Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sevivon sof sof sof

Its almost Chanukah!!  I can feel the excitement in the air.  The bakeries are already offering soufganiot for the impatient.

I've already double checked my stash of sevivons for when the time comes to play them.  They are also known as dreidels.  Funny, I took a look at my plan, wooden dreidel and.....

There are so much more fancier dreidels out these days:

Check out Amazon's decorated to the hilt dreidel!

Nowadays there's metalic dreidals...

Yemenite art dreidels...

And dreidels with music and lights...

Dreidel is a competitive game in which all players take turns to spin a top which has letters on different sides.  Coins are put out as wagers.  If it lands on the letter Gimel then the spinner gets all the wagered coins.  If it lands on Nun, then the spinner gets none.  If it lands on Heh, they get half and if it lands on Pey, they have to actually add to the wager.

This game is played by Jewish people during the eight days of  Chanukah.  What kind of dreidel are you getting this Chanukah??

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins!

Well, wouldn't you know it!  Trump wins!

Trump is a lot like Noach in the Bible.  In a society with so much depravity, with so many trying only to look out for themselves, it makes the racist look like righteous people -- at least they care for a group rather than just themselves.  Okay, so we're not included in that group, but....

What's next?  Just like Noach, Trump will build an ark -- a safe haven for those who think like him and protect them from whatever oncoming flood the country created.

Many Black folks will hope that maybe if they behave Trump and his klan will accept them.  And they might - as long as they're useful.  But if they show too much knowledge or get intimate with too much knowledge, then out they go.

On the other hand,...

while this ark is around and people are suffering, etc.there is a shiny door -- a window that will be visible.  If we are concentrated enough we can maybe peer through that window and realize the way out, the solution to the woes of society.

Will Ham get intimate again in the ark?  Will he peer through the precious stone again and gain new knowledge?

The cycle has come again. And this time, what will he do with this knowledge?

Long ago, back in some Biblical time ago, Ham was in the ark and he, the raven, the dog had intercourse in the ark.  As a result the raven gain the power of speech, the dog gained entrance into man's world and Ham was stricken with knowledge in his skin.

According to the Oral Torah, Noach tried to chuck the raven out for what he did in the ark.  The raven -- being able to fly -- saved himself by returning to the ark.  An argument ensued.  Noach charged that the raven is useless and purposeless and should be killed!  The raven replies that Noach is only saying that because he wants access to the raven's wife!  And furthermore, that Noach was prejudiced towards the raven because of what happened in the ark.  The Oral Torah goes on to say that the G-d favored the raven's argument.

So Noach was silenced.

Once he got out of the ark, He thanked G-d.  But the next thing you know, he grows a vineyard, gets drunk and debases himself.  Ham, not wanting a repeat of how society was, came in and "confronted" Noach.  Ham then called his brothers and told them what happened.  For this he was cursed by Noach.

(Personally, I think Noach had it in for all the three who were intimate in the ark.  But the big question is what did he do with the dog?  I think after the vineyard, and since he couldn't get the raven's wife, the dog was next!  but have no proof.)

So, history is coming full circle.  The ark is being built.  Noach is the head at the moment.  What will Ham do to change the course of history?  How will he use this knowledge for the good of the world? For the good of his people?  For his own good?

Personally, the only way I think would work is if he goes the way of Eliezer.  Eliezer was righteous, too.  He served Avraham dutifully.  But eventually, he went -- while alive -- to Gan Eden/Paradise.  What does that mean?  I suspect it means he went back to Africa.

And that is what I think the Black folks in America should be doing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Eliezer and Our Story

One very unsung hero in the bible is Eliezer.  The Servant of Abraham.

He was said to be so holy and on such a high level that he was able to go into paradise while alive.

Eliezer was given the holy task of being the vessel to make the match for Yitzchok/Isaac.  He took it on.  I am almost certain that if it was for anyone else, there would be scores and scores of written words about how the father should have taken the job himself and what an important job it was and how dare he leave it to the servant.  But since it was one of the people that we decide is a "good guy" then no matter what, some will not fault him for anything.

So there goes Eliezer with this big load of responsibility on his back.  Stories have it that he prayed constantly for Hashem to show him who is the right person for this holy marriage.

He stood by the well and waited.  He knew most people had to come around this old time water cooler and perhaps he can get info this way.  As he waited, Rivka (Rebecca) came with her pitcher to gather water for her family.

 Eliezer asks her for some water and she graciously pulls water out of the well not only for him, but for his camel as well.  This was a sure sign that she was giving and kind.  Not only that but that she went the extra mile.  Eliezer then presented her with gifts and explained his purpose.  Rivka brings him home to tell the family what's going on.

The family is an interesting one.  The father, Bethuel, doesn't sound like he's such a nice guy.  In fact, he named his own daughter, Rivka, after a bunch of cows (in Hebrew a group of cows is called a rivka) as a way to insult her.  Bethuel tries to swindle Eliezer for more $$, but Rivka sees her way out and grabs it.  That very day she agrees to go with Eliezer.

Question:  if Bethuel was such a bad guy that he was willing to shame his daughter by calling her a rivka, try and swindle a man who was trying to offer a good marriage to his own daughter, why wouldn't he shame his son as well by calling him Laban which means white.  It was post the time of the flood.  Hopefully, most of the nefillim were washed away and all those who brought on destruction of the world.  But what if a few remained.  what if Laban, due to Bethuel's genes, came out white.  Why would someone call another white if he wasn't the lone white guy?  As if the whiteness singled him out and, this being Bethuel we're talking about, was a way to insult someone.

I'll tell you why.

