, He was the one who protected his "seed" and did not succumb to the lusts of the world.

Greedy corporations are rushing to produce vegetables and other foods that are chemically and synthetically made. They are not too concerned with the side effects and really don't care what happens to the consumer. But Jeffrey Smith has picked up his sword and is challenging you to fight this too.

Better watch out Mr. Monsato!(soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton seed oil, canola oil, hawaiian papaya, zucchini, crooknecked squash makers)

The Monsato company is a bioengineering company that creates genetically modified seeds and other foods for general consumption.  Note: greed is going after the "seeds" of the world now.  This is crucial.  This means they have reached yet a new level -unfettered by the "good" slumbering people of the world.  Seed is one of the basic parts of life. Luckily for us, its not the very beginning -sh! they probably don't know that.  The very beginning begins with the thought, knowledge.

On another front, amongst the many natural disasters occurring in our world, the biggest and most recent happened in Japan.  First an earthquake. Then a tsunami, and now there is the constant threat of their nuclear plant to send out radiation. Here is a simple explanation of what's going on with the nuclear reactor.

Many Jews (and Christians) smirked at what happened thinking they "had it coming" because  of their not siding with the Jewish people and encouraging a freeze on construction in Jerusalem (that announcement was made the same day of their earthquake).

And quite honestly, almost every country that came out against the Jews, had some form of disaster upon them: Australia and  Brazil come to mind. Regardless of what is going on, we must remember -Jews, I mean- that we are a microcosm of the world (if you believe that).  Which means, sitting back and laughing or smirking at other's disaster is like laughing at seeing our own eminent hurt from a distant.  We must always have compassion for the world and continue to want good for it, to feel its pain even if it doesn't feel ours.  Was Ithamar a wake up call? My heart goes out to the Fogel family.

On another front, all the various Arab countries are fighting for their rights to self govern. America thinks their fighting for American rights. okay...

Quaddafi's Libya is being bombed by American and other forces. So they picked a side in the civil war there.

(Well, anyway, Quaddafi's Jewish side of the family just had a baby girl. Mazal Tov!  His mother was a Jewish lady who was kidnapped by Bedouins long long ago. Parts of his Jewish family live around where I am)

On a lighter note, Ava DuVernay has founded a new Black movies distribution channel! Good news for all the folks who are tired of the same narrative that the big bucks thinks should be pushed down our throats. Gina,  at What About Our Daughters writes about that.  It all seemed so simple, why didn't anyone think of that before?  It seems, according to her website,, that she made a coalition with various organizations that have film festivals and they all agreed to distribute two films per year.

And, finally, on this wonderful day of Purim, we have a "queen esther" of sorts visiting Israel right now! The one and only, Sarah Palin. Okay, on Purim people like to play tricks - its a little bit like Halloween.  So is this a Purim trick? Is she beneficial for us or not? Doesn't matter, we have something else to drink to now!  L'Chaim!!  lol.

Happy Purim, Everyone!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Be bold

"Be Bold like a Leopard"

Bold like a leopard!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Someone (a Jewish BW named Chaya from Living Essence blog) once told me this...

Have you ever seen a Torah scroll? It has these two thick sides that you roll up to roll up the actual scroll.  The two sides have sticks protruding from them which are adorned with various decorations.

During a synagogue service (an Orthodox one anyway), the Torah is removed and revealed from its house only during the times it will be read. A man takes it out and opens it a bit. He holds it up high for the congregation to see then closes it. As he makes his way to the bima -the tall table where the Torah is actually read, he goes the long route and everyone tries to kiss the scroll or at least touch it.

Then he finally gets to the bima and the Torah is covered with a piece of cloth until whoever is called up is ready to read to it.

That is what you see.

Here is a "Song of Songs" version of what's happening...

The Torah scroll is lilke a beautiful woman. Her two thighs protrude and above she is adorned with or sorts of jewelry and decorations.

During a synagogue service -during the renewal of vows- the woman is taken from her house, only when she will be sung to.  A man takes her out and opens her a bit.  He shows her off to the whole congregation and they fall in love with her all over again. Then he closes her.  As he makes his way to the private chambers, he goes the long route and everyone praises his woman.

Then he finally gets to his place and keeps his woman covered until he is ready to sing to her...

This is beautiful love making!

It only takes the disappearance of the fear of God, for such a beautiful thing to become perverted.

This is what I think of when I hear about the story of the 11 year old little girl who got gang raped by about 16 men. 26 men!!! Its perfectly perverted. They took their "Torah scroll" and "sang" their ugly song to her.

It hurts me to the core.  If only.  If only I was like Shimon/Simon  and Levi, the two hot headed sons of Jaacob who, upon hearing that their sister, Dinah, was raped by the people of Shchem, took it upon themselves to exact vengence for her.  They slaughtered the whole town -the rapists and the people who were coming up with excuses for them.

