Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Are We Black? Turn from Evil and Do Good!

This understanding came to me one night.  I pray it is used for good.

Everything in the physical world has its corresponding connection in the spiritual world which in turn has its corresponding connection in other realms and so on and so forth.

For example:

Some very important connections to know going forward is that sun rays = judgement, harsh judgement from heaven.  water = mercy and/or Torah.

In the story of Noach and the flood, G-d gave the world a good spanking for their bad behavior.
It was an interesting "punishment" metted out with mercy and judgement.  The waters represent kindness and mercy, but it came and overwhelmed the people.  Afterwards the sun came out.  There was the punch hidden in the kindness.

Luckily for Ham, while in the shelter of the ark, he had a revelation.  Ham had "intercourse" in the ark.  Just as we write that "Adam knew Chava" it is meant to mean that Adam had intercourse with Chava, the knowing and the intercourse can be seen as something similar if not the same.

So Ham knew something in the ark.  Some say the ark was lit with a precious stone because some precious stones give off its own light.  Going by that teaching, we also know about precious stones -- they vibrate -- they are often used on the body to open blocks, the correct behaviors, etc. So, Ham may have starred at this precious stone and had a revelation -- from this he saw through the kindnesses, through harsh judgement, and possibly on to the next coming "flood"

This can really explain why it is that the history of the people from Ham is so similar to the history of the Jewish people.


  • Ham went into the ark before the flood of waters came down.
  • The Jewish people went to the foot of the mountain before the flood of Torah came down.
  • d
  • Ham was said to have had intercourse while in the ark and the flood came down.
  • The Jewish people were said to be under a wedding canopy when the Torah came down.
  • d
  • After the ark experience, Ham was met with racism.
  • After the Torah experience, the Jewish people were met with anti-semitism.
  • d
  • After the ark, Ham saw Noach polluting the ground again and acted on it.
  • After the Torah, the Jewish people said "na-ase v'nishma" (we will hear, and we will do).
  • d
  • Ham was said he should be a "slave of slaves."
  • The Jewish people were said they should be a "priest unto the nations."
  • d
  • Later on Canaan travels to Israel, then called the Land of Canaan.
  • Later on the Jewish people travel to Israel, then they changed the name to Land of Israel.

Because Ham was able to peer through and see the future with a vision, he understood how to behave, how important truth was, and how to live in harmony with the world.  Which he was prepared to do.  Basically, if he had anything wrong with him, he repented.

When the fist part came into the world.  the punch-line so to speak, it was met by the flood waters -- the mist that was still in the air.  It was as if the waters came ahead and did the job so that the harsh judgement wouldn't get to anyone.  But what happens when water meets the sun's ray?  he colors get separated as with a prism.

The judgement became scattered.

A short story:

There was once a king who was so angry with his son he ordered a big bolder to be thrown at him to kill him.  When the day came to do this, he felt so bad since he didn't give his son a second chance but he couldn't remove the decree.  So what did he do?  He ordered that the bolder be broken into little bits, that way each little bit will be thrown at the son and not much damage will happen, thus sparing his life.

With each color separated -- each judgement separated -- it went to different people dependng on what they deserved -- dependng on what they were a vessel for.  But Ham, having had his vision, was pure and was blessed black.  Thus no color -- no judgement came upon him.  Someone who was very bad, all the judgement went on them and they would be all the colors combined --white.

We are black because we turn away from evil.  But the world needs help.  It's not enough to just turn away from evil.

"Turn from evil and do good."
                                                       Psalms 34:14

The world needs us.  There is always work to do.  Simply turning away from evil is no longer an option and we must strive to do good.  For the sake of the plants, for the sake of the animals, for the sake of the environment, for the sake of life.