Sunday, June 5, 2016

Muhammad Ali 1942 -- 2016

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.

The Black community has gain another ancestor.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 3

It is a bold step to compare a Black man's skin with Torah -- or really, to imply that there are instructions embedded there.  It is a probably jarring for most who are used to hearing the typical mainstream talk.  But let's explore this for a minute, shall we?

Because they have Torah/Instruction intrinsicly, (1) their behavior may seem bizarre for someone who doesn't know Torah and (2) they may endure harsher punishments when they stray away from this inner knowledge because it's such a part of them.

Bizarre Behavior in the USA:

For example, in the USA alone, there was a time when mass incarceration was the name of the game.  Many Black men were thrown in jail for the slightest of reasons, they were shamed and miseducated in schools.  It was an attempt to kill them.

In response, the women still had children -- but out of wedlock.  Even though the men were messed up or thrown in jail, the women found a way to keep the peoplehood going.

This story reminds me of Israel.  When in Egypt, Pharaoh decided to kill all the Hebrew baby boys lest one arises to save them.  In retaliation, Amram decided that all couples should separate.  That way no one will have children and no babies will be killed.

Amram's daughter, Miriam, thought differently.  She accused Pharaoh of trying to kill all the boys and Amram for trying to kill both boys and girls!  Since no children would be born the future looked bleak.  Everyone saw her reasoning and concurred.  So they had babies and tried to hide them and hope for the best if it was a boy.  Some may have even tried to dress their boys as girls.

Now Black women are fighting to have babies even though "the system" is trying to kill their boys.  Some men/boys even resort to behaving extra soft so as not to appear to pose a threat.

Another bizarre behavior is this phenomenon that Black people will stand by and march for everyone else's problems.  Many within the community complain about that and wonder why don't they just stick with their own problems.

"Whoever prays for mercy on behalf of his friend, and he needs the same thing, will be answered first." (Baba Kama 92a)

But because of the "hidden Torah" within the Black people, that may explain why they see the bigger picture and tend to be self-sacrificing.

There is the bizarre behavior of Black folks thinking they are gods or kings and their women are goddesses or queens.  In Kabbalah, there is a teaching that G-d and the Torah are as one -- meaning, they are very connected in a very close way.  So he who has Torah -- learning it, loving it, living it, etc,. it's as if he is almost one with G-d.

Harsher Punishments:

Again, sticking with USA history, there is no need to elaborate on the harsher punishment and treatment that Black folks are enduring.  Not even in the USA alone, but all over South America, Africa, the Arab world, everywhere.

It behooves us all to take a moment of meditation and appreciate who we are and how we are and to use it for maximum good for ourselves and for the world.

Shabbat Shalom!

To be continued...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 2

The Precious Stone:

At the top of the ark was something to bring light into it.  Some say it was a window, some say it was a precious stone.  If it was a window then it would only shine light when it was day.  But since it was very stormy, probably definitely rainy weather, a precious stone may have been in order.
What is so special about a precious stone?  It really enhances the beauty of something.  Crowns in particular are decked out with precious stones.  But it's not coincidental, it's purposeful.

Keter means crown in Hebrew.  According to some, the precious gems on the crowns allows one to actually peer to what's above -- the next level.  Kind of like a crystal ball. Or like the Urim v'Thummim -- the breastplate of the Cohen/High Priest.

The Intercourse:

When Adam mated with Chava/Eve, it's written Adam "knew" Chava/Eve.  In fact, this "knowing" is a way of intimately getting familiar with someone -- or even something thing or a concept.
When it is taught that Hham had "intercourse" in the ark, since intercourse may have been forbidden, it may mean that he either went against the rules (broke a glass ceiling?) or he gained intimate knowledge from staring into the gem that was used for light.

There were others who also "had intercourse" according to the sages.  The dog and the raven.  As a result, the dog was made to be tied and the raven was made to expectorate.  Interestingly, the dog is, in fact, tied.  It is now closer to the human plane than most animals.  In some countries it's known as a "man's best friend." 

As for the raven, interestingly, it can actually use speech much better than the well-known parrot.  Speech is a very human characteristic.  Both the dog and the raven were brought up to a higher level away from their previous animal plane and into the human plane.

Romancing the Stone:

In the ark, Hham may have gazed at the precious stone and from gazing he peered through and gained intimate knowledge.  Knowledge of what?  What is his Torah/instructions?

As a result of this act, he is said to be stricken in the skin.  Black skin has a factor that is almost like the chlorophyll in plants.  Plants use a process called photosynthesis to convert light energy into chemical energy for fuel.  As well, melanin is a process that converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel.  That's on a physical plane.