(unfortunately, for their hot headedness, they didn't inherit a portion in the land of Israel -instead they were made to dwell among their brothers so as to spread and reduce their hot headedness with each generation of intermarriage. -according to some).

I can't understand how people -even the mothers of these men- can not be apalled at what happened. And what should be done to prevent this from happening again?

I suspect that these "men" are a result of the previous generation's spilled seed. Eventually they produce a "damaged beyond repair" entity and that begets more "damaged beyond repair" entities and so on and so forth. Each time the exponent on these DBRs increase to the point that I wonder if they can be even considered "in the image of God".

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watoto from the Nile

I saw this at What About Our Daughter's blog.

I like the offense! Good. I think BW have a better chance when they are at the offense rather than when they are at the defense.

Granted these are little children, little girls so its a bit scary that they are up out there. But I think this trend could go--especially if the real intended person to hear this message was other black little girls.  I hope others make videos and music like that. Kinda like a "justin beiber" package but for promoting positive message to black girls.

It did make me sad that the people that they had to use as their "positivers" were people  like Steve Harvey (what?!).   Its so sad because its telling how lacking in heros or at least lacking in the knowledge of the real heros that exist for them.

They are so cute! Here's another video from them...

Re: li'l wayne and the BM who never defend black women.

I think that there are two basic reasons somebody would do an evil thing (1) the reward for doing the wrong seems greater than the reward for doing the good or (2) they really think honest to goodness that they are doing something right/good.

In case #1 no amount of reasoning will really deter the perpetrator -especially if they've done it twice or three times already. It is just too delicious and the voice of reasoning gets smaller and smaller with each repeat.  The only way to deter them is to take away the reward for doing the wrong (tons of law suits for emotional damage???) or increase the reward for doing good (??).

In case #2 Somehow a very good point has to be shown to these people and we can only hope that they will measure where they are vs. where that very good point is and realize, they are not going to end up at that point if they keep going on the path they are on.

Anyway, I think most rappers fall into category #1

Practically speaking, I wonder if most good Black men tend to be logical. Thus, they may know that they themselves are living the way they are living because they have a value system; and those other guys -the rappers (crappers lol) find their own value system too delicious, the rewards are too great for them to resist the pull. So, talking to these people is a fruitless endeavor.

The only thing I can hope for is that a) there is a constant counter message. A very accessible positive thread that remains always an option for those who begin to look around for something better. Also b) stronger parents who won't laugh as they shake their heads about the rap -sending mixed signals to the younger ones (or make it seem devilishly  or excitingly 'bad'). People who will truly hate and despise the wrong messages is a good first start.

When I think of this video as little girls doing something to show other little girls that they have a voice and options, then it makes my heart light and happy.  when I think of this video as the little girls trying to tug at Li'l wayne's heart strings to change his mind about doing these type of music, I ....get nervous.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Israel and the Apartheid Status

Just for Fun

Cherokee War Dance

(If you remember, I don't feel so comfortable watching people doing their traditional dance like a public spectacle. I don't know what's happening inside of me, but that is how I"m feeling these days.  So why did I put this....?  True I have a growing interest in Native American Indians these days. After the Sheik Anta Diop book, hopefully I can get some Native American Indian books to read up.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Livelihood and Money

Before this post, I would like to recall a previous post called "Passing through the Fire"...

That or I would like to recall the orange.  An orange has three parts, the peel -which is its outer part. the middle white-ish part that some eat and some don't.  And then there is the actual meat of the orange. The flesh.

The peel can be seen as the encasing "evil" around the goodly flesh.  This evil has to be discarded because it is useless to the person.  Its sole use is to protect the flesh, but once its not in storage anymore, when its actually going to be used, the evil is discarded.

Then is the meat, the flesh of the orange. That is thought of as the "good."  That  part of the orange represents good.

This can be seen in other things for example:

peel  ========     meat

pride  =======   confidence

being flashy ===  lighting a way

being very critical =   able to spot needs

I wonder if this can be expanded to explain the relationship with livelihood and money.

Peel =money  ======   meat =livelihood

But how can this be? Should we strive for livelihood without money?

When I say livelihood I mean the financial means whereby one lives.

 Being good, doing good and seeking good in the world may seem like a noble thing to do, but it is more than that.  Those things are like the parts that come together and make a cup.  When you create this cup and look into that cup, you can see your true livelihood -what you were meant to do in this world.

Pursuing this livelihood -so I hear- will bring one to much wealth and easy living/working.  It will seem natural and not hard at all because the person wants to bring a good into the world and because the person accepts their abilities and their role.

However, we can have great beginnings, but veer off into the wrong path.

