Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The world is renewed every day.

If you give someone a gift, you put it in his hand and then retract your hand, that retracting of the hand is the satan. If you give a parting friend a big bear hug and a squeeze, then release, that release is the satan.

 The satan is like the limitation of good, the ending, the force of negativity, the resceding or recessive force -- you pick the best word or phrase to mean this.  And just like all forces, you can picture it as a vector. Mathematically, a vector is an arrow that goes in one direction and doesn't stop or turn -- until blocked.

All the forces -- or angels -- or vectors (however you want to call them)  can be tapped into. Like hitching a ride. People who choose to be lazy and/or stupid (going after their desires despite the fact that its not beneficial for the world) are riding on a particular force. These forces/angels/vectors connect to us via emotions and traits. We are like chariot riders holding the reins to the forces like horses to go from place to place.   We should be in control of the emotions/ traits/angels/vectors.  But each group of people have a tendency to not have good control of a certain type of force.

The more "watered down" the person or group  is whether physically/ genetically or mentally, the more there will be forces that they do not have good control over. In Esau's case, its the urge to end things (satan),

This is why the foundation (private parts) of black folks is so  important and so feared and seen as such an enemy -- to these forces! These parts produce people who, theoretically, should be able to control all the forces and not have one  trait or emotion overwhelm him -- i.e. not need a guardian angel or not be compelled to do anything out of great foolish desires.

But we are not supposed to know that for some reason.

So why not destroy that "force of ending"? I once heard a story:

 A man who traveled to a certain land and he saw that everyone was living nicely.  There were many people young and old and no one died before their time. He loved this place and wanted to live amongst the people there.  The elders told him he can, but only he must keep the tradition of being always truthful. He said he would. Time passed. He found a wife, had children, etc.  One day a friend of his wife came to the door to visit the wife.  He didn't want to say that his wife was in the outhouse so he said, "she's not home!"  His desire was so great to "look good" he didn't even want to say "She's busy," lest it implies that she's in the bathroom.  The next thing people started dying (ending) early. The village was upset.  Who had brought the Satan in?  They made inquiries and found out that the newcomer had lied.  They sent him out from their town to restore peace.

Basically, the ending can end when we peel back the lies from the truth. (the secret of the circumcision) peeling back the desires from the truth.

Another story:

Gd decided to create the world and he summoned three ministers, Peace, Kindness, and Truth.  "What do you think of my creating a man?" He asked.
Kindness said, "Oh, yes! Make man. The kindness they will do for one another will be unbelievable!"Peace said, "NO! Don't make man.  They will make war and there will not be peace!"Truth said, "NO! Don't make man.  They will bring falsehood and there will be no truth!"
So, Gd took Truth and casted it down to the ground and made man.
The "keeping it real" that we do, I believe is one of the main pillars that has helped Black folks endure as long as we have.

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But now there is a new problem.  The charming (read: lying) white men who charm the Black women. And the white woman prize that Black men so badly seek.

After growing up with a constant diet of white men heros, the hero's prize being the white woman, white men romance movies, the subject of the romance being white women, movies with white men always in positions of power, always the good guys, always the successful ones, the end prize being always the white woman, etc. And even more so now with Black women used as sidekicks to some of these "meals," it's very hard to appeal to Black women and assure them that Black men are the right choice or even A choice to begin with. And it's very hard to appeal to Black men and assure them that Black women are actual prizes or even A choice to begin with.

The solution is this

First to recognize that there will always be a fuzzy line where interracial marriages happen.  This may be to the disatisfaction of white supremists, but they were the ones who  brought Black folks here to begin with and then they display to them this constant image  of white being the right and don't allow them to promote their own image. What did they expect?

 This may also rub pan-Africans the wrong way, as well.

At any rate, the best solution I can see for that is 

  1. Media must go.  It really isn't beneficial for us to continue giving our eyes and ears (and heart) to their media. By now we should know that and have the strength to not watch their shows. Entertainment is distraction from life.  We need it once in a while, but not too much.
  2. If we need the distraction at all, it's worth it to create our own. Even if it's mediocre in the beginning.
  3. With our own media, we can portray a perception of success. This will strengthen  the bond between Black men and Black women -- depending on the shows that get put out.
  4. We do have to create our own industries successfully, create our own food supplies, clothing, etc. And be the success that we need to be.  Its like why exist if we can't be successful?  Why forever struggle?  This may feel Darwin-ian  but it's really about creating our world and living our lives.
These are easier said than done.  Right now the lies are spreading like wildfire and there's not many interested in stomping out the fire.  But at least here -- one of many blueprints are out.