Because I suspect right now we are in the times of Avraham.  Meaning we are in a place in time where we can do kindness.  We can do hospitality.  We can take care of bodies, things, etc.  But mentally, we may still be in the same mindset as Noach's thinking.  And Noach was basically a racist.  He set the tone. He didn't like the fact that Ham was wise.  that Ham, the dog, and the raven took advantage of an advantageous moment and elevated themselves. So much so that he wanted to chuck the raven the first chance he got.  He cursed Ham the first chance he got.  And luckily the dog escaped unscaithed.

So even though we can give and be kind, mentally we are stuck in Noach's mindset.  I think this is also why the Torah is written in the angle that it is written.

I think it is important to take the halachot (laws) and mitzvot (good deeds, commandments) from the Torah, but then each person must map out and chronicle their own narrative of why.  We must all write our Torah.

For example, the story of the Exodus could be written completely from the direction of the Egyptian.  How Hashem wanted to bring them back to holiness.  Or perhaps they reached the height of wisdom and had no choice but to enter a new world -- the world of humility, which would explain the whole reversal of creation that occurred.

That same story can probably be said again from the angle of another, smaller group of people who lived during that time.

I pray we find Hashem and do good deeds (mitzvot, commandments) and not rely on hisstory -- i.e. the other guy's story, but find our story -- and find the goodness in our story (and not fight another about their story).

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Festival of Sukkot, Black Don't Crack, and Lots of Love

The Festival of Sukkot

We are now celebrating the Festival of Booths, a.k.a Sukkot.  This is when the Jewish people around the world build little huts and dwell in them for a period of time.  This is also the time when we do these interesting rituals of gathering a lulav (palm branch), an etrog (type of lemon), a myrtle branch and a branch from a willow tree.

All four "species" are held together and shaken in every direction while inside the sukkah.
The sukkah must be at least with three walls -- two and a half really.  The roof must be something natural -- either branch leaves, many use palm branch leaves, bamboo sticks, or wood.  And the sky shouldn't be completely covered -- you should be able to see some stars.

If the walls are made of soft materials such as sheets, then it must not bellow in the wind.

Inside the sukkah is filled with beautiful decorations.  It used to be that most of the decorations were various fake fruits dangling down a green leafy vine.  But someone got the bright idea of introducing (recycling?) Christmas decorations and selling it in Israel as Sukkah decorations.  So we have that now, lol.

These four species have many significant meaning.  The one that I want to focus on is the one which teaches that:

  • The etrog represents both tzaddik and scholar, the righteous individual who does good deeds and so has an aroma (doesn't smell "fishy" but in fact smells goodly) and studies Torah diligently and so is edible (nutritious).
  • The lulav represents those who only study Torah but not much good deeds; it is edible, but doesn't have a fragrance.  I.e. someone with wisdom, but not the commandments.
  • The myrtle is the one who had good deeds but doesn't have the capacity to study Torah.
  •  And the willow represents the one who has neither Torah learning nor good deeds.

The Lulav & Black folks

The lulav makes me think of Black folks, Native American Indians, all those "earthy" people who possess wisdom.  There are stories in the Talmud representing the wisdom in Africa.  To read some check out the women story, the story of Africa, and the judge's story.

History also bears out this truth with the introduction of mathematics by the Pheonicians, the universities of Mali, the Egyptians' creation of the pyramids, pyramids found in Sudan, the Dagon people and their knowledge of astrology.  The list goes on and on.

They have the wisdom.  But many do not have the commandments.  I remember riding in my car once and there was a lady, Black American, who was waiting for the red light.  But she wasn't waiting to cross the street.  When the light turned red, she went from car to car asking for charity.

I called her over and gave her whatever I had on the dashboard.  She looked surprise and I asked her what was so surprising.  She answer," Most times Black folks don't give me charity."

I was kind of crushed.  I do remember walking with friends and if we saw a poor on the street they would make comments like, "why give him money?  He'll just spend it on booze."  And with that the thought of giving charity was dismissed.

And with the constant propaganda at work by mainstream media, the riff between black folks is only increasing.

Being influenced by the depravity that is around them, many black communities have to deal with lots of theft, baby mama drama, murder, etc.

These commandments are pleasant.  They anchors a person to this world.  They tell/remind us how to handle property, how to deal with other people, honor one's mother and father, do not steal, do not murder,  It anchors us to present world -- our world.

Black folks are brilliant and their wisdom precedes them.  However, something didn't anchor them to the world and they succumbed when they encountered the "spirit of folly" -- the evil one -- the storm wind.  Evil ran circles around them because evil is not logical.  It attempts to make itself seem logical, but if you try to understand it, you'd simply go crazy.

Black Don't Crack

All these things come to mind and I feel crushed.  Why are all the goodly people in such lowly positions?  Why do innocent countries get taken by wicked European countries and left in forever civil wars while the wicked take over the resources and take over the education process thereby ruining the next generation?  Why can't African-Americans come together and hold steadily and strong against the storm winds?

"That which Wisdom made a crown for her head, Humility made a heel for her sandal"

The Wisdom alone is not enough to fight this evil.

The height of wisdom is only the beginning of humility, of being humble.

Although it seems incredible to think that the humble one can be more powerful than the wise one, it is true!

What is so special about the humble one?  He goes on his path.  He does what he knows and doesn't sway neither to the right nor to the left.  He is consistent and continuous.  We have listened to the storm wind.  It constantly tells us how bad we are and tries to back it up with history, science, whatever else would make a good tool. It doesn't matter of one contradicts the other.  As long as at the present it is in a constant state of trying to get into our heads.

