Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quotable Quote

"Black on Black crime is like lashon hara on steroids."

Its like a wrong that can be done with speech, brought down to the physical level.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rebuilding the Beit haMikdash: Musings on Tisha B'Av

Putting Jews aside for a moment, I got a whooper for you :-)

I think the Chinese got it right when they invented the yin -yang symbol to represent the forces in life.  I think there truly are these  "white" and "black" forces.   The difference i'd add is that its not a mere circle but a spiral. winding upwards and downwards in all the dimensions of life.  I do think Black people are thus because they represent the black forces and whites are thus because they represent white forces, its not strictly that way (remember there is that white dot in the black side and the black dot in the white side) but more or less like that. Hispanics, Asians, etc also fall into these two categories depending on how they think.

The whites are in the clouds.  The negative thing about that is that its all sheker /lies.  Not reality, just the imagination at work there. So imagination vs what is real is almost fuzzy.  Maybe that's why many need studies and surveys to actually verify many obvious truths.  The positive side to that is there are no limits, if you can think it up then there's a chance it can be created, why not? I think therefore I am.  The imagination is great.

The Blacks are on the ground. The earth (same place where according to a midrash, Hashem threw down truth).  The negative is that we can be quick to admit our wrongs or see ourselves negatively because truly we are filled with bad and good and without Hashem's help, we lost!  The positive side to that is because we know what's up (when we are connected to truth) and we can actualize things.  Bring it down to earth, make it real, keep it real.

Like two sides of the brain, they do very different work for the "body".  But because of bad middot /bad character traits, they hate each other because one thinks they are superior to the other.  Usually its the Whites who think this, but for the sake of sounding fair, i'll say both.

Heck, the truth is the Whites usually think they are superior and see blacks as "mules" (very physical, real actual. like chomer /donkey represents physicality) and want to ride them to actualize things (??)  and Black folks see Whites as confident because of their seemingly thorough research and thoughts. Both problematic.

Now enter the Jew.  If these people were like the two sides of the brain, then the Jew would be like the Pineal gland.  Or like a mini-brain.  The part that is suppose to bring the left and right side, the black side and the white side into unity and harmony.  The True, Blue (techeilet) Jew can do it.  But he needs his anchors, his mitzvot, his Torah, his prayers, his knowledge. These will balance him right in the middle.  Without those things, he will tend to fall back either towards the White way of thinking or the Black way of thinking (this is regardless if he's hispanic, asian, etc).

This true, blue Jew way of thinking  --if it was actualized and made into a real concrete material, i think it would be the Beit HaMikdash.  But unless the Jewish people are ready to think like this, without secret partiality towards their white idols or whatever, things are not going to change, and the beit HaMikdash won't get actualized.

In the case of Trayvon Martin, anyone who wants to get "black" about it can see clearly that its not right that Zimmerman followed the 17 year old even when the police told him not to and that (2) he confronts the guy and (3) he shoots to kill.  Wrong is wrong, no matter how its packaged.

A White society can see this same situation and decided in their WILL what they actually want to be. From there they will use their intellect to to reason why what they want is right.  That would be as far as things go.

What will probably happen is (1) as all lights eventually reach the earth and leaves a course light in its wake (i.e. reality happens) Zimmerman will eventually be riddled with guilt.  This G-d aweful "white guilty" may insue which doesn't help anyone, but make White folks behave in self destructive manners and he will probably want to go out and hurt again. And (2) all the Zimmermans out there will feel validated in their idea that Blacks are dangerous --all the more so since they are bummed out from all the Trayvon Martin cases that occurred-- and the cycle continues.

Can the True Blue Jew step in and bring a tikkun here?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quotable Quote

"Homocide is racist"

Chloe Simone Valdary

(on the Trayvon Martin murder)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Over Coming Insecurity

From wikipedia: Emotional insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable in some way, or a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one's self-image or ego.

I think one big stumbling block for many Black Jews and others as well, is the insecurity factor.  The fear that people will out them and treat them badly because they are different when in a mostly (and sometimes only) white Jewish setting. White Jews have insecurities as well -y'all can't hide it neither! lol.

But how do we overcome this? Particularly for Black Jews, because very often their worries are valid. 

I remember once my guard was down and I was speaking with a friend.  Because I couldn't think of a more appropriate word, I used the word, "obfuscate".   Ohh! Everything changed! He looked at me and made a big noise, "oooh! you know that word! three syllables!" and on and on he went. It was as if I was not suppose to know this word and if I did it was a big surprise (disturbance?). Such a big deal was made to last the next time I venture out of my "lowliness" to dare use such multisyllablic word.

If using such words causes such a ruckus, if using such words rocks the boat so much, how can a Black Jew even venture into discussing topics which require such words for convenience? Why is it seen as such a bad thing for a black person to sound.... intelligent?

to be continued...