For example:  Mr. Gruff knew he didn't get along with Mr. Puff.  Mr. Gruff also knew that he really wanted to fund-raise and gather money to build a hospital for his community.  He was the only one who seemed interested in this project no matter who he spoke to.  This made him realize that it was really up to him if it was ever to get done.  So, after much phone calls and letters, Mr. Gruff got the money together to begin his project.  Mr. Puff calls with an offer.  Mr. Puff offers a partnership with Mr. Gruff and in exchange he will also invest some money into the project.

Mr. Gruff, seeing that he could potentially make more money and even have a bigger hospital! So he agreed.  In no time, the two got embroiled in a law suit and the hospital remained partially built.

All this to say, if the goal is to seek out money and more money, then there may be trouble ahead. It may lead to toiling very much for a pittance or it may lead to worries upon worries.  However, if one seeks good, tries to do good and be good, one can see where one's strengths and opportunities and where one's heart is led to. This livelihood can be a constant source of joy for the person (making it not a toil) and, God willing, may bring the wealth that the person needs in his life.

In summary, the peel is the money. The meat is the livelihood.  Its good to have money, but the main thing that will sustain us and keep us moving and bring wealth in our lives is the livelihood. Having a bunch of monies is only a nice outer shell, a nice but temporary protection. Having a livelihood -a mission, a passion, a good- is what will keep the wealth flowing our way. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Should BW "Remember Amalek"?

As I gear up for the Purim holiday, I know that we are getting close to the once in a few times of the year that I actually go to synagogue.  This particular time I go because everyone is supposed to hear the commandment to "remember Amalek".

So who is Amalek? Why do we have to remember him? And should BW or other people "remember Amalek"?

Originally, Amalek was the grandson of Esau.Imagine, after great miracles God performed to save the Hebrews from out of Egypt. Many countries were afraid to mess with them.  But then came Amalek to break the illusion that they were invincible. Amalek was a root force, an initiator to a momentum that was destructive to the Jewish people. Also, Amalek went after the weak and the stragglers who were in the back of the trail.

The serpent tempted Adam and Eve from the outside. However, after they ate the fruit and got the "good and evil" inside, they then had to struggle within to figure out what was the good and what was the bad (sepent's advice) from within themselves.  So too now, with all the intermarrying that went on in the past, everyone is practically a mixture of all the peoples in the Bible. So too Amalek is said to be within us as well.

So because of his ruthlessness and his easy access within us, we can not afford to forget him.

And what does that part of us do? He makes us forget. Forget that there are greater things in life, great things in us; that there is a big universe out there, a higher power we can pray to, that mercy matters as well as justice, etc. He makes us sad, have despair.  That part of us causes us to be melancholy and heavy.

And so we must counter this. We must remember. Remember that there are greater things in life waiting for us; that there are great things even within us -great potentials (for who knows how much breath God breathed into us?).  Remember that there is a Higher Power we can pray to, that mercy matters and can even override the most harshest of judgements.  This remembrance can give us joy and renewed hope. And this joy and hope will charge us and give us the energy to take action.

 Remember amalek.

The things that happen in our lives all come from the same source. Like a coin falling down from the sky, will it land heads up (i.e . good for us) or tails up (i.e. bad for us on this physical plane)? If it lands heads up, then we celebrate and praise the Almighty.  If it lands tails up, then we understand that it is a hidden good-- more like a challenge to bring us to a higher good. The pepsi commercial comes to mind.  How strange it was to see a company blantantly putting out a negative stereotype about Black Women. And what timing?! During the superbowl no less!!

However, many rose to the occasion and used their skills to create new counter videos for themselves. Others at least thought of ways to counter this via letters and complaints and blogging. This initial wave sent the mainstream media to discuss the matter further. A light was turned on.

Honestly now....are there no angry black women? Yes, there are!!! Many have rejected that stereotype and refuse to act in such a way. But there are still those who are weak, those who straggle behind the group.

Remember Amalek.

And so too, with other matters we must always remember Amalek. Remember how he goes after the weak and the ones straggling behind.  Remember that he is within us, and may try to bring us down with great sadness and melancholy and heaviness.  But we've got to shake it off and remember the source, remember our goodness and potentials from the Higher One.

Remember Amalek.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chabad Celebrates 20 Years in Congo - Jewish World - Israel News - Israel National News

Boy risks death to prevent rape target=

Boy risks death to prevent rape target=

I like the ending. He won!!! He won!! A boy escaped abuse. I'm sure he sensed that being physically hurt is much much better than being molested or worse. Yay, kid! May you never have to deal with that again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quotable Quotes

"There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world."

President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Selah

Okay. Way too much credit given to humans.

A Rebuttal to the Pepsi "Love Hurts" Commercial

I like it. Go girl!!! its sweet.