Haters have certain weapons that they use against us:

  • Lies
  • Distractions

These weapons can be easily defeated by truth (and therefore by wisdom).  But the problem is the consistency of the message.  We are bombarded daily with lies and distractions and propaganda telling us we should be thugs, we are thugs, we are not smart, and so on.  With the humble person, neither of these tools work.  The humble person only does what he knows.  He's not searching and so won't find the distractions.

Black folks tend to be truthful, keeping it real.  This could be why we don't see a lie coming? (Of course, it doesn't mean black folks never lie.  They would lie if they wanted to save face, etc.)
But with all the constant effort of haters trying to lie, trying to distract, trying to take over, trying to destroy, etc.  They are zooming themselves farther and farther from real time (or at least our time), making us and them look farther and farther apart.

Like totally different time zones!

As they speed away in their destructive direction, I suppose they see time very differently than we do.  And we see it differently than they do.  At the rate they're going - and as we look at life through their lens, black ain't neva gon crack! lol

This is all good and well, but the other problem that they are destroying the world as they move and that needs to stop.  We must stop it.

We must stop it.


So what could possibly have gotten us into this mess?  We have wisdom, but wisdom and truth can't fight crazy.  So how do we get out from under their crazy and evil oppression?  With wisdom and with good deeds/commandments from humble, Torah true teachers/teachings.  When can this happen?  Now!

The sukkah represents the world around us. We don't want the walls of our world, our house being swayed by the storm wind.  The roof something natural like the sky and we can see the stars.  We shake all the species and then draw their energy toward us in all the directions.  As we draw them toward us -- like a receptive woman, let us be humble with the knowledge that we gain from this and go in Gd's guiding voice.

I got lots of love for you all and am rooting for you!!  (for the sake of goodness, for the sake of humanity.)

Post script:  I don't know if it has to be good deeds that stem from Torah itself.  Torah is very baseline.  But perhaps even African Spirituality will have good deeds -- like libation,  festive dancing, etc.  Things that will anchor the individual to a time and place and thereby anchoring a person to the world.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Haiti is in Trouble.

Please pray for Haiti.  NGO's are salivating and opening up their tables and setting up shop.  I can't stop white folks, they will probably give to these NGOs because they know they are making other white people rich.

But I hope I can influence you, Black-America, Africans, others to truly help Haiti.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where is My Johnny? The Problem with Wisdom

Where is my Johnny?

Hahahahah!! Seriously, I mean where is my man? My Moses?  The one who can fuse kemetic knowledge with holiness and purity and lead the flock out of oppression?  My knight in shining armor?

Throughout the Talmud I have found stories relating to the wisdom of Black folks.  But the problem with wisdom is that it is predicated on Truth. And hateful white people are ALL about falsehood.  No feet on the ground.  You got pavement, on top of that, you got shoes, and on top of that something else (car, bicycle, airplane) anything that will detach you from the ground.

I thought and hoped that the conscious community was about figuring out Truth, but it seems to have since turned into drive-by shootings where one gang threatens another and "pseudo" is the new "nigga" name calling.

Not surprising.

It's like every country has a little hub of Black population.  Sometimes I wonder if that isn't the real heart of that nation, the source of their blessings, the source of their wealth.  But as long as they are ignorant about it, it's business as usual.

Reminds me of a story called Those Who Walked Away from Omelas.  It's a short story about a society where everyone was happy and everything was well, as long as one child was made to suffer.  Eventually there were a few who were able to say no to such a society and walk away.

It's as if the small black enclaves in each country is the suffering child in Omelas.  Very pitiful few will walk away from this.  Meaning, don't hope for allies; they are enjoying themselves too much to want neither the resultant joy nor the required suffering to end.

That's on a national level.  Going bigger, on the global level, Africa is that child to the world.  Going smaller, black folks, etc.

But again, that is a bubble.  That is a lie.  And as long as we believe and live by this lie, its all good (for them).


There HAS to be a way out.  To be continued...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Rosh Hashana was yesterday.  The Jewish new year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bati & Beni here at last!

Finally I gave birth. lol.

It's a mini-magazine for children.  Specifically children in African communities whose communities have expressed in interest in Torah.  Why should they get images of white Jewish children get crammed down their throat?  Then everyone will wonder what happened to their self esteem.  No!

Let's nip that in the bud!

So I created Bati & Beni mini-magazine for kids.

Want a sneak peek?  lol.  You know you do!

Donate to help get this out to them and you get your own copy as well.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

What to do With the Kool-Aid

There is a teaching in the talmud:


10 measures of drunkeness came into the world.
  Black folks took 9 of them!
Tractate Kiddushin

There are also other 10 measures that came and other people took them.  But I want to focus on this one.  Some Jews are ashamed and apologetic and they'll say, "oh, its a misprint!" lol.

But I think it doesn't have to be taken as a bad thing.  But also it might not all be good things.  But if this is true, then it is worthwhile to get to know this better to get to know the self.

I believe black folks can eat, breath, and sleep a topic and practically become that topic.  Bring excellence to that topic so much so that they pretty much define it and can only compete with themselves on it (if they even feel the need to compete).

Here's some Black folks who got drunk on....


Simone Biles

Ice skating..

Surya Bonaly


Michael Jackson


Katherine Johnson



Well, you get the picture..

So all this to say that we just might need to have our bottles to drink -- that second bottle.  So it may not be enough to tell people "stop drinking the kool aid!"  Rather, it maybe better to take on a safe drink. With that -- the kool  aid need will be taken care of.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In the search for air, for redemption, for salvation from all the oppression and mistreatment, many find solace in the Old Egyptian, Kemetic ways.