On a different plane, let's talk about light.  In every synagogue, there is a light that is forever shining above the ark which contains the Torah.  Let that sink for a minute...  So from within the ark, Hham who was contained within the ark stared up at the light shining constantly from the precious stone and as a result was stricken in the skin.

The Torah can only be written on skin.  Traditionally, it's been written in cow hide.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah?

Many will argue that the original Jews were Black or Brown people.  And that seems pretty logical.  But I want to focus my attention on Bnei Hham.  They are also a Black/Brown people.  But they get a bad rap.  It's as if they are almost the exact opposite of the Jews!

One is considered blessed.  The other is considered cursed.  Now I would like to introduce a new idea:  that perhaps both are blessed/cursed depending on what they do with their gifts.

Let's review the stories:

In the case of the Jewish people:

The left Egypt, traveled through the desert and come on the Mountain Sinai.  There they heard lightening and saw thunder -- miracles and Moshe came down with the Torah Tablets.  Now this Torah can only be written on skin -- usually it's written on cow skin.  They said na'ase v'nishma (we will do and we will hear).  Anti-semitism came into the world.

In the case of bnei Hham:

Hham left with his family to enter the ark.  There there was a precious stone above to send down light.  Hham had intercourse (please note, very often when they talk about "intercourse" its like a form of getting to know or knowledge: so we can say he gained some knowledge very intimately there).  Because of this he is stricken in the skin.  He comes out of the ark and witnesses Noah drunk and naked.  He does something to Noah - some say he castrated him and then calls his brothers.  Noah wakes up from his stupor and curses out Hham and/or Canaan.

Let's compare:

Jewish people go up Mt. Sinai
Hham people go into the ark

Jewish people have a revelation
Hham people gain intimate understanding

Jewish people are given a Torah that can only be written on skin
Hham people are striken in the skin as a result of this intimate knowledge

Jewish people say na'ase v'nishma
Hham people did an act and listened

Jewish people got anti-semitism
Hham people got racism

Their histories are very similar, But why is one considered cursed and the other blessed?  Answer: I suspect because someone wants to be the narrator of history.  And that someone is Esav.  He wants full ownership of our imagination.  That way you will think only as far as he wants you to think and have the capacity to do only as much as he wants you to do.   They want to play G-d.  And as such, they play one against the other. 

Someone can easily look at the Jew's history and not think they were blessed -- every country they've been in people have tried to kill them or stop them from performing their Torah ordained deeds.  Many have been slaughtered simply for being Jewish.  Their place of origin was taken from them and should they attempt to get it back, they are shamed and fought against.  And probably where it's necessary (for Esav) they are viewed as cursed.  Someone can easily look at bnei Hham's history and think they were blessed -- such a fertile land envied by all.  Endless sunshine and resources scattered about their land in great demand then and now.  Exotic animals, rain forests, their own melanin abilities, etc..  And probably, where/when its necessary, they are viewed as blessed..  But one thing is for sure, both groups hold on tight to life.  But now its time to turn on the light for the Black world. To dispell this image of cursedness and to turn on the "light" -- the "אוֹר" or the "עור" to our Torah.
The first Hebrew word means light, spelled with an Alef.  The second Hebrew word means skin, spelled with an Ayin.  But they are both pronounced Ohr.

To be continued...

Gorilla vs Boy vs Stupid

As you all know in the Cinncinatti zoo, a small boy of 4 years old managed to get into the gorilla's sanctuary and fell right near the gorilla.  The zookeepers followed protocol and shot the gorilla.

If it had been a white family -- if the mother of that boy was a white lady, I think that would have been the end of the story.  but since its a Black family, people are seriously upset that the gorilla was killed because of a little Black boy -- as if it was a waste of a death.

Not even giving a second thought to the fact that maybe the gorilla shouldn't be locked up in captivity for their viewing pleasures.

Investigations are being made on the family! All their past wrongs are being put out in the media. SMH.  And if anyone dare call out racism, then the collective will roll their collective eyes as in, "why'd you have to bring that up?"  Burst their bubble of pretend.  They are being racist!

It almost makes me wonder if they are really all that upset that  a gorilla was harmed.  Rather they are sad that their pleasure got taken away from them for the sake of a Black boy.  They would harm another gorilla to capture it and replace Harambe when all this dies down.

Heck! Once upon a time they had Black folks in zoos!

Rest in peace, Harambe.  Sad that you were captured and caged and sad about the whole incident.

Thankfully, the boy is okay.  The family is probably going through rough times right now with lots of emotions flying around.  Send vibes of goodness towards them. If you can write good for them.  Keep that light on.