Without delving in too deeply, I suspect it was formed as a result of so many depraved society all around them. And as a result, they came up with this civilization that can nullify the depraved society's grasp on them.

But I think it's only because they became more snake than the snake.  They became more depraved than the depraved societies. Except in Egypt it's done consciously and not so much out of the pull of lust and folly.

Its a powerful way to fight.  It almost seem undefeatable. Looking back in the stories of ancient Egypt in the Bible, they became a super power.  Everyone went to them when there was famine in the land.  They never seemed effected by the famine.

In fact, they seemed so undefeatable that when the Hebrews became entangled with them, it took the reversal of the entire creation to get them out (the death of the first born; creation of Adam first man, the death of the beasts; the 5rd day of creation of the animals, plague of darkness; the beginning light, etc.)

Even HaShem, G-d, seem to have understood them.  He never wanted them to be killed. It is even written that one of the purpose of the story of exile was so that Pharaoh would know Hashem. (there are some who say he did finally recognize Hashem and went on to rule in Nineveh and fell into corruption until Jonah came along).

There is a standing commandment for the Jews not to refuse or be cruel to Egyptians for they were once a stranger in a strange land.  Most will interpret this to mean that since the Jews were in exile in Egypt so for that reason, in the merit of the history and since Egyptians did some good for them, they should remember that and act with kindness.  But to me it could also mean that just like the Jews were "stranger in a strange land" being Jews among depraved people until they finally reached their promised land.  So the Egyptians also experienced being alone against depraved people -- until they built themselves strong enough to push them away by taking those very depravities and using the power in them.

Now many Africans were taken by the European slave trade and brought to the Americas.  The whole society from South America to North America was created by greedy people who had no problems killing the Native American Indians that lived there, take their resources and sit in their lands, seeking new groups of people to whip and force into labor and thrive.  Then to remove the feelings of guilt, they "elevated" things into falsehood.  Rootless ideas, words, and beliefs. Now their history is neither on the ground (truth) nor in the heavens (holy).  It hoovers around somewhere in the realm of falsehood.

And as time goes by -- and since falsehood can't stand on it's own -- they have to keep adding to their level of falsehood which in turn increases the level of depravity.  Now these very Africans are trapped in a society of very depraved people trying to justify their existance by blaming those very Africans for everything wrong.  Committing crimes on their back.  Acting out their depravity. Strangers in a strange land.

It seems only natural that the likes of Shakka Ahmose, Sa Neter, and other Imhotep people with the kemetic movement would emerge.  It's the wisest and most powerful reaction against all the depravity.  But it's not the holiest route.

Just as G-d beseeched Pharaoh to turn and do good, I want to beseech the imhotep people to turn also to Torah.  Not to convert, no!  But rather to learn its wisdoms and holiness and to create a society that can fight the depravity with goodness rather than with conscious depravity.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hey Readers!

Hey readers,

I hope you are enjoying the reading.  Drop a comment and say hello!

Much love!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Noach, Avraham, and Moshe Rabbeinu

 In my mind I divide the society into three parts. The Noach, Avraham and Moshe.Rabbeinu.

Noah -- back in his day was the most righteous. But if you look at everyone around, they were all depraved. So as righteous as Noach was, he may have still been racist or hateful. That's how I see racists.  In a depraved society, where people are being greedy, stingy, lusting after sex - lusting after domination, then everyone is looking out for number 1; themselves, in such a society, the racist at least appears to becomes the righteous.

A clear case is the situation in America.  Police officers are shooting and killing unarmed Black men with little or no impunity. And yet many people will defend these same cops and on top of that vote for Donald Trump, a man who raises the inspiration of racists.

In such a case, at least, the racists show compassion for "their kind" which is a step higher than being totally for oneself and throwing all of humanity under a bus. But nevertheless, it's a very low state indeed.

Then comes Avraham -- in this stage they know Torah -- or at least they have the capacity to reason out Torah. people try to live righteously, and are willing to spread the good word.  But I don't know if they would break any status quo. That's how I see many Jews today -- not all.

 And then there's the Moshe Rabeinu level (Moses). Moshe married an Ethiopian,also a Midianite, He brought the people to the level of getting prophecy straight out from Hashem. He was hopeful and brought some of the Egyptians that had been turning to Judaism (probably since Yosef haTzaddik's time) , and put the people ahead of himself. It is said that the Jewish people had fallen to the 49th level of tumah (impurity).  That means they could have had a Noach-type moshiach at that time, but for some reason, the much higher caliber moshiach, Moshe Rabbeinu, came.

What decided which moshiach would come?  The only thing I can think of is that the society in Noach's time must have fallen into the 50th level of tumah which was why they had to go.  No redemption for them; they just had to go.

Whereas in the case of the Jewish people in Egypt, they were at the 49th level of tumah and so redeemable.

The Moshe Rabbeinu level is where we need to be.  There the racists would be frowned upon.  There everyone will have a chance to be the best they can be and receive directly from Hashem.  This is definitely the level where Black folks can stand a chance to be normative and to function without the dread of racism.

Now, after the exodus from Egypt, many couldn't handle Moshe's disappearance when he went to get the stone tablets and built the golden calf. Upon Moshe's return, he saw that they had replaced him with a statue -- the golden calf.  Moshe threw the stone tablets and destroyed the idol.  Then he went and got new ones -- different ones. Now if someone goes to get a gift, then returns and sees the receivers are misbehaving and decides not to give them the gift, but rather to give them a different gift, I don't think that second gift would be of a higher caliber than the first one was.

I think that set us back to the Avraham stage. Back to not really changing any status quo but trying to live righteously and spreading the good word whenever possible, praying from a distance, (Or did we go back to Noach? Yikes!)

At any rate, the goal to strive for is the Moshe Rabbeinu level. Its great to call upon the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  But maybe, just maybe we should be calling upon the G-d of Moses (that facet of G-d)?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's Make a Way

Shalom, shalom, Readers!

Long ago I created the first African Torah publication called Making a Way.  I did it with my own $$ out of pocket.  Unfortunately, I couldn't keep it up and had to stop.  But I'd like to try again but this time with YOUR help!

If you want to advertise, you can get 1/2 a page of advertisement for $100 and full page advertisement for $300 or just donate and help.

Be generous! You can give towards (and receive a copy) by donating at paypal to


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Muhammad Ali 1942 -- 2016

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.

The Black community has gain another ancestor.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 3

It is a bold step to compare a Black man's skin with Torah -- or really, to imply that there are instructions embedded there.  It is a probably jarring for most who are used to hearing the typical mainstream talk.  But let's explore this for a minute, shall we?

Because they have Torah/Instruction intrinsicly, (1) their behavior may seem bizarre for someone who doesn't know Torah and (2) they may endure harsher punishments when they stray away from this inner knowledge because it's such a part of them.

Bizarre Behavior in the USA:

For example, in the USA alone, there was a time when mass incarceration was the name of the game.  Many Black men were thrown in jail for the slightest of reasons, they were shamed and miseducated in schools.  It was an attempt to kill them.

In response, the women still had children -- but out of wedlock.  Even though the men were messed up or thrown in jail, the women found a way to keep the peoplehood going.

This story reminds me of Israel.  When in Egypt, Pharaoh decided to kill all the Hebrew baby boys lest one arises to save them.  In retaliation, Amram decided that all couples should separate.  That way no one will have children and no babies will be killed.

Amram's daughter, Miriam, thought differently.  She accused Pharaoh of trying to kill all the boys and Amram for trying to kill both boys and girls!  Since no children would be born the future looked bleak.  Everyone saw her reasoning and concurred.  So they had babies and tried to hide them and hope for the best if it was a boy.  Some may have even tried to dress their boys as girls.

Now Black women are fighting to have babies even though "the system" is trying to kill their boys.  Some men/boys even resort to behaving extra soft so as not to appear to pose a threat.

Another bizarre behavior is this phenomenon that Black people will stand by and march for everyone else's problems.  Many within the community complain about that and wonder why don't they just stick with their own problems.

"Whoever prays for mercy on behalf of his friend, and he needs the same thing, will be answered first." (Baba Kama 92a)

But because of the "hidden Torah" within the Black people, that may explain why they see the bigger picture and tend to be self-sacrificing.

There is the bizarre behavior of Black folks thinking they are gods or kings and their women are goddesses or queens.  In Kabbalah, there is a teaching that G-d and the Torah are as one -- meaning, they are very connected in a very close way.  So he who has Torah -- learning it, loving it, living it, etc,. it's as if he is almost one with G-d.

Harsher Punishments:

Again, sticking with USA history, there is no need to elaborate on the harsher punishment and treatment that Black folks are enduring.  Not even in the USA alone, but all over South America, Africa, the Arab world, everywhere.

It behooves us all to take a moment of meditation and appreciate who we are and how we are and to use it for maximum good for ourselves and for the world.

Shabbat Shalom!

To be continued...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 2

The Precious Stone:

At the top of the ark was something to bring light into it.  Some say it was a window, some say it was a precious stone.  If it was a window then it would only shine light when it was day.  But since it was very stormy, probably definitely rainy weather, a precious stone may have been in order.
What is so special about a precious stone?  It really enhances the beauty of something.  Crowns in particular are decked out with precious stones.  But it's not coincidental, it's purposeful.

Keter means crown in Hebrew.  According to some, the precious gems on the crowns allows one to actually peer to what's above -- the next level.  Kind of like a crystal ball. Or like the Urim v'Thummim -- the breastplate of the Cohen/High Priest.

The Intercourse:

When Adam mated with Chava/Eve, it's written Adam "knew" Chava/Eve.  In fact, this "knowing" is a way of intimately getting familiar with someone -- or even something thing or a concept.
When it is taught that Hham had "intercourse" in the ark, since intercourse may have been forbidden, it may mean that he either went against the rules (broke a glass ceiling?) or he gained intimate knowledge from staring into the gem that was used for light.

There were others who also "had intercourse" according to the sages.  The dog and the raven.  As a result, the dog was made to be tied and the raven was made to expectorate.  Interestingly, the dog is, in fact, tied.  It is now closer to the human plane than most animals.  In some countries it's known as a "man's best friend." 

As for the raven, interestingly, it can actually use speech much better than the well-known parrot.  Speech is a very human characteristic.  Both the dog and the raven were brought up to a higher level away from their previous animal plane and into the human plane.

Romancing the Stone:

In the ark, Hham may have gazed at the precious stone and from gazing he peered through and gained intimate knowledge.  Knowledge of what?  What is his Torah/instructions?

As a result of this act, he is said to be stricken in the skin.  Black skin has a factor that is almost like the chlorophyll in plants.  Plants use a process called photosynthesis to convert light energy into chemical energy for fuel.  As well, melanin is a process that converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel.  That's on a physical plane.

On a different plane, let's talk about light.  In every synagogue, there is a light that is forever shining above the ark which contains the Torah.  Let that sink for a minute...  So from within the ark, Hham who was contained within the ark stared up at the light shining constantly from the precious stone and as a result was stricken in the skin.

The Torah can only be written on skin.  Traditionally, it's been written in cow hide.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah?

Many will argue that the original Jews were Black or Brown people.  And that seems pretty logical.  But I want to focus my attention on Bnei Hham.  They are also a Black/Brown people.  But they get a bad rap.  It's as if they are almost the exact opposite of the Jews!

One is considered blessed.  The other is considered cursed.  Now I would like to introduce a new idea:  that perhaps both are blessed/cursed depending on what they do with their gifts.

Let's review the stories:

In the case of the Jewish people:

The left Egypt, traveled through the desert and come on the Mountain Sinai.  There they heard lightening and saw thunder -- miracles and Moshe came down with the Torah Tablets.  Now this Torah can only be written on skin -- usually it's written on cow skin.  They said na'ase v'nishma (we will do and we will hear).  Anti-semitism came into the world.

In the case of bnei Hham:

Hham left with his family to enter the ark.  There there was a precious stone above to send down light.  Hham had intercourse (please note, very often when they talk about "intercourse" its like a form of getting to know or knowledge: so we can say he gained some knowledge very intimately there).  Because of this he is stricken in the skin.  He comes out of the ark and witnesses Noah drunk and naked.  He does something to Noah - some say he castrated him and then calls his brothers.  Noah wakes up from his stupor and curses out Hham and/or Canaan.

Let's compare:

Jewish people go up Mt. Sinai
Hham people go into the ark

Jewish people have a revelation
Hham people gain intimate understanding

Jewish people are given a Torah that can only be written on skin
Hham people are striken in the skin as a result of this intimate knowledge

Jewish people say na'ase v'nishma
Hham people did an act and listened

Jewish people got anti-semitism
Hham people got racism

Their histories are very similar, But why is one considered cursed and the other blessed?  Answer: I suspect because someone wants to be the narrator of history.  And that someone is Esav.  He wants full ownership of our imagination.  That way you will think only as far as he wants you to think and have the capacity to do only as much as he wants you to do.   They want to play G-d.  And as such, they play one against the other. 

Someone can easily look at the Jew's history and not think they were blessed -- every country they've been in people have tried to kill them or stop them from performing their Torah ordained deeds.  Many have been slaughtered simply for being Jewish.  Their place of origin was taken from them and should they attempt to get it back, they are shamed and fought against.  And probably where it's necessary (for Esav) they are viewed as cursed.  Someone can easily look at bnei Hham's history and think they were blessed -- such a fertile land envied by all.  Endless sunshine and resources scattered about their land in great demand then and now.  Exotic animals, rain forests, their own melanin abilities, etc..  And probably, where/when its necessary, they are viewed as blessed..  But one thing is for sure, both groups hold on tight to life.  But now its time to turn on the light for the Black world. To dispell this image of cursedness and to turn on the "light" -- the "אוֹר" or the "עור" to our Torah.
The first Hebrew word means light, spelled with an Alef.  The second Hebrew word means skin, spelled with an Ayin.  But they are both pronounced Ohr.

To be continued...

Gorilla vs Boy vs Stupid

As you all know in the Cinncinatti zoo, a small boy of 4 years old managed to get into the gorilla's sanctuary and fell right near the gorilla.  The zookeepers followed protocol and shot the gorilla.

If it had been a white family -- if the mother of that boy was a white lady, I think that would have been the end of the story.  but since its a Black family, people are seriously upset that the gorilla was killed because of a little Black boy -- as if it was a waste of a death.

Not even giving a second thought to the fact that maybe the gorilla shouldn't be locked up in captivity for their viewing pleasures.

Investigations are being made on the family! All their past wrongs are being put out in the media. SMH.  And if anyone dare call out racism, then the collective will roll their collective eyes as in, "why'd you have to bring that up?"  Burst their bubble of pretend.  They are being racist!

It almost makes me wonder if they are really all that upset that  a gorilla was harmed.  Rather they are sad that their pleasure got taken away from them for the sake of a Black boy.  They would harm another gorilla to capture it and replace Harambe when all this dies down.

Heck! Once upon a time they had Black folks in zoos!

Rest in peace, Harambe.  Sad that you were captured and caged and sad about the whole incident.

Thankfully, the boy is okay.  The family is probably going through rough times right now with lots of emotions flying around.  Send vibes of goodness towards them. If you can write good for them.  Keep that light on.

Friday, May 27, 2016

What if Business was War?


I am excited about the awakening in the Black community collectively.  I too am experiencing an awakening.  However, I do long for the day when the Black community's actions are not viewed immediately as "coonery" or "stupid" until further analysis is done.  I mean, I long for the day when it's assumed wise until proven otherwise.

What If Business was War?

Thanks to people like Boyce Watkins, Andre Hatchett, and legends like Claud Anderson, the buzz for creating Black businesses is being felt and people are moving and shaking things.  Businesses are getting created in an amazing array of industries, apps are getting created, the list goes on and on.  But the question that seems to puzzle everyone is this:  Why aren't Black consumers going to black businesses?

Many of the answers have something about "coonery" on the public's part or "stupidity" on their part, but I would like to analyse it a bit more and from a new angle.

When an entity's will goes against another entity's will, it makes for a clash.  One may try to impose their will on the other one if they are small minded.  This battle of the wills is the stuff that war is made out of.

Group A wants land X.  Group B opposes.  They go to war about it.
Group A wants product X.  Group B opposes.  They go to war about it.
Group A wants X.  Group B opposes.  They go to war about it.

You get the picture.

If not, another good example is sports.  There are two teams.  They both have the will to get a rare resource: the winner status.  They go out screaming or some  kind of battle cry and it's on.  They go to war about it.

Sports is the entertainment for warlike people.

Businesses are not too different.  They introduce item X.  But they don't let you have it unless you yield (money).  The battle cry is the marketing and advertisements.  In the end, they both hope to be the victor and compete for that position.

What's Love Got to Do With It?
Now would someone one who loves another battle it out?  Or would they have the same will -- to make sure item X is available to their loved ones who need it without struggle?  Can you see why a Black person who loves another Black person would maybe not want to engaged in such battles, bargaining, outsmarting, etc.?

Hopefully, we can begin to see the wisdom and love in the Black collective's action. It could be they don't want to engaged in this war against their own.  Whereas with other companies, other groups, they know they are in a battle and there's no love there.  So they do what they can to outsmart the business or they resign themselves to possibly being the defeated one, the outsmarted one.

Once I heard that a Black woman started a detergent line.  But she and her friends were offended that Black consumers felt comfortable enough to ask her what ingredient went in the making of the detergent.  They asked, "would they ask Tide about their ingredient?!"   No.  They wouldn't.  But they may wonder.  However, if they know they'll be lied to, outwitted, or they have no choice in the matter anyway, so they buy without question.  But it doesn't necessarily mean there are no questions!

Best Model for Paradise
To the best of my knowledge, I think the best model is how some native Indians had it.  There was an area where everyone brought their excesses and those in need would rumage through and take what they needed.  But everyone had to be productive and kind enough to share their excesses.

We are nowhere near recreating this self sustaining model (nor even desiring such a model possibly), and so therefore must go out and hunt.  Go out and go to war and bring in resources into the community.  But to chastise people for not hunting the hunter makes no sense.  Let him hunt.  We should all be hunting and bringing home resources until the community is self sustaining.

It's awesome that these warriors are getting created.  They are needed.  And when possible Black consumer should buy from them if/when they can.  But one must use caution to make sure it's truly to our advantage in the short and long run.

Monday, May 9, 2016

YAS!! The Foundation is Getting Worked

Irritated Genie and Tazaryach and a few others came together to address not only the situation in regards to Bambaataa molesting many boys in the community but child molestation in general.

In Kabbalah, Yesod means foundation.  It is the symbolized by the groin area in Man.  If that area is kept pure, that means the foundation is solid.

For a long, long time now the Black community has been swamped with lewd advertising, The music industry only promoted the songs that pushed for sexual promiscuity -- the others were turned down, People associated Black women and men with over riped (?) sexuality -- extra raunchy in the bedroom, etc. Black women and men who grew up in that time began to think this was their identity and fulfilled the "prophecy" -- the lie took hold.  So, so much ensued.  

But now a beginning is happening.  With Iratated Genie at work and the community supporting him and finally talking about all the aftermath of all the garbage going in, the house is finally getting cleaned out.  The gut is finally getting the clean up it so badly needed.  Good energy channeling down from all the Knowledge -- good knowledge we are absorbing, y'all!

In the Torah and Bible, when they want to say that Man man cohabitates with  his wife, they say he Knew her.  As in they are exchanging knowledge.  Knowledge and cohabitating have something in common -- the exchange of information.  It's as if because we are using our wisdom and understand to bring down good knowledge to the people, we have also triggered all the other parts to start aligning correctly.  Is there more kindness going on?  More strength to protect our vulnerable amongst us?  Beauty? More determination?  More splendor?  Definitely, the foundation is being rocked.

This is the YESOD work that needs to be done.  And it's beginning..Praise G-d!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Afrika Baambaataa

Its so good that these twin brothers, Red Pill and Blue Pill stepped up to remind everyone that hiphop started with people who were underdogs and that it should stay for the people.  Yes, singers and rappers get rich from it and people from outside the culture come in looking to cash in as well.

But that is like another level -- maybe shouldn't even be called hip-hop? 

Also in the Jewish community, people are struggling with people who take on the roll as leaders, teachers, etc and then they abuse their constituents.  The depth of the abuse -- I wish on no one because you almost have to change your very identity in order to survive it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Brother Polight Video

When I first started blogging, this type of information sat in my head as big maybes but no way (or no interest in verifying it because, well, because life was going on.).  So many years later, now I'm hearing guys like Brother Polight teaching this.

Pretty exciting!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

B"H for Titans TV and Thank you, Kalam

Titans TV is one of the best development in the Black community.  However, I do get weary when those not from the community comes and tries to establish themselves in there.  Why is it so great?  And why do others want so much to get in on it?

But first a story:

There was once a Jewish man who was raising his son a best he can.  He kept him away from booze promoting commercials, kept him away from talk about sleazy things, etc.  

Well, one day he had to take his son to a specific doctor.  And that doctor was in a neighborhood filled with billboards of liquor, scantyly cladded women advertising who knows what, etc.  The father was afraid.  So he went to his rabbi and asked him what should he do.  The rabbi replied, "Keep him engaged in Torah.  Keep his heart engaged and he will be okay."

So as soon as they got off the bus, the father began engaging the son in all sorts of Torah questions.  The son loved it and searched in his mind for answers and posed questions of his own on the topic.  This went on all the way until they arrived at the doctor"s office and also when they left the doctor"s office/  This way, the boy saw nothing because his heart was preoccupied!

Why is this show so great?  Because this is the next necessary step in Black Consciousness.  When we are engaged in discussions that we want to be engaged in, when we discuss and disect these very interesting ideas, we are engaging our hearts.  We are also blocking out all the bullsh*t and propaganda from the world of shekker /the world of lies.  So just like that boy who had to navigate through a street full of advertisements and billboards trying to lure us towards things that are not beneficial to us, everytime we are watching Titans TV, everytime we engage one another about why so-and-so said this or why so-and-so thinks that, we are cleaning out and purifying our hearts from the crap the world tries to smear us with.

Also, it is taught in the Jewish world that conversation is 1/60th of the Garden of Eden.  Meaning, when we engage in conversation, it's as if we are enjoying a piece of the Garden of Eden -- home!

This is a powerful thing.  But also something people want to control. Derail.  Or even perhaps recreate to their own benefit -- and that iswhy people want to come in and try to give half truths.  But the problem with that is if its not full truth, if its not with the full heart, if its not genuine -- but rather agenda driven, then its not Eden.  It's a billboard of propaganda.

So my dear friends, I emplore you to continue these debates -- maybe without the "Fuck your whole family" type talk.  But engaged in the debates and call in and everything.  But please be cautious this time who is let in.

Sometimes I think we almost lost Africa because of the people who were allowed in.  Now that we are getting it back albeit in the mental/or spiritual realm, let's keep that light shining until it because course -- i.e. until it materializes in reality.

Praise G-d for this wonderful step!!  And thank you, Kalam!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Harry Rozenberg Vs Brother Polight

My comment on it... I think Harry Rozoenberg needs to learn HOW to speak to black folks. To be honest and upfront.  When in a white people crowd people use words that can be vague in meaning, skirt around topics, etc.  but I think in a black crowd, he should have went straight to the points and tackled it head on.

Brother Polight didn't need to do the whole "guy getting on his knee for atonement."  that was kinda crass.  Also the Black Power chant wasn't necessary.  He did come prepared to deal with all the hard topics which was expected.

Will this encourage friendship?  Will this make for good future dialogue??


Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Create a Dictionary!!

Hey Conscious Black folks,

One weapon that is used against us (and others as well) is the weapon of lies... using words in such a way that we get side blinded.

Well, I think it's important that we create for ourselves a temporary dictionary were we all can access and understand the world better because the words are reduced to commonly used terms.

For example:  Instead of saying "Army" we define it as "a gang working for a national government"; "Media" = "american court system"; "Rules" = "barriers install by Elites", etc.

If you have any great example, put them  in the comment section and we'll create an online dictionary.

Let's do this!


Thank you, Kim for the additions:

Facebook - a tool of distraction and misinformation
Police - Slave patrol
Courts - a place where the lives of black men and black women are destroyed
Child Support - a tool used to keep mothers and fathers fighting

Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Racism is so Hard to Fight

Racism is a behavior based on the value of cruelty.  This value -- as all values is not a tangible thing.  It's just part of a belief system.  Not something you can "kill."  You can merely surround yourself with people who do not possess cruelty as a value.
In the society that we are in -- namely, the USA, I'm afraid that they do not even comprehend ethics.  They are literally like children with no ethics.  Of course, they are not as cute as children when you see the police brutality, the lynching, the economic oppression that they wrought the cute-factor is not there.

(I guess another way is to shame them into behaving out of fear of punishment.  That's something, however, it only means the behavior will become more concealed the next time.  And is that what we really want?)

The United States is so lacking in ethics that even the court system is not based on it. In the court system, the question is simply did you break an assigned rule for the citizen?  It's not whether you did wrong or not.  So many people go into court ready to defend themselves based on ethics and values only to lose miserably in court because the judge is not looking for that.  They just want to see if you, as a citizen of the State, were within your rights to do x or if you violated a barrier they placed.

The problem of cruelty is compounded in that it is surrounded with lies.  The racists create an excuse as to why the victim is deserving of this cruelty.  In their anger, they can't even see the wider picture and don't care that their reasoning may be contradicting an opposing reason that had been stated earlier as to why the victim is deserving of the cruelty.  His pants were sagging, he seemed like a thug; he was behaving so uppity with that suit, and the list can go on and on.

That's the tier #1.  The next surrounding lies is the denial of any malicious action happening.  That is tier #2 lie.  It's a concealment within a concealment.  What do you do with someone like that?  If you're not careful, you can spend years fighting this lie -- falsehood -- something that doesn't even exist.  You can spend years fighting for the admittance that you really are a good person, that you come from good ancestry, that you have good in you, that you didn't do anything wrong.  And as long as no one validates, the fight -- the struggle -- will go on endlessly.  You're not really fighting anything but an illusion and the racists fight back by simply being passive and letting us run around in circles.  Say, "Black Lives Matter!"  and you will be met with either silence or diffusion (all lives matter!). (We have to have the psychological fortitude to not need their validation).

It's such an illusion that when the police come, they have to wait and hope that the Black person trips up and does something to give them a reason to fall into their cruel, frenzied attack.  Because there really isn't anything wrong with that person.
So for this reason, I don't think that racism can end anytime soon if we wait on them to come around.  However, we must embrace the fact that we have ethics, we have values and morals, we have a compass that tells us what's right and what's wrong, and we need to obey that "teacher" inside us.

So how to have an ethical life in the midst of this exile surrounded by non-ethical people?  The only way I can think of is to have safe havens.  Just like Chinatown has its little enclave where the people can live and exercise their own ethics, just like the Italians have their "little Italy" where they practice their own set of values, so the Black community must also work on that.  And have a buffer -- an organization that will come to their defense when a member has to deal with the outside buffer zone.  An organization that knows the laws, keep track of the changes in the laws, puts out public service messages, and figures out how best to avoid, circumvent, or otherwise benefit despite the laws.

To conclude, racism is not a tangible thing so no physical weapon can strike and kill it.  However, it can be tempered by avoiding its "carriers" when possible and having a buffer or shield to protect oneself should the need arise to deal with the racists.